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Eggs in different types – a traditional Breakfast in the culinary traditions of many countries. But do not think that it is boring as usual: the beginning of the day can become very tempting to approach it creatively. For example, scrambled eggs, French hardly seem primitive dish. And if you follow the process of creating a flight of fancy, she never (well, very long time) will not get bored.

fried French

Classic Parisian scrambled eggs

Let's Start with the traditional version. One portion will require a medium sized onion or salad white or red. We recommend you to take white variety, because in the roasted red is not too attractive. Onion finely chopped and Browns in olive oil. Then sapaudia dice one tomato; when they cease to evaporate the juice is straw (or again, the dice) white loaf. In the pan driven two eggs, podsalivaya and mixed. Please note: scrambled eggs French should not be fried, but also in advance to beat the main ingredient should not be. The pot is covered with a lid, and the dish is left on low heat until tender. When putting some on a plate sprinkled the food is definitely spicy greens.

Variations on a theme

If only the eggs with the bread and onions you are not very interested, may choose to Supplement their scrambled eggs are good low-fat ham. Its blocks are laid immediately after the onions, before the tomatoes – they should be crispy, and after vsypaya tomatoes will soon be extinguished.

Radically different the taste will be, if the bread is dry or fry in a separate pan and add eggs. With this approach, the scrambled eggs French will be pleased to crackled when eating.

Before hoisting the pan cover you can sprinkle the dish with grated cheese – it will add a taste of the riches of the spice.

scrambled eggs French recipe

Eggs in bread

A Very unconventional and original solution, making Breakfast even more appetizing. You could say it's only fried eggs in French (photo presented in the article), where you must keep intact “eyes”. It is better to take two slices of bread used for toast they had cut the desired thickness, besides have a structure ideally suited to the plan. From them the crumb is removed so that along the crust it was only by inches. These frames to blush cooked on one side; at the same time they are fried cubes of ham. When the bread is flipped on the other side, the sausage is put in the cutouts, and the top hammered egg. Scrambled eggs French prisalivaya, and pepper. You want to cook until the setting of the protein, and when serving, season to taste with chopped herbs: parsley, onions-a feather and Basil.


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scrambled eggs French photo


Many people mistakenly believe this dish is scrambled eggs. However, this is actually fried French. The recipe differs from the standard an omelet in that it is missing the milk. For frying it is desirable to use butter. If you prefer vegetable, take olive. Four eggs whipped with salt, pour on a hot griddle and fried to a beautiful crisp. Even when on the surface, there is very little fluid, it laid out the dice four tomatoes without the peel, a couple of tablespoons of finely chopped walnuts and grated cheese. The pot is served. When a scrambled egg in French is ready, it is rolled into a tube or folded envelope. You can just fold in half. A bit of greenery – and on the table.

Original toppings

Itikat “inside” in eggs is not required. You can fry eggs-scrambled eggs on both sides and then to wrap it around something interesting. All of the approved options can offer:

  • Canned peas (can be supplemented with marinated mushrooms);
  • Fresh sauteed mushrooms in your favorite sauce;
  • Mashed potatoes with grated cheese;
  • Simply chopped greens – for lovers of fragrant dishes;
  • Small croutons with cubes of smoked meats, as they can be used as a good sausage, and smoked chicken;
  • Fish-boiled, fried, salty – with the parsley and capers or pickles in company with spicy greens.

In General, fantasy and creativity can enrich you a lot of unforgettable recipes.

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