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Even if you have the most powerful and best troops in the game, they still need to be able to play to defeat the opponent. Also you need to defend from attacking enemies, protecting your resources. The key to the game will be the correct placement of the base. How to earn more resources of is there Clash of Clans best setup you will learn in this article.

Which troops to improve in the lab? The types of spells

Absolutely all the troops in the laboratory to improve not necessarily. For example, if you do not attack balloons or Valkyries, and upgrade them would be a waste of time. As soon as you go to higher level town hall, you need to pump troops, which often attack. Then you can deal with forces that are relevant in Clan Wars. The game has a «Factory spells”, you can make your potion. They need to pump at any level of the town hall. The outcome of the battle can solve even one bottle of potion. The base plan Clash of Clans, upgrade troops and use potions – main components of a good game.

The game provides 5 types of potions:

  1. Lightning spell ("Lightning"). Apply on enemy troops and buildings in a small area.
  2. A Healing spell ("hill Sang"). the Potion will help you heal your troops.
  3. The Spell of Rage ("rage, Sing"). the Troops came under its effect, become several times faster and stronger.
  4. The Spell of jumping. May replace such soldiers as stenovoy. Apply this spell to the fence of the enemy and all the troops just skipped through it.
  5. Freeze Spell (Freeze). If you apply this spell on enemy troops or buildings, they freeze for a while.

    Clash of clans best placement


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Alignment of base in Clash of Clans

Any player in the game has two objectives: to earn more resources and to gather the maximum number of trophies (cups). Not every base balance in the game Clash of Clans will fit for a set of cups or, on the contrary, the conservation of resources. On the Internet there is a hybrid version of Clash of Clans. It will protect your trophies and resources.

Placement base in Clash of clans

In the initial levels of development is better to forget about a set of cups. The main goal must remain the resources as well as their number. The more you have gold and elixir, the faster you will upgrade buildings, defenses and troops. Up to the eighth level of the town Hall it is recommended to use the database to save resources (farm base). Just because you are an easy prey for the stronger players, especially those who are gaining cups.

How to quickly gain trophies in Clash of Clans?

Many players expose their "town Hall" (town Hall) over the fence or at the edge of the map. Such an arrangement of base in Clash of Clans allows you to save resources, but the player will lose and lose trophies. Such villages are helping to get more cups. You will only need to bring some archers and look for TX over the fence. Why you need to gain trophies? Because in the game I give free crystals for getting into a certain League.

Clash of clans best placement

If you type 2600 cups, you will get 1000 crystals. Them is appropriate to spend on buying new slaves (in the game there are only 5), as well as acceleration forces. Just ten crystals you can speed up a barrack, your army will be built 4 times faster.

Tips for attacking in Clash of Clans

Don't forget: if you are under the shield and tap the search for players, you will lose it. Attack weaker opponents, no matter how you get them stronger, the main thing - to earn on their resources. Correct placement base in Clash of Clans will allow you to shield when attacked and lose resources (cups).

Placement base in Clash of clans

The game has a base, which has long been abandoned in the mines there are a lot of resources. Without hesitation, you need to clean all those mines and collectors. This is the easiest way a small army to make a lot of gold and elixir. If you attacked a player of equal or stronger, expect revenge. The base plan Clash of Clans to farm can save you from an aggressor.

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