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Before buying a ointment, depriving the people, it would be nice to find out the cause of this disease. In fact, the mechanisms of development and the conditions of its appearance are not fully understood. However, it occurs in spring or autumn, i.e. during the period when the body is weakened by various infections, due to vaccination or banal hypothermia.

ointment from denying people

Cause of disease

However, in the course of numerous studies, doctors have found that pityriasis rosea may develop on the background of chronic stress and low immunity. In addition, contribute to its appearance the metabolic and seasonal manifestations, the disorder of the digestive tract and bites of insects. And this number can be fleas, lice and bedbugs. Therefore, the ointment from depriving people need to choose, considering all these factors and isolate of them most important. To treat a symptom of systemic disease without understanding its causes is virtually useless.


The first – this, of course, the appearance of pink spots on the body. They may be accompanied by flaking and itching, but before their appearance the person may experience weakness and General malaise, as well as unpleasant itching. After a few days the center of the spots starts to sink, and the skin becomes brown. Then the spots are covered with scales. Of course, at this point everyone will already be looking for a folk remedy or ointment from depriving people. However, the fact is that the pharmacy chain maybe a little something to offer you to combat this ailment. But do not panic: pityriasis rosea is practically not contagious, although the use of common personal hygiene items with the sick person is not worth it.how to treat pityriasis rosea in humans ointment


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Treatment of folk remedies

Usually with these funds beginning treatment most people, and only if they do not work, move on to pharmacy drugs. First and foremost, your assistant will be the iodine. The tool a little aggressive, but very effective. The affected area should be cauterized at least two times a day. After the first day flaking will be more, but lichaj will pass very quickly. The second effective means – it is usual salicylic acid. You can buy it at the pharmacy, to cauterize the lesions three times a day. After four days, the shingles will be held.

However, many doctors Express a different opinion about how to treat pityriasis versicolor in humans. Ointment, they believe, will not serve you good service so, you need to pay attention to the General health and immunity in particular. As an alternative treatment will be offered to drink a course of vitamin C or antihistamine drugs. Most often, the disease subsides by itself and does not require special treatment. However, if you consult a dermatologist, he may prescribe the following treatment scheme, consisting of three steps: relieve itching, improve immunity, treatment of damaged skin.

sulfur ointment from denying people

Withdrawal itching

If people are bothered by this painful symptom, it is too early to talk about how to treat pityriasis rosea in humans. Ointments may bring only a strengthening of symptoms such as itching and burning, so the first treatment is with antihistamines. It usually happens "Suprastin" and "Tavegil", "Claritin and Xyzal". They are known for that relieve Allergy and itching, and reduce capillary permeability. As anesthetic can assign a "Diphenhydramine".

A Strong immune system – the key to health

To defeat the pink shingles, it is necessary to maintain your immune system in good shape. The fungus is not strong enough to compete with our immune cells. So if you already got a rash, and later to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat fruit. It's time to take immunomodulators and vitamins. Only after these steps, if they did not recovery fully, the physician must determine what to treat pityriasis rosea in humans. Ointment will accelerate the healing process and prevent recurrence.

how to treat ringworm in humans ointment

External resources

The drug “Miconazole” is one of the most popular and effective anti-fungal ointments. Because it causes this disease is the fungus, and the struggle must be conducted purposefully. This ointment from depriving people contains the active ingredient miconazole. Used mostly against bran lichen, but will be effective in any of its forms. The active material changes the composition of harmful microorganisms, causing their death. Apply this ointment should twice a day until complete disappearance of symptoms. However, before you start to use the ointment, you should consult with an experienced dermatologist. Some of them have a different view of treatment, and they offer the following scheme.

ointment from depriving a person name

Hormone medication

When the conversation comes about how to treat ringworm in humans, ointments often choose it in this series. They have a high efficiency, however, we must remember that this question should be decided by the attending physician, not the pharmacist at your local pharmacy. Among them aregel "Hydrocortisone". It is a drug that provides a complex effect, and provides anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching and reduces swelling. In addition, often assigned to “Instruction”, the steroid with salicylic acid. It also effectively relieves itching and swelling, reduces scaling, soothes inflammation and inhibits allergies. Next on the list is “Sinalar”, a drug that combines the anti-bacterial components and glucocorticoid, which relieves itching, inflammation and swelling. Finally, we should note the drug “Flucinar” is a hormonal medication that quickly relieves allergies, itching and animal solves the problem of peeling of the lesions.ointment pink depriving a person

Using sulfuric ointment

Today, this drug is very rare, although in the past it was quite common. In fact sulfur ointment from depriving the people can be used very effectively. Despite the odor, it can be very effective to cure ringworm, scabies and psoriasis. Remedy has antiparasitic and antibacterial action, the course of treatment is 5-6 days. However, sulfur ointment has a number of contraindications, in particular it cannot be used by pregnant women and children up to three years, because it is toxic and causes irritation.


Actually not so important to choose a good ointment from depriving a person. The name, a beautiful box, is a pharmacist - all this is nothing more than marketing. In fact, specific treatment of this disease does not exist, since we are talking about a systemic disease. His treatment must assume a comprehensive approach as described above. Then there are special drugs that would impact directly on the pathogens of the disease does not exist. Therefore, you should adhere to a healthy lifestyle as not to aggravate the situation, apply ointment pink depriving a person. It can be any protivozudnoe mixture, whether for occupational medicine or a home cooked according to a traditional recipe. In advanced cases, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics both systemic and local application method.

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