Reading of literature in the middle group and its purpose


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Educational classes in kindergarten played a particularly important role for children whose parents for various reasons are unable to organize regular training for preschoolers at home. In such families there are high expectations for educators, and not by accident. The teacher must not only be able to ensure the safe stay of the child in the kindergarten, but also to take care of his personal and spiritual growth, on how he progresses on his journey of preparation for school.

The success of any class-conscious and professional approach. The teacher should not just be passionate about the lessons, but also to realize their goal. Reading of literature provides great opportunities for communication with children and involves solving a variety of problems. This article discusses the purpose of reading the prose and poetic texts for preschoolers from the viewpoint of a different pedagogical tasks.

reading fiction in the middle group


The Man in your life you have to gain experience from a variety of sources, and texts of different genres play a significant role. Initial steps in this direction do already in the first years of a child's life, then your problems are solved younger group. Reading of literature is particularly necessary for the transition of the child in the middle group. As a rule, if this period of poor reading, it is quite difficult compensated in the future.

During this period one of the major goals of reading – orienting. From the works of the children draw the missing basic knowledge about everyday life, about relationships and life stages of people, about their responsibilities to each other.


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The Value of reading in this age it is difficult to overestimate. Mostly children's lives rather monotonous and poor impressions, closed in a circle. The child has little opportunity to break out of a limited set of sources of knowledge about life, and literary texts largely compensate for this. Of course, achieving this goal more successfully than a more professional approach to it teacher. It needs to calculate what you need to pay special attention to that comment from the point of view of the children a new life experience. However, and without comment, the reading will be far from useless, as the child will be able to ask questions, the answers to which will then find their own.

Development of emotions

Makes a man a Man the ability to sympathize, to understand and predict someone else's status, the ability to “read” the feelings and thoughts of others. Any competent psychiatrist will confirm that this is not just lofty words, but the indicators normally developing child. These abilities suffer or not expressed in orphan children and in children with autism spectrum disorder. The lag of the ability to empathize, poor expression of emotional sphere-it is objectively crazy (in the medical sense) symptoms. Many children this is evidence of educational neglect.

The Reading of literature in childhood can develop these skills to provide more complex emotions from the books of other levels in the future.

younger group reading of literature

Educational objective

Of Course, the reading of literature in the middle group plays a strong educational role. The child with the book and the teacher finds out or confirms their ideas about what is good and what is bad, easily and uncritically accepts patterns of behavior. At this age children begin quite significantly differ from each other depending on what books they are brought up. Sensing fiction directly and naively, preschoolers try on his life and the behavior of the characters. In the event that and in kindergarten, and at home he imparted the idea of normal human behavior, he gets invaluable experience that prepares him for life in society.

No matter How primitive and self-evident it may seem to the teacher and the parents of these views, they should not be mistaken as to what they learned themselves.

average group reading of literature

Educational objective

The Junior group of the kindergarten does the emphasis on educational aims, they begin to focus middle group. The reading of literature, in addition to the evident entertainment functions must be designed intelligently to develop a child.

In Itself the perception of the story – it is an enormous intellectual challenge for kids this age. The teacher should monitor how children catch logical and – especially – causal relationship.

In that case, if the teacher sees the failure of individual children to understand the meaning of the text, it has to be a reason in order to understand the reasons. If in some cases it may be indicative of educational neglect and a backlog due to insufficient attention to the child by the parents, in other cases, it may be a signal features of the development of the baby. If a child is surrounded with attention and care of parents are not capable, in contrastfrom others, answer basic questions about causal relations, it can be the reason for going to the psychologist.

Providing quality input

The Reading of literature in the middle group, as in any other age, is providing quality speech input (material for analysis, sample speeches). One of the basic conditions for the successful development and attainment of language a child is how rich the speech he hears around him, and how personally, to him it is addressed.

The Texts of professional authors – is a great material for the speech samples. The child hears and sees new words, designs, learning how to structure the statement, acquires the cliches and patterns of speech, learning to recognize different styles.

Teachers and parents should pay particular attention to what words the child is unclear, to learn to explain to their kid at an accessible language. Usually in these conversations identified the gaps in the worldview of the child's misconceptions.

One of the main goals of reading at this age is to teach the child to respond to unfamiliar words: ask them about their value, to try to comprehend their meaning, learn and understand them in other texts and then apply them in his speech.

preparatory reading

Preparing for the perception of texts of another level

We must Not forget that ahead of the baby – senior and preparatory group. Reading of literature needs to dynamically prepare him for the challenges in this age. The older the child becomes, the more serious the problems it could face in your education, the greater the omissions that occurred in the initial stages of his life.

The school receiving the basic training is learning through the text (spoken by the teacher or read the textbook). The ability to perceive the text as such and the ability to extract information from it "artificially” to a fairly long and hard, with great resistance from the child.

Discreet and easy, this ability develops in children who from childhood accustomed to listening to literary texts. Many parents who are late with the formation of this ability and begin to read to children just before school, noted that children either to strain to perceive the text, or sabotage of such classes, or just falling asleep. This is understandable, as how to interpret the text without a habit quite hard. Read and perceived by ear the references must “grow” with your child and to commence with the volume of novels and textbooks, and short poems and stories, adapted fairy tales.

reading literature in Dou

Development of imagination and the spiritual base

The Reading of literature in preschool, of course, plays an important role in the development of the imagination. A common misconception of many parents-and educators-is the idea of this ability as optional. Meanwhile, it is one of the basic (if not primary) intellectual and spiritual functions. Suffice it to say that the ability to imagine and to imagine – it is a diagnostic criterion in the identification of a number of mental disorders, including clinical mental retardation and autism. Excessive development of his own fantasies and inability to concentrate on another person's art may be a signal of schizophrenia.

The Ability to imagine – is the key to the development of abstract and independent thinking, ability to solve problems not according to the pattern find answers to everyday issues and life difficulties, to cope with new responsibilities. Imagination enables a person to be independent in the elementary and in the spirit – in personal relationships, political views, aesthetic tastes and religious beliefs. People with poorly developed critical imagination will always be different from the other statement, helplessness, and dependence.

the purpose of reading fiction

Development communication

The Development of social skills and communication is one of the most important reasons (besides, of course, purely domestic) why the child should attend kindergarten. Reading of literature – great opportunity to develop communication skills. Discussion with children read gives them the opportunity not only to listen but to Express themselves. One of the signals that the reading is successful, the stream is live and immediate reactions to the reading, questions of different nature. The discussion of the work of the children among themselves on their own initiative – “aerobatics" teacher.

The Book as the reason for the conversation of a child with an adult or with other children takes it to a new stage of mental and intellectual development.


The Reading of literature in the middle group, especially well-organized, forms a series of patterns of behavior. In the future, they will necessarily affect a child's life in General and education in particular. Among these stereotypes are the following:

  1. Reading books – it is mandatory and commonplace activity.
  2. In the books there is always somethingincomprehensible, and it is unclear should be clarified.
  3. Adult – a source of knowledge. (It will be very important including when the current kindergartner in the future will be as an adult.)
  4. Missing knowledge about the world to draw from books.
  5. In the books you can look for the source of emotions.

kindergarten reading fiction

The Reading of literature in the middle group does not have to solve all these problems at once. The teacher can do different accents. So, work, educational purpose which is clearly expressed in the content may be very carefully commented from the perspective of new words. And Vice versa, easy and fun available book can be discussed, for example, in the condition of the characters. In General, of course, the success of such classes is determined by the talent works, on the one hand, and professionalism and personal interest of the teacher – with the other.

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