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Not long ago, people learned about the endogenous respiration. Unfortunately, its author Frolov Vladimir Fedorovich, has left our world. But every year, a growing number of people who practice the endogenous respiration. Negative reviews online are juxtaposed next to rave. Try to understand what is this method really is.

Where we first learned about the endogenous respiration

The First records, which were linked to endogenous respiration, were in the newspaper "HLS" in the April issue of 1977. There was an article “Breathe Frolov – will live longer”. Chief editor of the Bulletin, reading the work of scientists, in his comments spoke about the book as about the very difficult work that should seriously be adjusted.

The article tried to convey to the readers how important it is for human life to be able to breathe properly. A little later advertised the famous simulator Frolov.

What is the endogenous respiration?

A Method has been developed by scientists: candidate of biological Sciences Frolov Vladimir Fedorovich, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Kustov Evgeniy Fedorovich. They were based on the works of Russian scientist Petracovich George N. and Professor at the University of Colorado Hendrix guy. Also studied were methods ancient teachings.

Guided by the available wealth of knowledge, scientists discovered the cause which had the most diseases. They claimed that all diseases are due to improper breathing techniques. Frolov and Bushes created their own technology, which became a complex of respiratory therapy, dubbed “the Third breath”.


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Method opened the possibility for everyone who wants to learn on their own exercises, due to which, it was argued, had become achievable the most unimaginable goals. It includes the principles of breathing of yoga, pranayama. The teaching was supplemented with new functionality, more intuitive and easy for ordinary people. Thus was born the concept of “endogenous respiration”.

endogenous respiration

It is incontrovertible that the breath is of paramount importance in human life. If it is made incorrectly, the reduced life expectancy regardless of the conditions in which the person resides. At the same time, even under not very favorable conditions, thanks to proper breathing for human health is preserved, and life expectancy increases.

Scientists have distinguished between first, second and third breath. The second they took that which appeared during and after heavy loads. In modern life people are rarely engaged in heavy physical labor. Therefore, the most relevant is the third breath. It was developed specifically for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Breathing is designed to adapt to these conditions in an optimal way to preserve health and increased life expectancy.

Practice is also aimed to reveal internal reserves, which now remain almost untouched. These include, for example, the exchange of substances at a deep level. It is programmed by the genetics and leads to an improvement in the energy body. Special equipment to restore the ability to receive energy, to raise the efficiency of the processes that are already used by modern man, and to accustom the body to adapt to the new conditions.

The Simulator Frolov and massage respiratory system

The Third consists of special breathing equipment, as well as the use of a special device, through which the body gets less oxygen and more carbon dioxide. A mixture, which according to scientists is an ideal concentration of gases. And its creation is linked with by inhales and exhales.

You Also need to do a kind of massage, realized through resistance to the process of breathing. Despite the fact that the pressure is small, it is optimal for the operation of all respiratory organs and intestines.

endogenous respiration Frolov reviews

The Stream of air comes in contact with the liquid contained in the device. The result is a structure consisting of cells, which provides a positive influence on the alveolar structure of the lungs. At the same time, is humidification.

The Drug is approved for use people of all ages. The use of numerous patients for several years under the supervision of doctors helped to study what endogenous respiration. The benefits and harms here are not comparable, since we have already proved that the device is absolutely harmless. Moreover, there is actual evidence that it is due to this device showed improvement of the health status in a variety of diseases.

The Essence of the method at the physiological level

The Effect was achieved through the use of the simulator, it is possible to obtain without it. However, this requires significant conscious effort and long time. Let's try to delve deeper into the essence of the special physiology of respiration.

The Methodology is based on:

  • Oxygen starvation;
  • The formation of pressure on expiration.

During oxygen starvation the smallest vessels dilate and the blood liquefies. This provides better nutrition for the tissues. The use of carbon dioxide wasknown to method Frolova, the pressure in the lungs to the scientist was not used.

endogenous breathing the benefits and harms

Try to understand what this means. Under the action of the oxygen of red blood cells becomes greater, and the excitement caused by the same oxygen decreases. When normal breathing, such of red blood cells quite a bit, and the rest serve as a kind of ballast. While a small number of active red blood cells in contact with the walls of the vessels, the transfer of their energy. But till the tissues that are far away from them, food almost does not reach.

When endogenous respiration Frolov, everything turns out opposite. Red blood cells will not injure the vessel walls with its energy. But a lot of them are able to reach even the most remote areas. Thus, all tissues are provided with good food. If endogenous respiration simulator (or with him) is practiced consistently, the physiology is gradually reconstructed, and the cells begin to work in new ways. As a result, atmospheric oxygen is required less.

Practice simulator

Technique Frolov does not have any strict dogma. Even the author several times changed her. But in General, the following picture emerges: following a deep inhaling breath should be hold, and then exhale portions, putting a little effort.

Breathed so little, you can choose the best cycle for yourself, armed with a stopwatch. Need to find the duration in which one feels a slight lack of oxygen, but it can still definitely be without oxygen for a long time. We should not bring ourselves to such a state in which the air actually "catches" of the mouth. For a healthy person, the duration is from 25 to 35 seconds. And if you can't last 15 seconds, it indicates the presence of a disease.

Then you pick the pressure for exhalation. At this stage offers Frolov Vladimir endogenous respiration to implement their device, creating pressure through the water. But quietly and effectively, the same thing can be done without additional devices. Loose enough to cover mouth and exhale through them. Power should be about the same as if you blow on the tea, trying to cool down, and maybe even weaker. Thus, the method, which was called “Endogenous respiration – medicine for the third Millennium” is easy to implement and without apparatus.

It is best to first exhale with a very slight pressure to the lungs have time to adjust to the regime. Not necessary at the outset to set a goal to get results fast. Let the lesson lasts no more than 10 minutes a day. Within a few months bring the regime up to several hours. At the same time increase and duration of each inhalation and exhalation. Present endogenous respiration begins when one cycle is a full minute. To go to this, of course, be long. But the result is worth it.

endogenous respiration medicine of the third Millennium

And elementary exercises, also called hypoxia, are already able to boost the immune system and improve health. This increases the capacity for mental and physical work, the body receives strong protection and develops sustainable capacity to resist the harmful effects of the environment. The increase of the inhalation and exhalation is realized by increasing the pause between cycles.

Exercise is easy. You need to sit down or lie down to be comfortable. 5 minutes observing your breath. You can calculate how many seconds lasts a breath, an exhalation and a pause between them. Determine need to breathe for another few minutes, but making a one second pause between cycles. In this five-minute repeat at least 5 times. Over time, the pause is increased. However, specifically to rape your body is impossible. The process should proceed in a natural way. Proper exercise is only when there is no desire, after a pause, to breathe more deeply than usual.

Here it should be noted that is still, and contraindications such endogenous respiration. The benefits and harms, of course, can not be even compared. However, women should bear in mind that the practice cannot be done during menstruation. The same applies to any bleeding in both sexes, as in breathing exercises it can increase.

Endogenous respiration Frolov: reviews and results

The world has long known the fact that when the body temperature drops a few degrees, the aging process slows down sharply. But this effect has been observed, those who regularly practiced the endogenous respiration. Reviews attesting to this, has repeatedly appeared in the virtual space.

The Constant practice leads to the fact that infection can root in the body. The book describes that strengthens the immune system, when endogenous respiration Frolov. The reviews confirm this. Also, many people claim that reduces the necessary time of sleep and increases endurance. Similar to the results from yoga – right?

Yoga and pranayama

Yoga is a knowledge that was known 5000 years ago and has reached our days. The word itself means “connection with the Highest”. Hence, practice aimed at achieving the perfection of the spirit. Science consists of 8 stagesgradually learned men.

The lowest level consists of physical exercises, and then practiced breathing, and then attain health, nutrition, self-control, moral norms and rules, subtle bodies surrounding the physical and spiritual practice itself.

When you perform physical exercises or asanas, the great yogi concentrates attention not on the pose and on the breath. So we grasp breathing exercises, or pranayama.

Vladimir Frolov endogenous respiration medicine of the third Millennium

The Word ‘prana” means “vital energy”. According to the teachings, all life is a manifestation, ranging from the smallest particles to universes. Yoga is based on the fact that pass through a person filament energies. This subtle body, which support body function. Prana connects people with everything, penetrating to every living creature through his breath. However, it is also through food. But the breath is more subtle manifestation of it.

Science has long denied this phenomenon. But the actual data in the end led to the fact that scientists had to admit that the functioning of the human body is impossible without exchange of energy within the body. Hence the recognition of the existence of energy centers in it, and so on.

Thanks to pranayama the person extends their capabilities and heals the body, revealing itself for the attainment of Higher Consciousness. A reasonable question arises: where does Vladimir Frolov, endogenous respiration, medicine of the third Millennium? It's very simple and difficult at the same time.

Pranayama and respiration Frolov

Yoga is used for the attainment of perfection, happiness and peace. This happens through the powerful disclosure of internal reserves, which as usual involved only at the minimum level. However, for the modern man, who grew up in European culture, it is too complicated. In addition to time classes may not all. Here it was invented an alternative way – authored by Frolov (“Endogenous respiration – medicine for the third Millennium”).

The Asanas are done quite differently than the usual physical exercise we have. Poses are static in nature. During their performance for many is a surprise that even the lightest of them to stand for 5 minutes can be very difficult. This is due to the connection of the body, emotions and mind. All people have the muscle tension associated with emotional experiences in the past, but not perceived in the present. This tension prevents energy released, the clamping and blocking it. But proper breathing allows you to steer it in the right places subtle bodies. When focusing in a certain place prana he opens all locks. Then displayed a kind of emotional toxins of the plan, and the person begins to feel more comfortable.

endogenous respiration simulator

Endogenous respiration brings about the same result. It has been observed that too degraded people cannot engage in practices just as inaccessible for them is yoga. It only speaks about a large number of their locks, causing endogenous respiration, a practical guide to yoga which is much easier, it becomes incomprehensible. There were times when people even started to choke. Some may think that this is the harm of endogenous respiration. But it would be better not to blame the method but the practitioner. Rather, and to blame him is not what. He will realize that the first time will have to go through discomfort. If he can reach the next level, free up a lot of unconscious energy, which may have long been blocked. After only two weeks of regular practice of breathing properly will become natural and easy.

What next?

Endogenous respiration Frolov manual describes as detailed as possible. Those who have the goal to correct your health and increase life expectancy, perhaps that will be enough. However, in yoga, as we know, physical and breathing exercises are only a basic way of perfection. Ahead eating the right food, that is, one which is necessary for prana. The food should be in a certain amount. Categorically not allowed overeating. In addition, the meal should be effective. For yogis, this means careful chewing. Food can excite the passions or, conversely, cause laziness and apathy. But to adhere to should be food that gives a person the sensitivity and clarity.

Despite the fact that the technique called "Endogenous respiration – medicine for the third Millennium” does not provide for a special regime of nutrition, the practitioner noticed that gradually they reduced the intake of food, simply because more are not wanted and they have lost the desire to eat meat and other similar products. There was a transition to vegetarianism, demanded by the body itself. Thus, the body was revitalized and defended himself against occurrence of various diseases. There is a desire and need to eat healthy food, and quantity of many declined. Quality food in reasonable quantity, of course, leads to rejuvenation of the body.

 endogenous respiration negative reviews

Gradual release of tension revitalizes and rejuvenates it. It is the tension starts and increases the aging process when the body begins to break down. The flexibility of a yogi is an indicator of youth. The loss of her is tantamount to aging. The formation of a large number of free radicals and accumulation of waste products of metabolism. The first are formed of the low-quality food, the second – due to poor circulation. The practice of yoga cleanses the body and rejuvenates it. Endogenous respiration increases energy and promotes longevity.


Yoga is certainly profound teachings, allowing to be cleansed spiritually. But experience suggests long-standing and severe its attainment.

Endogenous respiration can be compared with the alternative lower steps of the Eastern teachings to be achieved in a shorter time. But this does not mean that you can force the issue. You need to learn to listen and hear your body and allow him to unleash his human consciousness gradually as needed.

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