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Lazutina tat L. E. - a great skier. Is one of the most decorated athletes in the history of the Russian Federation.

Childhood and youth

Future legend was born in the summer of 1965 in Kondopoga. She was just a child and did not differ from the rest. In seven years the girl went to the first class. Being a small, loved active games and never stayed in place. In twelve years begins to engage in the section skiing. Initially it was a common childhood hobby, but later turned into something more. After school decides to enroll in high school. To choose did not last long. Larissa Lazutina go to study in Institute of physical education. At the same time, she has been skiing and are planning to associate with this life. It should be noted that athletes have two higher education. She also studied at the pedagogical Institute.

In his student years, began to perform at various competitions in skiing. In 1985 is the best among juniors in relay three five. A year later, become the master of sports of the Soviet Union.

Larissa Lazutina


At twenty-two she became world champion on a distance of 4 to 5 kilometers, and also won a bronze for third place in the race of twenty kilometers. The competition was held in Germany. Already in 1989, Larissa Lazutina tat receives a call in a national team. Some time participating in small tournaments, but serious does not achieve success.

Splits the Soviet Union, and now the skier represents the Russian Federation. In 1993, sent to the world championship in Sweden and there wins two gold medals and one silver. Two years later, the competitions were held in the United States of America, where she has performed extraordinarily successfully. She won four gold medals in different disciplines. In 1997 and again takes part in the world tournament and this time is satisfied with one medal for the relay race 4 on 5 kilometres. Despite won the gold, she stated that she planned to speak better. In 1999 partially reabilitarea and becomes the best in two races. 2001 gave the athlete the last gold medal in his career. The championship was held in Finland, and then Larisa Lazutina managed to win bronze.


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It is Worth noting that, in addition to performances at the world Championships, the woman many times became the winner of the Championships of Russia.

Lazutina tat L. E.

Performances at the Olympic games

Skier participated in four international competitions. The first was in 1992 in Albertville. Larissa Lazutina managed to bring home one gold. In 1994 went to Lillehammer and again won the gold medal. After four years, the tournament took place in Nagano, and she showed why is one of the best skiers of the late twentieth century. The girl brought the three first places, one second and one third. It was then that the world learned that Russian athletes could qualify for the highest rewards.

The Sad experience he received at the Olympics in 2002, It was disqualified for doping. In the end, we lost two silver medals and one gold. In 2003, this case was discussed at a high level, and it was decided that we need to cancel all the results that have been recorded since 2001. Officials decided that even then Larissa Lazutina started using illegal drugs.

Larissa Lazutina tat

Life outside the sport

After the sports career of seven-time Olympic champion leads a fairly active lifestyle. Was the Deputy of regional Duma of two convocations. Is a active political activist and promotes sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Former athletes have family. Husband's name was Gennady, and children, Daniel and Alice. Despite the fact that the woman spends a lot of time at work, every spare minute trying to pay the families.

Park Larissa Lazutina

Awards and more

Larissa fourteen times world champion, winner of numerous awards at the state level. Of all the title of Hero of Russia, which she got for an incredible performance at the Olympics in 1998. In addition, the collection contains several orders of honor and insignia.

To perpetuate the athlete in history, in Moscow opened an object such as the "Route of Lazutina Larissa". Naturally, the former skier could not hold back the tears when I found out about it. She repeatedly noted that it is her most significant achievement. In various interviews the woman proudly recalls this event and thanks to all people that somehow contributed.

It is Worth noting that in 2015 was open and "Park Larissa Lazutina". The same year the road became part of the Park.

Lazutina great champion, which gave the Russian fans a lot of positive emotions. It is worthy that during the life she has erected a monument.

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