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In the Bryansk region, a large number of reservoirs, ideal for fishing. This activity is loved by many locals, besides lakes, rivers and ponds in the region are very pure. Fishing in the Bryansk region is available in specially equipped places, such as on a paid recreation. Where to fish in the Bryansk region and who can be caught in local waters?

fishing in the Bryansk region

Where to go fishing?

As already mentioned, the various reservoirs in the region abound. When someone chooses a quiet fishing in the river Desna, for example, or the Bottomless lake, and someone is going to pay ponds to catch exactly was. If you want a quality vacation on the shores of rivers and lakes, then you will definitely enjoy fishing in the Bryansk region (Darkovice, Kuchenka, Trenchevska – next to these villages located in the fish lake area).

Here, in 7 km from Bryansk, you can fish for a fee. This service is available for 400 rubles for half a day, while you will have the unique possibility of fishing in a huge pond. Many fishermen have information about that in this place you can conveniently come down to the waterfront to rent houses and gazebos. Here you can catch carp, crucian carp, grass carp, pike, perch or carp. If you arrive in this picturesque area, the fishing in the Bryansk region you will remember for a long time!

fishing in the Bryansk region alekseevo

The Feature of fishing in this place – no limits on the rate of catch of fish so you can fish as you want. That is why it attracts a lot of fishermen. In addition, fish in a pond do enough for everyone, as organizers of guests each year run into the pond fry. This means that the bite will be!


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The bridge: fishing from flavor

Another option – to go to the village alekseevo Karachevsky district. Here you can rent houses for 350-450 rubles per day, and you can catch carp, perch and even crayfish. Fishing in the Bryansk region (the bridge) attracts many to this area because there are a lot of big fish, and it has been noted by many fishermen. They say that the lake is very beautiful, though down to it's not easy. But the bite stable and confident, and just a half hour you can catch quite a lot of fish. However, there are some nuances. For example, the fishermen say that in this place you can catch only small fish, max to 300 grams, but the question of the captured specimens is not even.

fishing in the Bryansk region, Kukuevo

Cuguevka: a number of interesting things

Fishing in the Bryansk region can be very rich, if you are going to visit the recreation “Cuguevka”. It is located in the eponymous village on the territory of 18,000 hectares. On the basis of a pleasant and relaxing – the forest, the river Desna, a huge number of lakes. Here is interesting not only for fishing. In the Bryansk region Cuguevka popular as a place where you can hunt for birds and animals. You will be offered comfortable accommodation and it is possible to fish not only in the Gums, but in Shchuchye, Babi, hog, and Red lakes. They are all located in the vicinity of the base.

This place will appeal to all, both professional fishermen and beginners, and even families with young children. You can catch walleye, pike, perch, burbot, carp, roach, bream, carp, Rudd. You will be asked to relax in the Russian sauna on firewood, will make use of the barbecue facilities, secure Parking, rent ATVs, pleasure boats, UAZ, and winter-snowmobile or horse-drawn sleighs. The organization of leisure activities for tourists are treated very carefully, so fishing in the Bryansk region in this protected site you will remember for a long time!

fee fishing in Bryansk region

Free or Paid?

In most cases, fishing – it's just a hobby and an opportunity to be alone with nature and bringing fish to the cat. However, many take this process very seriously, preparing for it carefully and count on a good catch. It attracts them paid fishing in the Bryansk region, as already mentioned, at various recreation centers. However, in this region there are many lakes where you can sit on the beach with the usual float rod and catch a carp or pike. For example, the Bottomless lake in Zhukovsky district is located in the depression, so it is quite deep. Around it there is a pine and deciduous forest, it is very beautiful, with a lot of fish: silver bream, Podust, carp, Rudd, roach, bream. So even without money you are unlikely to remain without a catch.

Paid fishing in the Bryansk region is very popular and it was confirmed by various tourist base. For example, Holmetsky farm offers fishing for the entire day, and it will have to pay from 100 to 1000 depending on the type of fish and weight of catch. Here offer to rent a Pedalo or rowing boat, small houses or be placed with the tent. It is possible to kindle the bath. This kind of vacation – organized, therefore, like those who prefer to get out of fishing, for example.

fishing in the Bryansk region'ove

“Tsaritsyn Sloboda” or “the far cordon”?

Anotherinteresting place – recreation “Tsaritsyn Slobodka", 100 km from Bryansk. Its good location (in a forest with a lake) attracts many tourists. Here a lot of fish are offered for rent cottages that have everything you need for a relaxing stay. Stay here to be paid for entrance-200 rubles, fishing – from 130 to 1000, depending on the species of fish caught and weight of catch. A lot of services offers and the base of “the far cordon”. Here you can fish for 100 rubles per hour, to rent the bridge for fishing or cabin. As you can see, there is no guarantee that you will find excellent fishing in the Bryansk region.

Hop: fishing with flavor

In this small village are invited to fish for 250 rubles a day, while it is possible to catch carp or carp. Many fishermen indicate that the fishing is really possible, and without a trophy catch won't leave for even a beginner. There are close and well stocked pond with houses where you can see the sunrise over the fishing rod to catch carp, crucian carp, roach, perch and pike.

fishing in the Bryansk region, Darkovice

Fish are never too much!

As you can see, the fishing places in the Bryansk region abound. What would you choose – a quiet fishing on the lake with a tent or a paid fishing on a database, remember about respect to nature. You can find beautiful fish and most importantly the place is just, and to leave behind an equally beautiful and clean nature, not everyone can. Lakes of the Bryansk region (Bottomless, Walnut, Holy), the Desna river and numerous ponds give everyone the opportunity to find a place where he can comfortably relax. By the way, the region is leaking as much as 125 of the rivers, local fishermen finding a place with good bite is simply not there. Main – to say: “Go fish, big and small!”

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