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Mace “Sword” is designed and developed by the Russian company «Tekhkrim”. Experts have named the product in honor of the sharp and effective weapon of the Musketeers. Small and easy to use means of self-defense is a jet spray pepper gas. The unique design allows you to accurately adjust the spray without the risk of penalties from up to three meters.

balloon sword

General information

Spray “Sword” – this aluminum reservoir with a capacity of 65 or 100 milliliters. It is filled with a special mixture, composed of alcohol-containing substances and mineral supplements weight. The mixture is under pressure of 8-11 psi. Triggers weapons by pressing the spray button or valve.

The Active substance is a special composition of the striking action. In moderate concentrations it causes disorientation and momentary loss of consciousness. This is due to effects on the mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract. It's also possible reddening of the skin. Typically, a portion of the gas is not a lethal threat. A lethal outcome is possible in case of exceeding the admissible norms in tens times. The General name of substances in the cans – irritant.

Pepper spray “Sword” (65 ml): description

This is a defense weapon has a range of about three meters, with the precision and resistance to wind gusts. The tank has a compact size, convenient to use and store. In fact, the spray device is a jet spray dispensing jets with high precision destruction on the calculated distance.


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Mace sword

Mace “Sword” (65 ml) is created on the basis of an updated formula irritants. Enclosing the composition is highly effective and has no death. The advanced and sophisticated complex of ingredients with irritant ensures a high rate of slezotechenii and causes significant pain and shock. The tool is designed for twelve intermittent attacks. Real time action – at least six seconds.


The following are the basic parameters that has a small spray “Sword”

  • Size in diameter-35 mm.
  • Tank Height-10.6 inches.
  • Weight of liquid filler – forty grams.
  • Existing tear components – police CS irritant, a natural extract of chili pepper (capsicum).
  • Spraying – inkjet.
  • Point of contact is 140 millimeters to two meters.
  • Range (maximum) – three meters.
  • Operating life – eight short clicks (4 seconds).
  • Shelf Life – 36 months.

pepper spray sword

Spray “Sword” (100 ml): differences

The following are the characteristics of the protective devices in the tank, with a capacity of one hundred milliliters:

  • Diameter-35 millimeters;
  • Height of the container – mm 151;
  • Weight of the liquid composition is 65 grams;
  • The percentage of the tear irritant consists of a 0.23% synthetic substances, and 1% of natural extract of hot pepper;
  • The unit has a jet spray;
  • Contact spot – 15 centimeters to two meters;
  • Maximum sighting distance-three meters;
  • Working temp – 12 six-second pressing;
  • Working temperature-from -20 to +50 degrees centigrade;
  • Shelf life – three years.

Mace “Sword” different from other analogs of the formula used annoying mix. Manufacturers have focused on the presence of components such as capsaicin and chlorine benzoylacetonitrile, better known under the beautiful name of "lilac".

Features and benefits

Paralyzing the active substance – it is an important component belonging to the category of highly effective irritant of artificial origin. It gives the aggressor an increased secretion from the mucous system, as well as strong pain impulses. The tool of self-defense – one of the most progressive ways to protect themselves from bullies and not quite sober stubborn.

Mace sword 65

Mace “Sword” combines a number of important advantages and features:

  • Lasts for about six seconds or more, which is enough to make a dozen short attacks;
  • The device is allowed to use in enclosed spaces if the total area exceeds three square meters;
  • The device provides high efficiency and accuracy, regardless of climatic conditions;
  • The balloon is compact and easy to operate.


Despite the fact that the jet wind resistant, you should consider the possibility of reverse flow of aerosol. The designers have modified the earlier model by increasing the hole diameter in the nozzle to 1.2 mm (up to 0.8). This solution allowed us to practically offset the effect of “return”, which gives the opportunity to use the weapon in a confined space, it increases the contact point, butslightly decreases the flow rate.

Spray constantly usovershenstvuetsya in construction and other direction. The time of the release of the entire contents of the tank is four to six seconds, depending on volume. The active substance in practice is severe and protracted, but not fatal. Some versions are equipped with a safety cover that eliminates the possibility of accidental operation.

User Feedback

Mace “Sword”, which reviews are mostly positive, deserve recognition for compactness, practicality and reasonable price. Consumers noted that the device is great as a weapon for self-defense, does not cause death, fits in your pocket or purse.

balloon sword reviews

There are several variations that differ in the amount and some additional functionality (in the form of opening a safety cover). Resistance to atmospheric exposure and spot focus at a distance of three meters – the main advantages of the considered canister. Remember that this device is intended solely for self-defense. Using it with malicious intent is punishable by law.

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