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In Russian hockey, not so much today, really talented hockey players. So to those who are already fairly well established, the fans are treated with special respect. One of these players and some fans idol is Averin Egor.

Most Often hockey talent specialists of this sport find in the European part of Russia. Which is understandable, since in this part of the country more high-quality sports facilities and more qualified coaches. But lately vector hockey talent moves beyond the Urals. And there, in Siberia, appear all new and new talents. One of the first stars was Egor Averin. Hockey player from God, so talked about the hockey experts at the beginning of his career. Let's look at how hockey on the sky appeared a star, and what she's doing now. And also slightly open the veil of privacy Yegor Averin.

Yegor Averin

The Beginning of a hockey career

Future hockey player Born in 1989 in Omsk. In those days this town was not big sports glory, especially hockey. The only player which has brought this city so that they could be proud of Omsk, was Victor Blinov. He was European champion, world and Olympic games. But it was in the distant sixties of the last century. This young athlete Averin Egor could take an example. But to meet the famous countryman Yegor was not possible, as this talented defender died at a young age in 1968. But the sports arena Omsk "Avangard", where trained Averin, bears the name of Blinova. It was like a novice hockey player, what kind of tops can be achieved through hard training, even with little talent. And with the talent, as noted by sports professionals, Greg was all right.


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Egor Averin, hockey player

Playing for Avangard Omsk

My first steps in hockey, Egor Averin, hockey player of Omsk "Avangard" makes the youth of his hometown. He spends 226 matches and in proof of his talents as the striker scored 244 goals. This is more than one goal per game. And in these games he gives 226 assists.

Two seasons, starting in 2006, Averin Yegor conducts in Omsk Avangard, acting in the Russian Superleague. At the age of seventeen young hockey player has already started playing in professional hockey. Next year, Averin Yegor, he's in the team first League "Avangard-2". A year later, in 2008, starts in the KHL for Avangard Omsk. In this command, he spent four years, delighting his game of the local hockey fans.

Navigation in Yaroslavl "locomotive"

In September 2011 in a terrible plane crash in Yaroslavl airport, killing the team "Lokomotiv" from Yaroslavl. To famous team did not disappear from the hockey map of the country and in memory of players killed in the crash, KHL teams are taking the decision to support Yaroslavtsev. They delegate certain of its players. Since the season 2012 the team goes Yegor Averin.

Hockey player, selecting the club, remains faithful to him until today. The athlete is in the fifth season, and each of them plays about fifty games. And in the last two seasons, scored about twenty goals each. With the participation of the athlete of the hockey club "Lokomotiv" regularly goes to the play-offs. Did a lot for this Yegor Averin. Stats for this hockey suggests that at the moment he is the leading player Yaroslavl "Locomotive".

Yegor Averin locomotive

The Participation of the athlete in international matches

If we talk about bringing hockey to the national team, the experience of the sportsman is quite rich, but in the youth team. Although in recent years Egor Valeryevich Averin were also invited to the national team of the country. Speaking at the youth competitions in 2007, Yegor participated in the Junior world hockey championship. Playing seven matches and scoring three goals, the player with the team won gold medal and became world champion among juniors. Hockey fans hope that the national team Egor will achieve more brilliant achievements.

Egor Valeryevich Averin

Partners in three attacks

In modern hockey, the compositions of the three attacks vary as cards in the deck. And every coach tries to find a combination that would ensure victory for his team. Therefore, during the different preparatory matches, partners Yegor became different attackers. So, in the spring of 2016 coach of Russia tried the combination Apalkov – galouzine – Averin. The experiment was successful, and the trio has played quite effectively.

Hockey achievements

Playing twelve seasons in professional hockey, Averin Yegor reaches certain heights of excellence. Not many current players that played in the professional hockey nearly four hundred matches. And this year it is expected that Averin abandoned its one-hundredth the puck, as he remained only one. In addition, not many players that have a record of just two teams. Furthermore, the transition in "the locomotive" has happened because of the tragedy, whichit was written above. In addition, the teams that played Averin for eight years, constantly involved in the final stage of the championship, the playoffs. And this year, fans believe that the figure of the hockey player and his team will be improved.

 Yegor Averin statistics

Personal life of an athlete

Many athletes personal life consists of a series of persistent problems, and this is understandable. Because they are waiting for permanent transfers and training, so that on a loved one little time. But the family of Egor it can hardly be attributed. Although many athletes try to start a family after finishing his sports career, Yegor married at a relatively young age, 21 years. At the time it was over Omsk "Avangard" was made by Yegor Averin. "The locomotive" (Yaroslavl), who became the second club Egor, did not prevent family life of the athlete, but rather strengthened it. That is speaking for this team, Egor becomes the father of twins, whom he loves. His wife Tatiana is not a public person. She was able to create a warm family hearth, which supports during the frequent trips of her husband. It is the family that helps Averin to focus on big athletic goals and achieve them.

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