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Liver fried with onions – one of the dishes, the preparation of which is not time consuming. If you think you can do it as delicious, it is necessary to disappoint you. Options of recipes of dishes of great variety. Perhaps your liver fried with onions will turn out pretty tasty, but maybe you should learn about other cooking methods?

First and foremost, I would like to talk about the benefits of this product. Many believe that the liver – the “dirty” on the body, because it is a filter for the blood. But in fact, this product has many useful properties. Therefore deserve to periodically appear at your table. In the liver contains a lot of nutrients: zinc, copper, iron, calcium, vitamins, amino acids, folic acid and others. This product experts recommend the use of pregnant women, children, people suffering from diabetes, atherosclerosis, alcoholism. And contained in the liver substance, heparin, is able to keep normal clotting of our blood. Of course, there are also no harmful to human body substances, such as keratin. Therefore it is not necessary to eat every day the dishes prepared with this ingredient.

Beef Liver fried with onions is the most common among all chefs and gourmets. After all, pork for many bad specific taste. However, you can use chicken liver, it is very tender and melts in your mouth. So, it is worth considering some recipes that can become your favorite family and friends.

Here is the simplest cooking method, which involves the liver fried with onions. You will need half a kilo of the product, salt, five heads of onions, two tablespoons of flour (wheat), vegetable oil. You must thoroughly wash the liver, remove her wrap and get rid of the bile ducts. Then you need to cut it in slices, and roll them in a mixture of salt and flour. The liver is fried on both sides until Golden brown. Don't get too long to keep it on the fire. At the end in a pan add onion, roughly chopped. A delicious combination of this dish make it with mashed or boiled potatoes.


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Chicken Liver fried with onions is also worthy that you made it. Here is a very trivial recipe. Take a pound of chicken livers, two peppers, two onions, salt, pepper, five tablespoons of tomato paste. You will need two pans. One of them you will fry the liver, pre-washed thoroughly. On the other pan should cook the onions (roughly chopped) bell pepper (strips). All you need is salt, pepper and at the end, mix with tomato paste. The dish will be ready when you combine contents of the two pans.

But liver fried with onions, orange juice and cognac will impress even the most demanding gourmets. You need to buy 400 grams veal liver, one orange, three bulbs. You will also need 20 grams of cognac, one teaspoon of mint and oregano, olive oil and salt and pepper. After you process the liver, it should be cut into slices, onion - half rings. From orange squeeze juice. So, in the pan you should pour a little olive oil, then add the liver and fry it till the formation of a brownish crust. You can then add back the onion, wait a bit. The next step – pour into the pan with the cognac and let the livers boil for approximately three minutes. Now you can add all the remaining ingredients: orange juice, oregano, mint, salt. Frying pan with a lid, and the dish continues to prepare for another period of five minutes. So yummy can be served with mashed potatoes, buckwheat or even pasta.

Liver fried with onions is sure to become the jewel of your cookbook.

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