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Pike Fishing on spinning particularly fascinating. Choice of effective bait depends on the overall success of the catch. The ideal are considered wobblers, "Jackson", closely simulates the appearance of fish. Guaranteed effective fishing in the autumn when the fish are preparing for winter, begins to fatten fat. At the edge of the shore in the coastal reeds, where the wind and current bring food, there are shoals of small fish, which are hunted by predators. At this time is particularly effective to use crankbaits for pike. In the fall of a hungry predator not cautious, the bite increases.

About company

Jackson, a Japanese company, founded in 1975 by Mr. Masao Kato, is focused on the production of accessories for spinning fishing. Bright accessories and brilliant coloring became the hallmark of the oldest Japanese manufacturer. Simplicity of design, great efficiency, great performance models provided widely known among baits. The success of products and a large market made me think about starting a production. In 1998, Jackson founded his own factory, to guarantee the declared quality of the gear. Mainly the company produces collections designed for sea fishing, but there is a line of crankbaits with success used in the fresh waters of our country.

jackson dead float

Tactics pike fishing lures

The Main task is to find a secluded place where the lurking predator waiting for a prey. Fattening pike is often hidden near the edge of the reeds. Characteristic ambushes are also Islands of aquatic vegetation hanging over the water, the trees, the sunken snags. All possible Parking should be carefully sh. Two main tactics of the pike – uniform wiring and twitching (jerks method). Don't be afraid to experiment. Each individual pond. You may have to lose a bit of time searching for the right model of bait and a perfect transaction.


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Variety of lures Jackson

The Lures of "Jackson" may vary in size, color, type of buoyancy, the presence of sound cameras and mobility items. Differences in characteristics affect the overall result of fishing in the fall.

When choosing colors it is important to know:

  • Bright lure, visible in the water from afar, optimal for high activity of the pike, are also suitable for fishing with low light, muddy water or at depths of;
  • Close to the colors of forage fish lure suitable with low activity.

Even under conditions of poor fish can find baits for pike. In the autumn should also take into account the change in behavioral characteristics of the fish. Using different types of buoyancy should try to change the depth of fishing. The presence of noisy cameras, issuing attractive sounds will help to lure from their hideouts careful predators. The possibility of animation of moving parts, making it uneven play of the lure, once more attracting the attention of pike.

Lures “Jackson» freshwater fishing

The selection Range of the Arsenal for catching fish is quite diverse. Among the wide range of company suitable bait will find professionals and Amateurs. Crankbaits - this is an Arsenal that is designed for successful fishing.

wobblers, "Jackson"The Most well-known among the models is a Dead minnow Float designed for fishing pike in the shallows. Also popular for pike fishing Artist - classic Wobbler with a graceful body with excellent flight data. He's great in the technique of animation plays well even in strong current.

Stickbait Nyoro with an elongated body simulates the natural performance on various transactions – the pauses, swaying and vibrating, descends to the bottom. Focuses on walleye, pike, ASP and perch.

The Lure R. P. Pop has an unusual, curved body with a weighted tail section, so that the water takes the position simulating feeding at the surface of the fish.

Have realistic Wobbler Athlete's streamlined body shape and fine detail, it is able to rotate during the game. Successfully applied in deep areas, waiting for big perch, pike and Zander.

Line Trout Tune good for trout fishing on small rivers with fast current.

lures for pike in autumn

The Best Wobbler for jerk posting

To Provoke the bite, maybe special equipment – jerk posting, or twitching. For twikiroot transactions require certain gear. One of the most popular jerk crankbaits floating Jackson Dead Float used for fishing in the shallows. This model has a neat classic minnow shape that imitates the contours of the body natural feed object. Well-drawn and stamped the outside elements-scales, eyes. Angular blade lure of transparent or opaque plastic, the performance of the blade depends on the color of the lure.

High Quality tees provide a good catch. Unique engineering solutions – weighted tail area - delivers high-quality performance. Due to the increased weight of the rear part of the realistic game of the crank to the water. This feature can be used on small Windows of overgrown shallow waters. Despite the fact that the jerk Wobbler usemainly on twiching, it is able to uniform the game at smooth transaction.

jerk Wobbler

Among the models of Jackson to pick up the appropriate gear can even a beginner who is just mastering a spinning catch. The company's engineers are trying to find original solutions to design bait under any conditions. Lures Jackson constantly confirm the benefits of using serious international competitions.

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