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The Ski resort "Snow" is one of several shelters, located near the city of St. Petersburg. Why it attracts tourists? Due to the slopes on which it turns out smooth and interesting descent, modern equipment, good hotel and the beautiful resort snow

General description of the resort

Importantly, the "Snow" is the only recognized world Association of mountain ski resort in Russia, he issued a special certificate FIS. The resort includes two main slopes. First - length of 900 meters, ideal for competitions in snowboarding and skiing. The second length of 750 meters - designed for snowboarding and skiing athletes of all levels. There is a special children's trail, as well as slides and a Playground for younger visitors. Especially noteworthy is the track "Edelweiss", which is only designed for fans of extreme sports. All the resort 7 slopes, each equipped with all necessary equipment and has its own security system. The capacity of the resort is 180 people.Snow slope ski resort

The Ski resort "Snow" started its work in 1999 and immediately became the most popular in St. Petersburg with the longest routes. It should be said that now there are special snowboard Park, where lovers of this sport can enjoy skiing on the slopes with elevation changes of 120 metres. Here there are jumps of different difficulty levels, for professionals and for beginners. That is why snowboarders are so attracted to the ski resort "Snow".

Ski resort snow photo


You can Reach the resort by bus or by private transport. Daily every two hours from the metro station "Parnas" or "m" pulls bus, gathering everyone to go to the village korobitsyno. The duration of the journey - 3 hours. The fare is 150 rubles. On your transport you can get there faster. Need to move on to the Vyborg highway to Michurinskiy. Next - turn on the road to korobitsyno. Here it should be guided by the signs and arrows leading to the resort.


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The Ski resort "Snow" (korobitsyno, Leningrad region), as noted above, can accommodate about 180 people. Guests are accommodated in cottages for 4-6 persons. These two-storey houses on the territory of the base 30. Anyone can cook right in your house, and can visit the local restaurant or cafe. The house divided on the level of comfort for the three modes.Snowy Ski resort korobitsyno

  • House: on the ground floor there is a living room with a sofa and TV, kitchen with microwave, kettle and stove, fridge, bathroom. On the second floor - two separate bedrooms. Near the house there is barbecue facilities.
  • Dom standard: in a house this category just about all the same as the previous. But a bathroom equipped with a washing machine and the house enclosed porch. In this house a little more space.
  • Building comfort: the equipment is almost no different from previous ones. The difference is that near the cottage there is Parking is available.

Inside is very cozy largely due to the wooden stairs and walls. The Windows of the cottages offer beautiful views of the white snow slope. The ski resort is good because here people can relax from the urban bustle, enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh winter air.

There is the resort and a small hotel. However, it has only 7 rooms, but that it is only more comfortable. All rooms are made in one style. The rooms are clean, comfortable home, furniture new.


Of Course, apart from teaching skiing or snowboarding, the rest should be other entertainment. Ski resort "Snow" awaits guests all year round: in summer and in winter, here is what to do.

The main occupation in the Winter - skiing on the slopes and skiing trips. You can also go ice skating. The lake, which is located near the base freezes and turns into a lovely spacious rink. Skates, like skis and other sports equipment are available for rent.

Another fun - sledding or cheesecakes. Cheesecake is an inflatable sled round shape. The speed of generating decent and sit - soft and comfortable. But there's always a risk to fly with them. Here it is equipped with special ramps.

Summer here is also interesting. For example, you can go fishing and then cook your own caught fish on the barbecue by your cosy cottage. On the lake you can also take a romantic boat ride or paddle boats. Ski resort Snow reviewsFor lovers of sporting activities in the recreation center functioning volleyball and badminton courts. Also you can rent a bike. Lifts the daily delivery of guests base of rest on the slopes of the mountains, where you can walk, pick mushrooms and berries.

Year-Round ski resort "Snow", which reviews are mostly positive, offers to its touristsvarious entertainment activities (discos, competitions with prizes, etc.). You can go to the bath or sauna.Ski resort Snow how to get


The Cost of staying at this resort is average. Equipment rental on weekdays will cost 600 rubles per hour, but on weekends the price doubles. Those who are unsure of their abilities and wishes to learn to ski, you can ask the assistance of the instructor. An hour lesson with an instructor costs 1200 roubles. Cheap cost and riding the lifts. Per hour about 300-400 rubles. It is most advantageous to buy a ticket on the day. On weekdays, its price is 900 rubles, and on weekends - 1100. As for accommodation, the approximate cost of a cottage - 4900. Of course, the cost increases depending on the level of comfort and also rest days. In holidays and weekends the price increases.


Those who live in St. Petersburg or the Leningrad region can buy a season pass for ski resort. Season tickets come in different types. It is very convenient for people who regularly play the sport.


Basically, the resort leave positive feedback. Note that travelers who have at least once visited him? First, the good quality tracks. On the positive side also that "Snow" is very often satisfied with any actions, in the end the holiday cost is greatly reduced. Often write reviews about the friendliness of the hotel staff. Clients say that the room was always clean. Given everything you need - bathrobes, towels, soap, shower gel. Special attention is paid to the cafe and bar. Everywhere serves delicious meals and drinks. Some tourists advise to go package "all inclusive", then the rest will be really good.

From the negative side, perhaps, only the fact that to get to the resort from Peter is not so convenient and quite long. But the great atmosphere that prevails in the ski resort "Snow", allows you to forget about distances and inconveniences associated with the road.


The Ski resort "Snow" (photo is shown) is a scenic area of our country. It is equally beautiful in summer and winter. In these places you can retire, merge with nature, enjoy the mountain air. Everything you need - close at hand. The main advantage of the resort is that there will not be bored.

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