Lamb soup: hearty first meal of Central Asian cuisine


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In Central Asia love and know how to cook all sorts of dishes from lamb. Shurpa is a hearty soup made with meat and vegetables. In principle, this first dish can be used and the bird (small game), but the lamb soup is a true pearl of Uzbek and Oriental cuisine in General.

Do Not be afraid that due to this kind of meat, which is characterized by a specific flavor, the soup will have your family do not like. Due to the fact that the composition of this dish will be present a sufficient number of spices (4-5 kinds), mutton soup shurpa and the taste and aroma will turn out just excellent. Therefore, it is necessary to try to make.

Lamb Soup: how to choose the meat

The Choice of meat for the soup – it is a very important point. At home for this soup used almost all the carcass of a sheep. You can give preference to the neck, brisket or rib part of the carcass of the animal. In General, what you find, because lamb can be purchased today far not in each market. And it is desirable that the meat was fresh.

The Soup can be prepared two ways – with a preliminary heat treatment (roasting) meats and vegetables.

Lamb Soup: recipe No. 1

Take lamb (1kg), and cut the fat. The fat is cut finely, and meat into pieces of medium size. In a red-hot iron cauldron drop the fat. Wait until he melted and formed pork rinds. In fact, fry mutton meat and finely chopped vegetables (4 onions and 4 tomatoes). After 10 minutes, add the one pound of potatoes, peeled and cut into cubes or slices. After another 5 minutes, stir all the ingredients and cover with water (2.5 l). Just before boiling add salt soup to taste, and when the water boils, reduce heat to low and simmer the soup for another hour. About half an hour before end of cooking, toss in the chopped sour apples (2 PCs.) And 5 minutes before ready first dishes send the chilli pepper pod, rings of bell pepper, 4 Lavrushka, a handful of cumin, turmeric or coriander, chopped fresh herbs (dill, cilantro, parsley – your choice).


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By the Way, in Central Asia mistress, as a rule, lay all the spices «eye», and for the Russian people it can be a problem. So you can just go to the market and buy from the vendors of ready mix spices for soup, pilaf or other Oriental dishes that they themselves make up.

Lamb Soup: recipe number 2

The recipe, which means no pre-heat treatment of meat and vegetables, used more often for making soup than the recipe that was described above.

A Piece of mutton with bone (1kg), put in a saucepan and cover with cold water (2.5 l). Cook the broth on very low heat for two hours, removing the "noise". Then remove lamb, set aside and in a saucepan put sliced large enough (!) vegetables: onion (250 g) and carrots (2 PCs) and garlic (4 tooth). After 30 minutes, place in the pan the potatoes (3 pieces). Now simmer the soup until it's done, that is approximately 25-30 minutes. For 5-7 minutes before end of cooking, season the soup with spices (pepper, turmeric, Bay leaf, coriander), salt and add fresh herbs (cilantro or parsley, and dill).

For the time that is preparing shurpa, boiled mutton cut into medium pieces, removing the bone and arrange on a plate. Pour the soup. Also fresh herbs it is recommended to add directly to the plates with the first course and before serving for even more flavor of the soup.

Because the lamb soup is a thick, rich and very hearty soup, you may not need to worry about cooking a main dish for lunch for your family. Also, this Asian soup will be able to take a worthy place on your holiday table. But if you are planning to make a sortie on the nature or gather with friends at the cottage, the soup will be a good replacement for traditional kebabs. Soup cooked on fire, will be even more aromatic and tastier.

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