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Even just 10-15 years ago, banking services were used by many citizens of the Russian Federation, today the situation is completely opposite. Banks take any part in the life of almost every one of us. Banking salary projects, pensions, social security, payments and transfers, and much more connects modern man with financial institutions.

payroll services

In this article we will focus on this form of banking services, including payroll services.

Why to pay wages on a Bank card?

Very few organizations today pay the salary to employees using their own cash. The majority performs this operation, using the services of banks.

The question Arises: “what is the benefit?" Everything is quite simple. Using banking institutions to pay wages, the employer needs no content of its own cashiers and a large number of other staff associated with the payroll employees.

salary project of Sberbank

Even despite the fact that you have to pay some interest (payments) to the Bank for his services, this form of settlement is still favorable. If the agreement is with a Bank that provides services at a high level, remains happy with each participant of the salary project.

Who enters into such projects?

Enters into a contract with the Bank Director together with the chief accountant, or do it on their authorized persons, who have appropriate power of attorney to carry out transactions on their behalf.

If your organization is new, it was mostly that they can go to the Bank, find out the terms and sign the contract. But if the company is already serviced by any Bank, other financial institutions continually send your business proposals, including offering payroll services.


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And much easier to attract the newly opened organization than that which has already signed a contract with another Bank. In the process of fighting for market share of financial services banks are ready to do anything in order not to lose customers, which had once conquered. Therefore, create very advantageous conditions (for example, free transfer), around which is almost impossible.

At the time of conclusion of the contract from the Bank typically there is a chief of branch and financial Advisor, which specializiruetsya on servicing legal entities.

salary projects of the banks

How are the contracts for payroll services?

First, the company must provide to the Bank the incorporation documents, and may require other additional certificates and references.

After a complete review of authorized employees with all the rates and conditions the parties enter into a contract. Salary projects of the banks involve the transfer to the Bank a list of employees and copies of their documents required for identification, and the issuance of new plastic cards, which will be credited with their wages.

After the release of the cards, there are two ways of issue. First – when the Bank's representatives come to the company and there is a receipt issued to each employee personally as the card itself and the pin. Second – this is when the employees themselves go to the Bank and get a card with a pin already in the offices.

banking salary projects

Often the second option occurs when the organization's staff was absent at the time of arrival of employees of the Bank for mass issuance of cards due to illness or any other.

Analyzing the current Bank offers on the market of financial services, it is possible to allocate five levels of payroll.

Low level

This level is the most common. It is very cheap for the company as it does not include any additional services. If the company starts to cooperate with the Bank, the first thing opts for such salary project. Sberbank, for example, for the service of such a product takes only 300 rubles. per month. Most often, this variant of the salary project it is proposed to budget organizations.

Standard level

For the payroll service the standard level the company pays a little more money, but receives a large number of additional services: reduced fee for calculations, free SMS alerts for all employees.

Gold level

The Gold level involves the issuance to employees of salary cards of high quality. Some banks at this level offer chipped cards, which are more protected compared to standard. For example, the salary project of Sberbank offers companies for 3000 rubles. per month.


This level provides services at a higher level. The cost of this package is quite high and not affordable for every company. This level includes all the advantages of the lower levels, and also implies some other. For example, banks offer free replacement card in case of loss the property insurance of the owner and also medical life insurance, which acts asthe territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Premium level

Premium quality offer, not all banking institutions. And those who provide such a service, provide it not in all cities where there are offices only in those where there is a demand. The service of such a package is quite expensive but includes a lot of benefits: discounts in stores, hotels, a dedicated personal hotline operator and more.

participant of the salary project

Customers with cards of this level are related to the category of VIP-clients.

Terms in all banks are different, and the above average list, which is compiled by comparing offers of major banks, leading its activity on the territory of the Russian Federation.

If you are thinking about what level of salary project to choose, you should not immediately sign a contract for a platinum or premium. Remember that even a low level can be quite attractive, more importantly, to the banking institution has complied with its obligations and efficiently served as the company's management and ordinary working people.

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