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The Legendary athlete of the international class, the skater Natalia Linichuk is currently coaching. After leaving the big sport in 1981, she became a figure skating coach. Behind a famous figure-skater - great experience victories. She presented the many awards and deservedly bears a high rank.


Natalya – Muscovite. She was born 06.02.56 In figure skating girl came in early childhood. At first she had a career in figure skating under the leadership of the twelve mentors, successive. In 1971, the girl became involved in the group, who were under the care of Elena Tchaikovsky.

Natalia Linichuk biography

At this time, the Duo, in which he rode Gennady Karponosov, broke up. His partner could not cope with incredible loads, I decided to leave. Instead, in a couple Karponosov G. rose Natalia Linichuk. Biography both skaters, who played for the club «Dynamo-Moscow», from that moment began to grow bright.

Star Duo

The First medal the pair won in 1974. A few years later, the Duo took fourth place at the Olympics (it was the first Olympic games for all athletes involved in ice dancing). And further luck would not let skaters. They won two world Championships in a row (1978-79 biennium).

The Most significant event for the athletes was the Olympics-80 held in lake placid. They ascended to the highest step of the podium. However, in 1980, they lost the world championship, losing the gold to the Hungarian Duo. Great sport duet Natalia Linichuk-Gennadi Karponosov left in 1981.

Personal life of a skater and a coach

Natalia was married twice. Her first husband was a man, not associated with sports. His interests were in the field of Foreign trade. The marriage between them was short-lived. In family life interfered with a favorite work of Natalia – figure skating.


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Natalia and Gennady were not only dance partners on the ice, broke out between them strong feelings. They long concealed sympathy. Romance literally hovered around them. Gennady, not dealing with their feelings, made an offer. Agreed to become his wife Natalia Linichuk.

Natalia Linichuk personal life

The Personal life of skaters have taken a turn. Natalia quietly divorced her first husband, the skaters parted with great sports and got married. The wedding took place in 1981. Daughter Anastasia the star couple was born 13.02.85 It, unlike the parents have opted for ballroom dancing. Dealing with them professionally.

Coaching path

After retiring from figure skating, Natalia Linichuk faced with a difficult choice of career. It opened a huge opportunities for career choices. She was invited to comment on sports on TV. The famous athlete was offered the position of administrator in the «Dynamo». But she, like her husband, preferred the coaching path, and not lost.

Natalia Linichuk

The couple has successfully set coaching. In the 90s, they went to the USA and settled in Pennsylvania. Their present house is located in Aston. Famous athletes doing things you love – train the skaters. They go to work in the international center at the University of Delaware.

Gennady is responsible for setting the compulsory dances. And Natalia Linichuk teaches wards the original dance, is to them an arbitrary program, focuses on choreography. Athletes who train under them, 6 times won the title of world Champions.

Students of the legendary figure skater

Many figure skaters who trained in couples Linichuk-Karponosov became Champions. Medalists at the time was T. Navka, I. Averbukh, R. Kostomarov, I. Lobacheva, etc.

It Happened that under her wing crossed skaters from other coaches. In 2008, it took the Duo Belbin-Agosto, who won Olympic silver in Turin. In the same year, her group joined a pair of Domnina-Shabalin, who was considered the leader of Russian national team.

Natalia Linichuk photo

Awards to athletes and coaches

The First title Natalia Linichuk, photos which is fantastic, received in 1978. Then Natalia gave the title of "Honored master of sports of the USSR", and in 1994 - "the Honored worker of arts". To another title – "the Deserved trainer of Russia" - was only 4 years.

She currently holds the position of senior coach at the Centre of sports training of the Russian team. N. V. Linichuk is responsible for the preparation of the skaters involved in the ice dancing.

In 1999, the talented coach was awarded the order of «badge of honor”. Natalya Vladimirovna noted in may 2003, the order of Friendship - after her students became Olympic medalists in salt lake city.

It Will take a little more than seven years, and she was awarded the order "For merits before Fatherland" II degree. This award will go to legendary coach for the high performance of its students, who won Olympic medals in Vancouver.

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