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Bike Kona – an example of quality implementation of engineering. Despite the breadth of choice among other topical options, Cycling fans do not cease to give preference to the products of this brand.

About the manufacturer

kona bikesKona Bicycle – reputable canadian company that is engaged in serial production of two-wheeled vehicles, ranging from the distant 1988. The main emphasis is carried out by the manufacturer on a production mountain bike-the hardtail and suspended models. At the same time, a high build quality and rather long lifespan different tourist and road bikes Kona.

A well-Known group has its own staff of professional riders who regularly participate in sports competitions, using the manufacturer's products. Thus, the company Kona is trying to show the audience a practical approach to testing new models. Subsequently – the engineers have to deal with new challenges, the implementation of which contributes to find better solutions that are implemented in production.


bikes kona lavaDuring the work on the market bikes Kona have undergone a lot of changes. If we talk about the patented inventions of the manufacturer, but today they number about seventy. The best achievements have been successfully used in the manufacture of advanced models.

Bike Kona positioned on the market as a professional. This is not surprising, because the best stories from the producer include:

  1. Integrated steering components-bearings are placed in the inner part of the column, not the outside as it is customary with most manufacturers. A similar approach to the Assembly contributes to improved control through increased rigidity.
  2. A Specific form of the frame-a modified pipe and short feathers located at the bottom part under the saddle, increase the level of resistance of the bike during pedaling. The frame does not Flex during hard braking and at the start, allowing for extremely fast acceleration.
  3. Adjustable size and available sizes – simplified customization of components allows each user to adapt the Bicycle to personal requirements.
  4. Lifetime warranty-the manufacturer is so confident in the quality of products that offers buyers an eternal guarantee that the frame will not show defects during the entire period of operation.

Model space

kona bikes priceAs noted above, the company Kona focuses on the development of mountain hardtail models and mounting bikes. Calculated such products are rather familiar with the Cycling consumer, than an ordinary citizen. Recently, however, it is possible to include a sufficient number of models for normal driving in the city.


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In General, among the current activities of the company should note the following:

  1. Hardtail – represented mainly by models with disc brakes. Such stories may have one or two pendants, are a complete set based on the most innovative technologies. One of the most vivid representatives of this category is the bike Kona Fire Mountain, which is in high demand among athletes.
  2. Road bikes – have a convenient geometry for the rapid development and maintenance of high speed riding. The latest models feature improved carriage and steering column.
  3. Women's bikes-presents a whole line of bikes under the brand name of LISA, devoted to the female consumer audience. Have a stylish design, comfortable fit, and is quite typical for the hardtail qualities.
  4. Children model – almost of the bikes from the manufacturer designed for adult users. Be one of the best options for kids who wish to pave a path in the world of sports.
  5. Cross-country – available for the broad masses of consumers category. High demand is the bike Kona Lava, as well as the range of bikes brands Kula.
  6. Models for the downhill-direction is represented enough light, but at the same time tough and extraordinarily reliable models.

Issue price

How much are bikes Kona? The price of the bike from a reputable manufacturer on average starts from 10 000 rubles for small-sized models and increases depending on available sizes, configurations, and purposes.

In conclusion

bikes kona fire mountainAn Irresistible pursuit of perfection, introduction of innovative materials and technological development – all of this could not be better characterize the products of the Kona Bicycle company. For many cyclists, a model from a reputable manufacturer be a real discovery. The only drawback here are the prices relatively high. However, this comparative disadvantage of completely overshadowing the undoubted quality products, original design and extraordinary practicality of most models available on the market.

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