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Cakes – it's a wonderful way to feed your family a hearty and delicious dinner. This dish is loved by children and adults, a huge number of types of toppings give you the opportunity to bake from scratch almost every taste. Cakes you can fry in a pan without oil, and bake in the oven.

However, the classic yeast dough for pies with cabbage is cooked not too fast, as even the straight dough method of manufacture of the test will take you at least forty minutes. What to do if you really wanted pie, but the house is not purchased in advance of yeast, and mess around for a long time once? In this case we offer you to create a cake of unleavened dough.

To make the unleavened dough for the pie with cabbage, you will need:

  • 250 grams of yogurt; half a kilo of flour, one egg, 2 tablespoons sugar and vegetable oil, teaspoon soda, a pinch of salt.

We must Immediately say that yogurt is easy to replace and other low-fat dairy product that is available in the house except the sour cream. Great fit yogurt, the dough will turn out fluffy and tender, will fit even serum. Flour is better to prepare the stock so that you can sprinkle the table when rolling blanks for pies.

Well RUB the egg with sugar and salt. The recipe specifies sugar to make the dough for the pie with cabbage, if you want to make pies with sweet filling, the amount of sugar should be doubled. Then pour vegetable oil and a lot of whisk to a smooth consistency. In sour milk or kefir add soda, pre-slaked vinegar, and mix well.


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If for damping soda use vinegar you don't want, you can use citric acid or lemon juice. Soda should be mixed with citric acid in equal proportions and pour water.

To the first mixture add the yogurt and carefully stir the mixture. Barely the contents of the bowl is of a smooth consistency, small portions add the sifted flour. Dough stir well to avoid lumps! The dough should not be too steep, soft in consistency, elastic and not stick to hands.

Cover the dough with an overturned bowl and let them stand.

The dough for the pie with cabbage is good because it goes with any filling. Finely chopped apples, cheese, sausages, thick jam, Fig – will fit almost all. However, the filling of the cabbage to such a test fits.

Of Course, cabbage can be prepared not only pies. Very tasty vareniki with cabbage.

To prepare the dough for dumplings with cabbage, you will need:

  • 0,5 teaspoon of sugar, 150 g of water, 2 cups flour, egg, salt.

For stuffing:

  • A small head of cabbage, a spoonful of sugar, 2 onions, 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, pepper, 100 grams of vegetable oil , 2 carrots, salt, Bay leaf.

For the test should be in the sifted flour put egg, pour in cold water, which dissolved the sugar and salt. Mix enough dough and leave it for half an hour to swell.

At a time when the dough swells, you can prepare the stuffing. Cabbage finely chop and spread on a heated pan. Add a little water and stew until tender under the hood. The onions to cut small cubes, carrots to RUB on a grater. Put carrots and onion to the cabbage to taste salt, about 15 minutes to extinguish. Before m the process of extinguishing add the pepper, salt, Bay leaf and sugar.

The Dough out thinly, cut into circles. In the middle of each circle put the minced meat, dumpling and fold in half and take the edge. Give it a Crescent shape.

However, this is not the only dough recipe that is suitable for dumplings. Suggest you prepare the dough for dumplings with kefir.

This recipe is also great for fruit toppings, and potato or cheese toppings.

You will need:

  • Half a liter of yogurt, one egg, half a pack of baking powder, teaspoon of salt, 700 g of flour.

In a bowl you will have to pour kefir, put the soda and give a few minutes to stand up. Then put all the other ingredients and knead the dough. This dough turns out very gentle and easy to handle.

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