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Mushrooms are valuable products, and chanterelles are used not only for cooking but also for treating various diseases. But they don't grow all year, so many people prefer to stock up on them for future use. There are different methods of harvesting. How to dry mushrooms at home, narrated in the article.

Use chanterelles

Fruits are appreciated for rich vitamin and mineral composition. They present a lot of vitamins b, PP, C, E and A. Mushrooms contain iron, cobalt, fluorine, zinc, calcium. They have amino acids. Thanks to the vitamin content, the product is considered a natural antibiotic. It improves defenses. Funds from mushrooms are used to treat disease.

how to dry mushrooms at home

On the basis of this kind of mushroom do drugs to eliminate worms in humans and animals. They are also effective in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the heart, blood vessels, pancreas. The fruit is used to eliminate psoriasis, and tuberculosis. The presence of ergosterol a component makes a useful product for people with liver disease. Mushrooms are used in the treatment of angina, boils on the skin inflammation. Is it possible to dry the chanterelles? How to dry chanterelles? Such questions arise in many young Housewives.


An Experienced mushroom hunters know that foxes are different from other mushrooms rich orange color, no wormholes. Pests don't prefer them, because I do not like inside CinemaNow. Because of this the fruit without damage. Before you learn how to dry chanterelle mushrooms at home, you should prepare them for this procedure:


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  1. Cleansing from the pollution – leaves, blades of grass.
  2. To clean do not use water, as from moisture, fungi become brittle.
  3. Much pollution must be eliminated with a damp cloth, which should be carefully overcome.
  4. Chanterelles should be cleaned and left whole, if drying will be performed in the classical way.
  5. When you use the other method you have to cut them across the grain into 2 or 4 parts.
  6. Materials need to be weighed. It is important to take to procure a freshly harvested chanterelles.

how to dry chanterelle mushrooms at home

To Harvest the fruits in different ways. How to dry chanterelles for the winter? The answer to this question reveals the information below.

Drying “bead”

How to dry mushrooms at home? Fruits should be whole strung on a string and hang in a dry place, for example, at the plate. Beads should be regularly turn over, so that moisture can evaporate from all sides. This procurement method is the most simple but long, you will need at least a week. The product must be protected from insects. It is advisable to choose a dryer when you can hang beads from mushrooms on the street and not at home.

In the closet

If you do not fit the previous version, then you can choose a preset in the closet. How to dry chanterelle mushrooms this way? The pieces should be spread out on a horizontal surface, for example, in the closet. But before that you need to lay the newspaper or paper.

how to dry the chanterelles in the home

The Raw material needs to be spread out evenly, cover with paper, but not to press it. This will protect from insects. The room where you are drying, thoroughly ventilate, and use the mosquito net.

In the oven

How to dry mushrooms at home using the oven? Pre-prepared pieces should be placed on the baking sheet. Preferably on baking paper or foil. If a lot of mushrooms, you need to take 2 of the pan, but if very much, it is best to perform drying in several stages.

The Oven should be heated to 50 degrees, to accommodate in it the pan and tighten the door using oven mitts or towels, so she was not completely closed. Through the crack will come out vapor – liquid from mushrooms. If the door is closed, the water again enters the foxes and so they will not be able to dry.

After filling the kitchen with aroma of dried mushrooms (usually it takes 1.5-2 hours) the temperature should be increased to 60 degrees, but no more. After 1-1,5 hours it is necessary to periodically open the device, get the pan for turning and removing mushrooms. If this procedure is not done, the small pieces can perenositsya, burn, and more can become moldy. How long does this drying process, no one can say, since the duration depends on different factors-the number and size of pieces, the age of fungi and conditions for the collection.


Running this procedure is much faster than an oven. In addition, this method can be used for a small amount of fruit. How to dry mushrooms at home, if you have a microwave? First, the pieces should be spread in a thin layer on a plate and put for evaporation with a power of 180 W for 20 minutes.

how to dry and store mushrooms at home

Then the dishes must be removed to pour liquid appeared. The microwave door should be left open for 5-10 minutes. Then again put on 20 minutes in the same way to drain the fluid and wait a certain period. So can be run several times until cooked mushrooms.


It is Convenient to perform the procedure in the dryer intended for vegetables and fruits. It will fit a lot of mushrooms. How to dry the chanterelles at home? The duration of the procedure depends on the type of device, but there are 2 options – if there is “mushroom” mode or not. If he is, then you only have to turn it on and leave the fruits to dry for 7-8 hours.

In the absence of the dryer special programs mushrooms should be placed inside and then turn the unit on 50 degrees for 3 hours. Then the fruits should be removed, let them lie down on the table for a few hours. Next, you have to touch them until fully cooked at 60 degrees.

How to identify readiness?

The Readiness is determined simply: need to try to break the mushroom. It must not crumble in his hand. Properly cooked chanterelles bent between your fingers, but they break down only with applied effort. The plot of the fault should be dry.

how to dry chanterelles for the winter in different ways

Another option is weighting. After drying, the fruits become light than it was before, about 9-10 times. If the detected smaller weight loss, dehydration.


The Hosts be helpful to know how to dry and store mushrooms at home? In cooking, everything is clear: you need to use any of the above ways. But how to store them? The pieces can be placed in a canvas bag that needs to stop.

A cook of mushrooms powder. It is added to various dishes. Then the chanterelles need to grind in a coffee grinder. The powder is stored in closed ceramic vessels.

The Danger of mushrooms

Chanterelles, and other fungi, can cause harm. We should not gather them around the industrial enterprises, highways, since there are on the fruit accumulates a lot of harmful components of heavy metals. No need to use them frequently and a lot during pregnancy, lactation. It is forbidden to feed mushroom dishes toddlers up to 3 years. The restriction is necessary to observe people with kidney disease, gastritis, ulcers.

how to dry mushrooms chanterelle

Thus, chanterelles useful, but only in moderation and with the right preparation. Drying is the best method of harvesting, because the fruit retains all the valuable substances. But which method to choose depends on your desire.


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