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The SEC "Premier" in Tyumen - is the first shopping and entertainment centre, which was opened in the city. Here is a great selection of women's and men's clothing, sports goods, there are baby stores and for the whole family, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, books, leather goods, repair services and dry cleaning. There is also a large supermarket "Megamart", many cosy cafes and a modern multiplex cinema.

The Shopping center since opening has become a favorite place of recreation, shopping and meetings for residents of the Central part of Tyumen, as well as suburban areas, tourists.

About the town

Tyumen – is a city in the Russian Federation, located in Western Siberia, 2,200 kilometers from Moscow, on the river Tour.

the Premier shopping center of Tyumen

At the time the city was founded on the ancient trade route from Central Asia, leading to the territory of the Volga region. Through water boundary Tyumen connected with the Far East and Extreme North.

The City began to develop rapidly especially in the period of construction on site the TRANS-Siberian railway.

Currently, Tyumen is a large industrial, transport, scientific, educational, cultural, historical, tourist center of the region and the country. The population – 744,5 thousands of people.

This is the first Russian city in Siberia. His story is interesting and unique.

When in the early 2000s in major cities of the country boom in construction of shopping centers, Tyumen is also no exception. In November 2005 in the heart of the city was built, the Mall “Prime”. The city currently is not the only institution of its kind, but due to good location, good interior ambience, plenty of shops, cinema and cafes is still the best.


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The SEC “Prime” (Tyumen) is a large building consisting of 3 floors above ground and a basement level. The total area of the center is 32 thousand square meters. There is also surface Parking for 1,000 cars.

cinema premiere

The SEC “Prime” includes about 120 stores, most of which – the international boutiques of branded women's and men's clothing and footwear, clothing for the whole family, children's items, household electric products for home, supermarket, ZOOMARKET, pharmacies, various services (dry cleaning, repair and so on). For recreation and leisure there are cafes and a cinema.

Here you can go shopping, dine in a cosy establishment to visit with your loved one or friends to the cinema.


In the SEC “Prime” (Tyumen) the main tenants of commercial space (1,000 square metres) are hypermarket “Megamart" store "Zebra" electrical "the Corporation “Center”, as well as a cinema Premier.

The Other stores located in the shopping center, according to the categories below.

Clothing for men and women:

  • “5 pockets”;
  • Bizzardo;
  • ‘camel active”;
  • “Katherine Lemen»;
  • «Collins»;
  • «Domani»;
  • «Zarina»;
  • «Kanzler»;
  • «Marmelat»;
  • «Milavitsa»;
  • «Astin» and others.

Children clothes and shoes:

  • “there Will be mother";
  • “Ginger”.


  • “Mr. Suitcase”;
  • “Diva”;
  • "Palmetto";
  • “Our silver”;
  • “Handkerchief manufactory”;
  • “Triumph”.


  • “Yuvelyuks”;
  • “European”.

Sports tovary:

  • «Ekspedicija»;
  • «Forward»;
  • «Hillis».


  • «L’Etoile;
  • «the Constellation of beauty”.

Footwear for men and women:

  • "Chester";
  • “Carlo Pazolini”;
  • “Emilia Estra”;
  • “Kipling”.


  • “Baby Potatoes”;
  • “Bazaar”;
  • ‘La Dolce Vita”;
  • “Baskin Robbins”;
  • ‘Toodle-Loo” and others. Prime Mall shops

There is Also a gift shop and Souvenirs "balloon", children's educational toys LEGO, pharmacy Kalinka, furniture store and so on.

Theater “Prime”

At the time of opening it was the first modern multiplex cinema in the city. Currently, there are 6 conference halls. Located on the 3rd floor of the shopping centre "Premier" (Tyumen). Sessions are held daily from 10.00 to 02.00. Comfortable rooms, 7 channels of sound, a soft chair, next to the food court.

Prime Mall Tyumen address

There is a large hall, decorated in red, with a capacity of up to 250 people. Here a big screen shows world premieres and the best Russian films.

Other rooms for up to 140 guests each. Here show adventure, romantic comedies and melodramas, thrillers and so on.

Each room is equipped with a good ventilation system and air conditioning. As well as a fairly wide aisles, locations "amphitheater" and Cup holders for the coffee at each seat.

The Cinema “Prime” in Tyumen - a great vacation with friends, family, sweetheart to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, plunge into the fantastic world of cinema and gastronomy.


On the SEC “Prime” there is such feedback from residents:

  1. The first in Tyumen, good location.
  2. The SEC – the opportunity to do great shopping and have a good time.
  3. Good administrative staff.
  4. Throughout the center clean and tidy.
  5. Good theater, often show premiere.
  6. Normal price of movie tickets.
  7. Variety of shops in the Mall.
  8. Cozy cafes.
  9. The Opportunity to spend time with children.
  10. Great store sports equipment – “Zebra”.


From the shopping center “Prime” to the address: Tyumen, street of 50 years VLKSM, 63.

Open daily-from 10.00 to 22.00.

There is Parking for 1,000 cars.

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