Signs of a cold weapon and its classification. Under what conditions a knife is not a melee weapon


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Nowadays on the shelves of gun shops and private collections people have countless weapons, including cold. What this refers specifically to the latter category? How to distinguish the subject of dangerous, maybe even deadly, from the usual, household? We will now consider the characteristics of bladed weapons, which clearly stated the Standards and laws of our country. Also consider the classification of these items and their varieties.

What is a melee weapon?

This term refers to items that generally apply to sporting, hunting and military fields. They are characterized by the fact that their work is not associated with combustible or explosive substances, electricity or gas. In General, the object that can cause serious injury or even death – edged weapons. Characteristics and classification are given below. Conventionally, the weapons of this type are divided into two categories – hand and throwing. Among the species that have existed and exist now, we can list the following: contact, throwing, bladed, impact, Polearms, slashing, cutting, stabbing, shock-shatters.signs of bladed weapons

Brief description of the section

All parameters that are given below apply to piercing and cutting items, which are manufactured on the territory of the Russian Federation, and abroad. For example, the signs of knives at a knife spread on any kind of this product, regardless of the place of production, or specific oroshennoe the date of manufacture and its history. The same applies to the manufacturer. Signs of a cold weapon according to GOST will also be made for factory product, and a homemade knife, dagger, sword, etc. In the case of a dispute (on the border, the police and similar places), the expert will come strictly from the parameters of the subject, which is before you, comparing them with recognised standards. Thus, it will be detected in your knife or blade signs of a cold weapon, or not - the verdict solve the problem. Because we originally decided to classify those items that are beyond the scope of our described categories.cold weapon characteristics and classification


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Blade is not suited for injection

For cases when the knife is not a melee weapon, are the following:

  • This Product does not have the edge.
  • If the edge is above the line of the butt of more than 5 mm.
  • The Deflection line butt exceeds 5 mm, and blade length is 180 mm.
  • If the product more than period of 1/3 of the island is a hook for vparivanie.
  • Blade specific knife has a length of less than nine centimeters.
  • Blade products thicker than 6 mm.
  • The Blade of the product is not sharpened or absent.the signs of knives at a knife

The Handle doesn't meet certain standards

Now consider how the knife is not a melee weapon, if he has the edge and the required length, and the corresponding parameters. A very important part of this weapon is the handle, which provides a secure hold of the weapon hand. If you have a problem, or its size is too small or too large, from the category of knives specific item drops. So, let's list the main points on this topic:

  • The Handle is shorter than 70 mm.
  • The Handle is barrel-shaped, while the difference between the maximum and minimum diameter not exceeding 8 mm.
  • Podbelceva notch has parameters less than 5 mm.
  • If the handle recesses or stops more than one, the magnitude of each should not exceed 4 mm.
  • The hardness of the blade does not meet the standard of 25 HRC.
  • Handle nadelena or broken.
  • The Blade is loosely clamped in the handle, it wobbles or falls out of it.
  • The Blade is made from a material that does not provide enough strength (aluminium, plastic, etc.).

Specific examples

Well, we got acquainted with the standards and parameters, and then consider what the knives are not melee weapons, as they are called and where they are used. The most common feature is that the knife may not have the edge. It is replaced by something like a screwdriver or chisel. An example is the knife Pirat HK5696, the tip of which is specially made in the form of a screwdriver. It is blunt and has a width greater than 3 mm. Similar situation is observed at the blade of the knife under the title of "Katran-1". His plane is also higher than the desired setting – 3 mm, and the blade blunted. These items could enter into the category of “knives for survival”, but only one feature they are converted into ordinary household products.the signs of a cold weapon in Russia

Known weapons that those really is not

So, what knifes are not melee weapons on other grounds? The brightest representative of this category – blade style "Tanto". Its edge is located higher than the line of the butt, and this value exceeds 5 mm, which immediately excludes it from the category of knives. The same situation is observed in the parameters of the knife "knight-Cayman”. The length of the blade is 210 mm, while the tip is above the linebutt more than 5 mm. Another feature, which eliminates the knife from the ranks of bladed weapons – is the presence of hook vspenivania if it is on the butt not more than 1/3 of the island. Bright representative of this category is a product called “Osprey” from the company KNOX. It is also worth noting that you can see all the signs of knives at a knife, but if the butt and the tip converge at an angle of 70 degrees or more, he also falls out of this category.

Signs of bladed weapons. The parameters and characteristics of the knives

We just found out what features allow knives and other similar items out of the category of knives. Now considering the reverse of the medal. Alternately we write out 5 characteristics of bladed weapons, which are established by laws of the Russian Federation. In fact, they are the same in all CIS countries and many foreign powers, but there are always exceptions. These characteristics strictly separate the household knives and Armoury. Of them the second you're just in the store do not buy if you do not have certain permissions. Also note that there are two regulatory documents that reglamentary signs of a cold weapon in Russia. This is standard Р51548-2000 “Knives for survival” and GOST Р51500-99 "Knives and daggers hunting”. Well, moving on.what knifes are not melee weapons


If a knife or any other cutting product included in the category of bladed weapons, the length of the blade should be clearly 90 mm, at least. This value is measured starting from the base of the handle and ending with the outermost point of the tip of the knife. No matter, not enough arms one centimeter up to this level or only one mm – in both cases it will not be considered a cold weapon. Measure the length of the blade is possible with a simple ruler or centimeter. This criterion is the most important in the assessment of sharp and cutting objects.


If we are talking about the signs of knives at a knife in Russia, to miss such parameter as the thickness of its blade, it is impossible. He measured the height of the butt – that is, the side opposite the tip. In order to be able to consider knife cold steel, the thickness of the butt should be at least 2.6 mm but not more than 6 mm. This is measured at the thickest part of the blade, even if he is uneven. Note also that in our country there is a certain amount – 2.4 mm, on which there are many manufacturers of knives. It is all hearsay because there is a law that allows you to carry knives, the thickness of the blades does not exceed this mark. They are not considered in our state melee weapons, so buy and carry them, without breaking the law.what are the signs that a knife is not cold weapons


As mentioned above, if the blade of the knife has a certain hardness, or made of soft material, which may not provide the desired cutting effect, it is subject to household. Signs of bladed weapons – mainly steel blade, the density of which is also important. In our country this indicator should be not less than 42 units of Rockwell. The degree of hardness of steel can be specified on the blade, but if such mark is not, then there is a special device for determining this value.

Collapsible handle

Under this sign refers to the presence of a limiter or equivalent - podbelceva recess, which separates like the handle of the knife from its cutting part. According to the criteria of the signs of a cold weapon is to have a single limiter, the height of the projection which is 5 mm. If the two of them, their total height should be equal to this index (that is, every 2.5 mm). As for podbelceva recess, if it is one, its depth should also equal 5 millimeters. When their two, three or more, the depth of each should be exactly 4 mm. And do not forget that the main function of the limiter or seizure – is to protect the hands of the weapons from blade, of which it is composed.


To determine this criterion, we can focus on the guests. Also on weapons you can take universal concepts. Determine the characteristics of bladed weapons in Russia is simple: it is believed that a well-sharpened knife easily cuts the branch of a birch, whose thickness is in the range of 10-12 mm. the cut is smooth and straight, without splinters, irregularities, etc. Well if you start from universal concepts, a well-sharpened knife is defined by derived and a thin edge that the slightest contact with the affected body or objects can cause damage to the surface. the signs of knives at the knife in Russian

Cold steel. Characteristics and classification in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation

On the Basis of our laws, weapons are divided into different types depending on the use purpose, the purposes for which it is acquired, and based on its own characteristics and features. Among these types, there are three main

  • Combat. Is manual and small. Used to resolve service or operational combat tasks, and only then, if the case allows its use in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation aboutthe use of bladed weapons. Most often found in public and private military organizations.
  • Service. Its carry law enforcement officials, civil servants, and legal entities that have the permission.
  • Civil. The right to carry this type of knives can, in fact, to every citizen of the Russian Federation. It is used for hunting, doing appropriate sports, self defense, etc.

Restrictions on edged weapons in Russia

A Number of specific tools that can cause injury or death to the victim, in our country is prohibited. This means that even with a carry permit and the purchase of knives, you may not legally buy these items, and even more to use them. These rules apply to civil individuals, and all public servants. Among those items, which are not implemented are legal in Russia, call:

  • Knuckle dusters, shurikens, flails and boomerangs. These tools are considered to be rather historical and social memo, rather than the subject of defence. Their category also include all the other shock-crushing and throwing objects. The exception is throwing kernel.
  • Prohibits the possession and use of knives, the blade of which is automatically extracted from the handle, while its length exceeds 90 cm.

Also note that in Russia it is forbidden to forward melee weapons in the mail. Not allowed to bring such items to meetings, rallies, demonstrations. The rules relate exclusively bladed weapons, not all the items which may be similar to it.

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