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Learn what love is, everyone knows. However, if you ask this question to different people, the answers would be quite different. Why? And whether the only true and correct definition of love – about this and want to talk.

love definition of love


So, what is love? The definition of love I tried to give many minds throughout the history of human civilization. Why is this concept viewed from different perspectives. And start your analysis like it is with the scientific sphere. Interesting for many will be the fact that there is a special chemistry of love. Scientists have proved that when a person falls in love, his body produces this amount of hormones, which is akin to drug or alcohol intoxication. The brain receives signals that indicate that the person is in a state of love. However, this is only one side of this here state, and to regard love only as chemistry – a crime.

Interesting facts

Next, Understand what is love. The definition of love tried to give many academics, their insights can be made into some rather interesting scientific facts about love:

  1. Love – is a drug. Proof – imaging of the head of a man in love. He aktiviziruyutsya the same areas of the brain that a person who has used cocaine and is in a state of euphoria.
  2. Love – it is a way of survival. Scientists have proved that human love – this is somewhat a modified form of hobby animals. Ie easier to find for the life of one partner, and not constantly achieve to meet their own sexual needs.
  3. Love is blind. This statement is scientifically proven. A German researcher found that areas of the brain responsible for rational decisions and negative emotions in love with a person just deactivated.
  4. Love – addiction. Scientists say that to cure from the love you need as well as for drug addiction: to remove the sight of “patient” all the annoying factors: pictures, gifts, and any reminders about the object of desire.
  5. The Cure of love. As during love man quite seriously decreases the level of this hormone, such as serotonin, doctors offer medication to compensate for it, in order to be able to avoid the crimes of this feeling (as the statistics shows, their number in the last vsremya has increased significantly). However, if “too far” with hormone, the man will not fall in love, and attraction will remain, which is fraught with promiscuity.
  6. Men love with their eyes. This statement is known to many people, but not everyone knows that it is scientific proof. During love guys aktiviziruyutsya area of the cerebral cortex that is responsible for the visual factor. Interesting will be the fact that women have become an active area responsible for the memory: lady learns the behavior of the partner, then to analyze and make conclusions: whether to be with this man further.

love quotes


So as a small conclusion, I want to give a few explanations of what love is. A scientific explanation of the wording:


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  1. It is a strong heart feeling, emotional attraction.
  2. Sexual attraction, desire.
  3. Strong positive emotions.
  4. Intimacy, gentle attitude.

But in General we can say that the love from a scientific point of view – it is pure chemistry.


Interesting will be the fact that you can see the love. Photo, picture – they perfectly illustrate the feeling. However, art is not enough. About what is love, thinking a lot of the writers. It is sung in poems, songs, necessarily featured on the pages of prose stories and novels. Different love quotes have become so well known that people sometimes don't even know who said it and from what works they are taken.

  1. Boris Pasternak: "Love – high disease".
  2. Stendahl, “love”: "Love is like fever, it can appear and fade away without any sense of the will of man".
  3. Haruki Murakami "Kafka on the shore”: "Every man that falls in love is searching for something which he lacks".
  4. “the Physiology of marriage” of Honore de Balzac: "This affection is blind. You should not judge those people whom I love."
  5. Shakespeare, "a Midsummer night's Dream”: "Cupids and therefore represent the blind,' cause love looks not with the eyes but with the heart".
  6. Fyodor Dostoevsky, “the Brothers Karamazov”: "What is hell? Sorry that you can not even more to love."

And such statements can result in a huge amount. For the nuances, they will all be different, but a single line they will still be present.

definition of love

Philosophers: Erich Fromm

His works on this subject are also philosophers. About love they spoke a lot, feeding information from several different points of view. Now I want to pay attention to Erich Fromm and his work “the Art of love”. What are the interesting insights of this philosopher did in his work. So, in his opinion, love – this is not just a sentimental feeling, which can occur in man. This is not enough, not enough. In order for love to grow, to evolve and to grow moral must be the man himself. The first step that everyone should make – we must realize that love – is an art akin to the art of living. And to understand love in its fullness, every man must perceive it as something more than a reality. The philosopher suggests that in addition to love there is some other form of relationship, symbiotic unity. It is of two types:

  1. Passive – in a certain degree of masochism when a person has subjected himself to the will of another, becoming its integral part. In this case, he loses his individuality.
  2. Active – it is a sadism, when one person dominates the will of another human, making it its integral part.

But the Mature love – the opposite of these forms of relationship. It is the Union of two people while maintaining his identity, individuality, integrity. According to Erich Fromm, love – is a force that breaks down walls, helping a person to reconnect with the other person. This Mature love – it's a paradox: two people become one while remaining two persons. Important nuances of love, according to the author:

  1. If the person loves, he will give (yourself, your life).
  2. The Person is fully interested in life of his partner.
  3. Partners must respect each other.

love this

Fromm about the objects of love

Exploring further love. The definition of love, namely, of different types, also gives this philosopher in his book “the Art of love”.

  1. Brotherly love-the fundamental basis of the other types. The respect, care, responsibility.
  2. A mother's love-the first love in the life of every person. The essence of it, according to the author, have to assume a woman's desire to have a child later separated from it.
  3. Erotic love – full of carnal Union with one person.
  4. Self-Love. The author writes that it is not to be confused with selfishness, is a different concept. Only by loving yourself can become a favorite and someone else.
  5. The Love of God, the religious form of love.

Philosopher Carl Jung

What other philosophers talked about love? So, why not refer to the works of Carl Gustave Jung, who at the same time was a great psychiatrist, and while still a disciple of Sigmund Freud? Main and his favorite phrase: “Nothing is possible without love" - from which we can draw many conclusions. According to the author, love is conquering the most powerful factor in human life. So, to consider this subject is not possible without two archetypes that are inherent in every human being: the Anima and the animus. This so-called personification of the unconscious beginning of the opposite sex in the psyche of every individual. These halves and attract people. What do Jung love? The definition of love that gives author: hidden in the person's features are another person and they draw it, arousing the feeling of love.

the definition of love in the Bible

Anthropology of love

The definition of the word “love” tried to give such a science as anthropology. Special attention deserves the work of American scientist Helen Fisher “Why we love: the nature and chemistry of romantic love”. There she identified three basic whale this feeling: affection (feeling of security), romance (the most potent stimulator of the origin of love) and lust (the satisfaction of natural needs).


Definitely it is worth to mention that there is also the religious definition of love. In the Bible about this feeling says quite a lot.

  1. Prov...

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