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Tall, handsome and like Paul McCartney Gennady Ponomarev initially did not impress the singer Jeanne Bichevskaya.

Gennady Ponomarev

When we first met he gave his future wife a tape of their songs, and then long sent postcards with their own poems without signature. Zhanna Bichevskaya did not know who her most fervent admirer.

Biography Ponomarev Gennady R.

Place of birth Gennady — the city of Tula, which he dearly loves and is going on tour. The house and apartment where he was born poet and musician, is still preserved and is a place of inspiration, peace and memories. Year of birth Gennady Ponomarev — 1957, this year's songwriter's anniversary — 60 years.

Father Gennady Serafimovich Robert loved music, had a tape recorder and noticing the musical abilities of his son, sent him to music school. Mom shared with dad, and she sang it great. Play the guitar boy learned myself, the guys in the yard showed only a few chords. It turned out that the guitar — that “it” tool, which emits a unique sound, the boy almost immediately wrote some songs.

Ponomarev Gennady R. biography

Thanks to their own creativity, Gennady Ponomarev after graduating from high school was accepted to the professional staff of the city of Tula, which held rehearsals in the local Palace of Culture.


In the late seventies, when he came from the recruiting office agenda, to Tula came major Aliev, the head of the club of the Kremlin regiment. Beautiful and high-Gennady Ponomarev was in his troops, and it so happened that he began to play in the ensemble of the Kremlin regiment. Together with other soldiers, Gennady performed at concerts, festivals and even managed to write a song about post number 1.


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It was a time of physical and spiritual maturity of the young man. Movable uncertain feelings, Gennady Ponomarev, went to the library of the Kremlin regiment and the Soviet ungodly time wanted to read the Bible. His wish was granted and the young man periodically becomes the study of the book of life.

Spiritual development

But it did not go unnoticed, one of the participants is reported to the authorities that Ponomarev “inside is rotten and the Bible reads". The young man called “the rug” and the political officer of the regiment, Colonel Elisha endured a severe verdict. He was sent to the town of Solnechnogorsk at the highest military courses «Shot».

About this page in the biography of Gennady Ponomarev says as a believer. On the eve of his transfer was sent to an outfit in George hall of the Kremlin, where soldiers were commanded to make tables after the anniversary of Brezhnev. Together with a friend, Gennady carried somewhere up the stairs, heavy carpet, when young men stopped to rest, Gennady raised his eyes and suddenly before his eyes appeared the face of Christ. It turned out that they climbed to the top of the Church and someone put there the icon of the Savior.

Gennady Ponomarev composer

Gennady convinced that the Lord, with such its phenomenon, and strengthen the spirit of a young man. From the army he returned fully to the faithful and Baptized. Service in Solnechnogorsk is successful, all the remaining time the future composer was in the ensemble.

Singing Ponomarev

Still in the army Gennady Ponomarev decided that if the music career doesn't work out, he asked to sing in the temple. And it so happened that when he became one of the team member “Phantom” and has performed in concert halls in Tula, he spotted the Regent of one of the local Church Love B. Sobinin. Interestingly, she went to Gennady and was invited to sing in the Church choir in the choir. It delighted and terrified Gennady, because, in his opinion, after the worldly songs to sing in the Holy place is not proper, but the Regent reassured him, saying that the choristers of the temple where only do not work.

Thus, the composer Gennady Ponomarev has served for ten years in the temple of city of Tula. During this time he discovered a whole layer of Russian unique singing and songwriting culture. This enriched it not only as a musician and composer, but as a believer, the spiritual man.

Creativity Gennady Ponomarev

So when Jeanne Bichevskaya was a little kinder to the young man, the first thing he asked her: “And you baptized?”. This simple question has introduced Jeanne to a screeching halt, it turned out that she has no idea about this, but wanted to be baptized.

Gennady Ponomarev year of birth

As befits a thoughtful and faithful people, they were not only civil registration, but also married in a Church. Since then, they did not break up for twenty-nine years.

Under the influence of Gennady R. Zhanna Bichevskaya changed the repertoire, now she's singing spiritual songs, almost all songs Gennady Ponomarev takes the wife, and some of them entirely devoted to her. Here are some of them:

  • “Czar Nicholas”.
  • “Too short age”.
  • ‘Autumn musician”.
  • “Ljubo, brothers, Ljubo”.
  • “to Thy Name, o Lord".
  • ‘the Fear of the Lord”.
  • “farewell, free element”.
  • “Raced stars in the sea washed capes”.
  • “I may Be you don't need”.
  • “Pineapples in champagne, pineapples in champagne”.
  • «Russian go through”.
  • “I have light in my autumn dreams”.
  • “I breath the silence will break”.
  • “Ah! As the birds sing!”.
  • “God, give us a King”.
  • “In the throes tasted”.
  • “I would love to wear the lush crown”.

These and other compositions were written either entirely by Gennady Ponomarev, or the verses of poets such as Alexander Pushkin, Boris Pasternak, Osip Mandelstam, Sergei Behteev, N. Zhdanov-Lutsenko, Roman monk and so on.


Currently, Gennady Ponomarev is not only a poet and composer, but also a sound engineer, sound producer. Wife, Jeanne Bichevskaya, folk-singer, also writes music and poems. Collaboration only strengthens their marriage.

Gennady Ponomarev biography

It is Interesting that fifteen years ago he wrote a song with the prophetic words: “will Return Russia Russian Sevastopol. Will be again Russian Peninsula of Crimea…”. And his love for the Royal martyrs, which is still in the nineties, he called the saints prompted to create a cycle of songs that are well known to fans of creativity Bichevskaya and Ponomarev. This is the biography of Gennady Ponomarev — this Russian nugget.


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