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While the whole world is watching the international Olympic games held in Rio, former athletes and coaches in silence I remember the times experienced glory. One of these is the famous professional cyclist from American Greg LeMond. Let's dive into a series of beautiful memories of three-time winner of the Tour de France.

Greg LeMond

Details from the biography of an athlete

Gregory James LeMond, better known as Greg, was born on 26 Jun 1961 in California. From childhood future athlete, he became interested in Cycling. At that time he still has no desire to become a real racer. It was just a little hobby: he drove a race with the same boys living nearby. However, parents insisted that he tried Cycling on a more serious level. And when chance came, the young American was assigned to a group of juniors. Here Greg LeMond and continued to do his favorite thing, but under the auspices of the professional trainers.

tour de France

The First success in the career of a cyclist

From the first day that Greg started serious training with a coach, pursued his incredible thirst for victory. Say that to the 17-year-old future world champion had a clear plan, in which he described his victory at the Junior world Championships and the Olympics, which was held among juniors. By age 22, he planned to win gold at the prestigious world Cup, and at 25 – to win the Tour de France. But LeMond was not just a dreamer. He did not sit idly by, and long and hard was it your goal, exercising daily to sweat. And finally, his labors were rewarded. The athlete was one of the best among juniors, and even managed to attract the attention of the national Cycling team of America. That was Greg LeMond. Height, weight, and other information about the athlete you can find below.


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Greg LeMond biography

What is height and weight were cyclist?

It is Noteworthy that the athlete was quite high. His height was 1.78 m. Taking into account this figure, we can say that it weighed a bit – 67 kg. To some extent, it did not stop, and helped him to achieve such significant results, about which we speak today.

Participation in the world Championship and first major victory

In 1977, Greg LeMond (biography it contains a lot of interesting facts) became the champion of the USA among juniors. And exactly two years later, finally confirmed his status as the winner, having obtained the title of fastest and strongest rider in America. However, he drew attention to the fact that literally destroyed their opponents in almost every race.

Throughout the years the promising young man did not lose vigilance and rapidly gaining shape. As it turned out, he was preparing to conquer new heights, which for him was the world championship held in 1979 in Argentina. Not wasting a minute, he made his name in the existing list juniors. To the surprise of the audience and all the relatives of a young man, he managed to not just win in the group road race, but also to get three medals: gold, silver and bronze.

After this stunning victory it talked about the media and representatives of sports community as a future champion, gaining momentum with rapid force. Moreover, he was selected to participate in the upcoming Olympic games in 1980. However, for some reason the athlete was unable to participate in them.

Greg LeMond bike

Move to Europe and acquaintance with the future opponent

In 1980, there has been an incredible and momentous event-the young athlete drew the attention of five-time winner of the ‘Tour de France” - French cyclist Bernard Ino - and his sports Director Cyrille Guimard the. Perhaps it was the sign of destiny, which many people have to wait many years. And all happened during the victory of a young athlete in the race "of the Circuit de La Sarthe”, held in France. At that time Greg played in the national team, which was able to circumvent many of the known vicoprofe from Eastern and Western Europe.

I Confess, the first to react to young talent Bernard Ino, velatropa known by the nickname Badger. He got it for the incredible way of fighting during the competition. By the way, Bernard had no idea that his protégé will find a strong and worthy opponent. At that moment Ino pointed Greg to the Director and was advised to look at the boy tighter. In the end, without hesitation, the Cyrille Guimard held a number of meetings and has persuaded the athlete to sign a contract and go to them in Europe. Flattered by the attention of experienced cyclist, Greg LeMond, did not hesitate agreed. So, in the end, he left the family and went to conquer Europe.

Meteoric career of the athlete in the team of Cyrille Guimard

Once in the wide world of sports, Greg was not taken aback. And, of course, is not lost among the huge number of strong and famous racers. Despite his young age, he has already gained a certain authority even among riders with experience. To the surprise of Cyrille Guimard, his elect were persistent, strong and hardy. So he often had to compete with thosecyclists who were much older than him. However, he did not inferior to them, what, in fact, is very reminiscent of Bernard Ino in the beginning of his stellar career.

In 1981, the American cyclist was honorably enrolled in one of the strongest French teams Renault-Elf-Gitane. It included the Bernard Ino. In the same year in “the Dauphin libere” the young talent got his serious trophy-third place. And exactly one year LeMond became the winner of the “Tour de l’Avenir’ won silver in the world Championship. In 1983, the title he was able to confirm and secure new victories and medals.

Greg LeMond growth weight

A Series of stunning victories

In 1984, the cyclist began a series of overwhelming victories. So, he won two bronze medals: one in the “Liege-Bastogne-Liege”, and the second on “the Criterium of Dauphine libere”. At the same time the cyclist took part in the ‘Tour de France», where he took third place and as the best young athlete received a so-called white t-shirt.

The Strife in the team and the transition to Greg in La Vie Claire

Seeing a real adversary in the person of Greg, Ino finally fell out because of him with his Director and left his team. In contrast Himaru Bernard has created his own group, which he called La Vie Claire. Here he is invited and LeMond, who was supposed to speak on his behalf. However, to be on the sidelines ambitious Americans did not like. During each of his competitions, he followed his mentor and an opponent team neck and neck. What they often quarreled and argued. And July 20, 1986, Greg LeMond has finally surpassed Ino and won the Tour de France.

In 1987 LeMond was seriously injured due to an accident while hunting. For this reason he had to miss two rounds of the competition. But after recovery Greg won the honorary international tournament two more times in a row in 1989 and 1990. For this he was “Sportsman of the year” and has received several other honorary titles and awards.

American racer

Greg LeMond: bike brand and retiring from the sport

After a series of incredible victories Greg finished his career in 1994. At the same time it was waiting for new quarry businessman in LeMond Bicycles. The company he founded in 1990, but managed to spin it only after retired from Cycling. Since then, he has signed a contract with Trek and began selling professional bicycles under the LeMond logo. Later LeMond LeMond Fitness has opened and a restaurant Tour de France on France Avenue.

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