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The Word “diet” is often used among women. Perfect figure – this is what they are willing to give up your favorite dishes and drinks. Most of them scare foods that contain carbohydrates.

what contains a lot of carbohydrates
If you Need the carbs to the human body?

Definitely needed. And completely eliminate them from the diet is contraindicated, since they give 50% – 60% of the total amount of energy which ensures the work of all organs and systems of the human body. Only excessive consumption of carbohydrate may cause metabolic disorders and cause obesity.

Carbohydrates: simple and complex

The Main difference between simple and complex carbohydrates is the speed at which the body metabolizes them. Simple carbohydrates break down quickly, complex – longer enter the bloodstream gradually, don't stay in reserve, and especially do not harm the figure.

What is contain carbohydrates?

products which contain carbsA Very important element for the body is glucose, which is the main source of energy. It is especially necessary for the brain. That is why during intense mental work is recommended to use dark chocolate. A lot of glucose there are bananas, cherries, raspberries, grapes, plums, carrots, pumpkin and cabbage.
Products that contain carbohydrates in small quantities :

  1. Vegetables. Cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce and fresh mushrooms contain less than 5 g of carbohydrates per 100 g of product. In cabbage, pumpkin, zucchini – from 5g to 10g. As for the potatoes and beets – here you need not to overdo it, as they contain 11 g-20 g of this component. However, the potato is a supplier of starch, and that 80% of all essential carbohydrates.
  2. Fruits. The smallest amount of carbohydrates in lemons – 3, Then in ascending order are oranges, watermelons, tangerines, apricots, which contain from 5 g to 10 g More than 10 g (which is already a high figure) are apples, grapes, juices from fruit.
  3. Milk. During the diet best to stick to the low fat dairy products. Milk, yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese about 5 g of carbohydrates. But those that contain sugar – 20 g.
  4. Seafood. Diet are seaweed and mussels. They are a little fat and 3 grams of carbohydrates.
  5. What to include carbohydrates in a small amount is found in meat and meat products.

Which carbohydrates are not dangerous for the figure?


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what to contain carbsWhat contains a lot of carbohydrates that can be called “harmful”? This pastry (it does not include wholemeal bread), sugar. If for Breakfast you are accustomed to drinking sweet coffee with cookies – the body has no vitamins, but a lot of carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed in the blood, but also soon you will back hunger. What carbohydrates contain “useful”? It berries, fruits (fresh and dried), milk, honey, grain. Just porridge is digested slowly and can maintain energy throughout the day.

Nutrition – the great figure

In order to look beautiful, do not have to torture yourself with diets. Proper nutrition will help you to be always in shape. The main thing is to approach this issue rationally: to study, what to contain carbohydrates, what they are (harmful or beneficial) and in what quantity. To combine foods for cooking and improvise in the kitchen. Then the food will bring not only benefits but also pleasure.

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