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“Wild proteins” is a modern adventure Park, opened in 2015. For visitors it is open territory, specially equipped for events of a corporate nature and for gaming teams.


“Wild proteins" - adventure Park, which is across Russia there are no analogues. The total area is 2 ha. well Here is to spend an active vacation with the whole family.

wild squirrels

The Theme of ropes come with insurance, so that the children are in no danger. They can get into the cabins located in the trees. The safety system works continuously and applies to every user, so that the carabiner does not need to peredelyvat advanced.

In addition, the Park «Wild proteins” offers to its visitors are interesting inflatable structures that can deliver a lot of fun for any child. From 40 children may be placed on the trampoline, called “the Sky”.


Also here you can find a zoo area with animals. With them you can contact, to feed and water. Nowadays fewer children are running around the yard, and often the football stadium is replaced by games on your computer. That's why the Park «Wild proteins” is such an important place where the child can receive the proper dosage of beneficial physical activity and positive emotions.

Thanks to this pastime improves motor skills, there is excitement when faced with obstacles. Once in the complex, children learn how to act independently. Parents can take some time to watch them.


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Even more to say: Park «Wild proteins" (Chekhov) allows any adult to immerse themselves in childhood and noticeably rejuvenate the soul. So kids here grow, and Mature people charged youthful drive.

wild squirrel adventure Park


After an active and fun here to relax. For visitors offers hammocks, comfortable tables, comfortable gazebos, walking Polyana, area for barbecue and a cozy sandwich. Many people come in “Wild proteins” full time, managing how to spend the energy and restore its balance.

On the rope ride you can go on a large number of interesting ascents and descents, which are houses built on trees. At different heights there are slides of the soft type. For the safety net at the bottom of stretched mesh greater strength, which increase the level of security.

“Wild proteins" - adventure Park, which uses the French equipment, which is already four years children can climb a six-meter height. Such technology is not found anywhere else in Moscow. If the child has not yet reached 7 years of age, next to him must be a parent, but it's still an amazing experience that helps kids become bolder and more confident.

wildlife Park whites


You Can feel like a real squirrel, if you get into soft wheel that is similar to those usually put in the cells of these animals. Trampoline called "Grasshopper" will help you to rise above the routine of everyday life and the labyrinth of mesh type "Fishing net" will make you feel the passion.

The complex «Wild proteins” include an excavator, mini-Golf, the balls of the large size on the stack. The uniqueness of this place is that the kids here can look for adventure and to have fun because the rides do not require help from others.

Meet the animals, after whom the Park is named, can have a large enclosure reserved lo them, which is placed near the entrance. Near the trampoline there is also a dovecote, which is inhabited by birds of elite breeds. On chickens, goats and rabbits you can see if you go to the end of the territory, which is “Wild proteins” in the Chekhov district. For free you can get the milk for feeding.

The Administration has no plans to stop the development process. On the nose opening “Maze” - the second part of the complex. In addition, there will be organized a special entertainment in the winter time. Then plan to fill the rides covered territory. It will be very convenient to use in transitional seasons between warm and cold seasons. Park «Wild proteins" (Chekhov) in the future should also enrich their own minifarms. Here today you can buy cow and goat milk. Range of products want to expand. Given the opportunity to milk a goat. So contact with nature is very close.wildlife Park whites Chekhov

Feedback from visitors

For a fairly short time became a favorite area for residents and guests of the city Park «Wild proteins”. The reviews are testimony to the fact that parents willingly bring their children.

Of Course, often meet those who are worried because of the altitude, but learn about safety nets, they usually change their minds and allow the child to try this game. Especially when the kids really come here, they are very hard to convince that to climb to the top is inappropriate. After all, kids are curious, and this complex only stimulates their zeal for new knowledge and the acquisition of extraordinary experiences.

Adults of this institution praise, noting that this is the best way to please the younger generation, to teach him how to truly enjoy the holiday on the street, among trees and animals, overcoming interesting obstacles and perform various tasks.wild squirrels in the Chekhov district


Entrance to the complex «Wild proteins” is made upon presentation of pre-purchased ticket, which also entitles you to enjoy all the attractions that are in the Park.

For an additional cost you can use insurance, archery and play bamperbol. Payment must be made in cash.

Children under two years of age can go free. Weekday rates for children 2-4 years of age, pensioners, large families and persons with disabilities – 600 rubles, and on weekends and holidays – 800 RUB For older children and their parents price of 1000 RUB. on weekdays, and on weekends – 1200 RUB.

Additional services

To visit the rope installation and to use insurance, you need to pay 500 RUB per hour. Target with safe arrows from a bow have the opportunity to shoot for 300 RUB Is the cost of one session that lasts 15 minutes. Rate the game in bamperbol same duration – 300 rubles.

For the whole day you can rent a gazebo covered for 2000 rubles. Equipment for cooking barbecue can be borrowed for 1 hour for 300 RUB Using your own grill will cost 1500 RUB per hour. In the sky you can run the dove for 200 rubles.

wildlife squirrel reviews

The Park operates from April to September every day from 10:00 to 19:00. It is closed if it is raining. To visit this place is definitely worth it, because it leaves a large number of strong positive emotions.


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