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Every year more and more attention to reputable organizations draw on dress codes. This improves the image of the company, and managers must know how to present your employees with this innovation. The team must not take this information to the infantry and to think that they are somewhat aggrieved. The administration of the enterprise should know certain methods of implementing such requirements and to be able to maintain the corporate style of the organization.

dress codes

Rules of the genre

Dress codes appeared in England more than a century ago. And now they are quite popular all over the world. Therefore, employees maintain the corporate culture of their company and are quite an important component of its brand. Formal dress code has to his clients and has a positive effect on the reputation of the company. It is no secret that a lot of attention today is paid to important meetings or negotiations, especially if they are taken very serious decisions.

Measure twice

A Leader needs to think carefully about the effectiveness of such innovations. Dress codes help to achieve good results. Creative people do not necessarily wear some special clothes. This may only distract them from brilliant thoughts. Requirements for clothing must be presented to those employees who work directly with people.

official dress code

The Manager can create a single corporate dress code. The photo above will help to determine its elements. Men can offer not only suit, but also just a strict pants combined with a shirt or jumper. And women can wear classic trousers or skirt. Also quite acceptable are considered the strict dress. The main thing that color was cool. Obyazatelnym condition for all should be dress shoes. Here it is necessary to discuss in advance the color. Before you introduce such changes, it is necessary to consult with staff and decide with them what clothes they will be easier to work with. When you show them such an interest, they will react to this decision adequately, because they make their choice.


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dress code photo

A Leader needs to clearly think through all their actions. Every employee should give instructions that specify their rights and obligations. Dress codes should match the style of the company. It is necessary to clearly define those things that wear is strictly prohibited. For example, it is strictly forbidden should be shorts, tank tops and flip-flops. Definitely need to explain why the need for such changes. Especially important is the financial issue. Because not all employees have the opportunity to purchase desired clothing independently. Large organizations make it cost quite a high salary, some acquire it through the organization, and after the parts deducted from the wages. But, unfortunately, in our country employees quite often acquire it on their own. The Manager needs to approach this issue very carefully and think about any compensation so as not to alienate their subordinates. And when the job should immediately inform candidates of these requirements, after they perceived it as normal.

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