Exercises on forearm for women with dumbbells at home: a list


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What could be better for women toned athletic figure? Except that the admiring glances opponents. But a slim figure is not given to all from birth, these people are just lucky and their units. Most have to work hard. And this process needs to be systematic and to have, if you want a scientific approach. Today we talk about what kind of exercises for arms for women will be the most effective and affordable, not to resort to large additional expenses for the purchase of a subscription to a fitness club.

Common tips

Beautiful, without a trace of sagging, skin on the hands will not only make you self-confident and attractive in the eyes of others, but sometimes it helps to hide the true age. All you need is love of self, and hence the desire to look good, perseverance and patience, because, as you know, one hour of training to get in shape is unrealistic, and a minimum of sports equipment. Exercises for forearms with dumbbells are considered to be basic to give the arm muscle tone.exercises on forearm

Your workouts should be logged in a lot of time this is not necessary. Usually, three sessions per week of 30-45 minutes is enough. Thus, for myself I shall find no more than three hours (with all preparations) per week. Agree, this is all you can afford.

A Little anatomy

For starters take a tour of the basic knowledge of biology. Hand is top and one of the main limbs of the human body with grip. Bone skeleton hand (no details) includes a shoulder joint, forearm and wrist. But the muscular system is similar to a layer cake and consists of the anterior group of muscles, which, simply speaking, is responsible for the bending of the arms, and back, governing the extension in the elbow joint.


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Muscle Location

In front of a group of muscles located two-headed muscle of a shoulder, or, if we take the Latin transcription, the biceps, it's big, so stands out well from the skin. Thanks to this muscle we are able to bend the arm at the elbow. exercises for arms for womenUsing exercises to strengthen the forearm muscle may become more visible and enhance the beauty of your hands. In the back of the group is the triceps muscle, triceps. It consists of three bundles, or heads (long, lateral, medial). Triceps allows you to extend our hand and take it back and bring it back to the body. That is why it is important exercise on the forearm.

Some contraindications

Knowledge of the anatomy a little refreshed now touch on the theme of sports equipment - dumbbells. Just need to agree on: doing exercises for forearms at home using dumbbells, remember about limitations.

Power load is Contraindicated to hypertensive patients with heart diseases, pregnant women, there are restrictions in some diseases of the musculoskeletal system. So for your own peace of mind I advise you, before you enter in your exercise weight training, consult your doctor, do it to you.

The Choice of equipment and result

For Those who have no contraindications to exercise on the forearm suggest to buy at first a small dumbbell weight. Their weight will depend on the goal you set for yourself. For example, option number one: you want to lose weight and improve muscle tone, then the weight of the sports equipment - not more than one kilogram. exercises for forearms with dumbbellsEvery exercise in this case will have to be repeated ten to fifteen times and do at least three or four approaches. Rest between sets himself a lot of do not let.

Option two: you want to tighten the muscles, and aim to increase their weight, then choose a dumbbell up to three pounds. In this case, repetitions of the exercises will be from eight to ten, and the number of sets can remain the same. Remember that load your body need to increase gently and gradually, to overdo in this matter is not necessary. And the choice of projectile the main thing to pay attention - if you keep it in hand, do not feel any discomfort.

Proper diet

Before the start of their training plan diet. Insufficient amount of carbohydrates, protein or vitamins will negate your efforts to zero exercise on the forearm become ineffective.

Protein is the basic building material for muscle cells. Its a lot of meat, poultry, cheese, fish. Carbohydrates - source of energy. Them our body gets from grains, vegetables and fruits. Do not let your body to starve and thirst. More than two liters per day of clean water is the norm.

But fatty foods try to avoid. The share of fat in daily meal should not exceed fifteen percent. Meals during the day should be more than four. Two hours before classes is better to abstain from food, grab a bite to eat after a workout in an hour. You can satisfy your hunger dairy products.

Exercises for biceps and forearms: list

To start here is an example without dumbbells.

exercises for forearms at home

For the first exercise for biceps and triceps will need a chair.Sit back to the chair, back straight, feet together, slightly bent at the knees, hands behind the torso and rest your palms on the chair seat. Fall to the floor and climb the hands to the chair seat. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

The strengthening of the triceps sent the following exercise. Starting position - need to lie down on his right side (to take the posture of a mermaid), feet together, bent at the knees, back straight, left arm wound the head, the right remains a reference. Lower your body by bending the support arm at the elbow. Like the first exercise, repeated up to 20 times. The reference arm is changed.

A Third exercise will help get rid of sagging skin on the hands. It resembles a push-up. The difference is that this should be done with knees bent, hands are positioned at shoulder width and bend at the elbows along the body. 10 reps and 20 seconds rest. All performed 10 sets.

Exercises with the forearm strength

First to strengthen the triceps. Grab a dumbbell, stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, arms down. Raise your arms forward, spread them apart at the right angle, down along the trunk.

exercises to strengthen the forearmsSecond. Take your dumbbells, stand up straight, bring your right foot back behind left and make a cross step, slightly bending your knees. Hands at this point, bend the elbow and lift toward the shoulders. Take the starting position, change leg cross step, repeat the exercise. Follow the breath. On the inhale down, exhale come up. The exercise is repeated up to 20 times.

Third. From the starting position stand straight with your left hand lower on the waist, left foot step to put forward, take a deep lunge at this point, the right hand with dumbbells lower along a trunk, right leg bent at the knee. Raise your body and arm up to the starting position. Exercise repeat at least 10 times with each leg.


Here are some simple tips and advice, and a list of possible exercises will help you not only feel more confident but also to have beautiful, toned arms. A little patience and after only a couple months from sagging skin and reduced muscle tone will not be over.exercises on the biceps and forearms do Not forget and about security measures and some contraindications. Here the main principle of all work on yourself - "do no harm". So perform a workout with pleasure and discomfort occurs when you change equipment or take a break.

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