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Cognac very strong alcoholic drink made in a certain technology. It is obtained by double distillation (distillation) of white wine and then aging it in special containers. Classification of brandy, depending on its place of production, quality, blending can be very diverse. classification of cognacIn this article we'll look at this question.

Manufacture and storage conditions

Every year in the month of October from young grapes pressed juice. Pour it in the tank, where the fermentation of the drink. This process continues until a very bright wine. Then, the future cognac is distilled in a special apparatus. For better maturation of cognac  the drink is poured into oak barrels. For a long time he is kept in special rooms at certain temperatures. The aging process may take about fifty years. Oak enriches the cognac defined components and greatly accelerates the redox processes. Air enters the wine through the pores of the barrels, forming a new aromatic bouquet. As a result, the drink a distinctive flavor and a unique Golden color, viscosity disappears. In the aging process, the cognac acquires new flavors. After ten years to fully manifest Smolny and vanilla tones.

Classification of French brandies

The Division into the following types developed by the National Interprofessional Bureau of the drinks. Buying alcohol is a French production, we should pay attention to the capital letters listed on the label. V. S – the so-called three stars. cognac France classificationDrinks with this acronym usually are aged more than two and a half years. Labels with Latin letters V. O. placed on the oldest brandy of France. Classification of premium spirits, generally produced by exposure. So, for example, the symbols V. S. O. P indicate a very high quality alcohol. It has a lighter shade. The storage of such beverages in the barrel lasts at least four years. Brandy marked V. V. S. O. P. - more aged (about five years), and therefore much better quality. Drinks Extra Old (E. O) are the oldest. Their endurance is not less than six years. In the name of alcohol often are the following words: Hors d’age, Extra, Tres Vieux, Napoleon, Vieille Reserve.


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Luxury types

For drinks over six years, the classification of cognac on the exposure is not carried out. National Interprofessional Bureau explains it quite simply. The fact is that the blending of alcohol with such exposure cannot be controlled. A special pride of the cognac houses in France are elite drinks. Their average age is 30–60 years. For this kind of alcohol, the traditional classification of brandy is not applied. As a rule, in the name of the elite wines using their own names: “Hine Family Reserve”, “Remi Martin Louis XIII”, “Camus Jubilee” etc.

French manufacturers

Cognac beverages of this wonderful country are considered the best in the world. classification of French brandiesAt the moment there are several large manufacturers of high-quality alcohol. The market leader is a brand name "Hennessy", founded in 1765. Manufacturers “Remy Martin” is focused exclusively on the creation of elite alcohol. In 1835 came to light brandy brand “Courvoisier”, supplied for the needs of the French Imperial court. Great quality of different drinks "Haina" (1763г), ‘Gautier" (1755) and “Martel" (1715).

Place of origin

For anybody not a secret that special noble unique taste and exquisite flavor are popular all over the world, cognac France. The classification of these beverages is dependent on the region in which was produced the alcohol. The name “Grande Jointed” indicates that alcohol was established in the province of Grand champagne. Here grow the most delicate and subtle taste of the grapes. The inscription “Fine Jointed” means that the cognac is made from a mixture of fruits grown in the petite and Grand champagne in the 50/50.classification of the Russian cognac Other regions in which the grapes are grown, as a rule, not indicated.

Classification of the Russian cognac

In Russia and the CIS made the following division.

  • Ordinary brandy. Their exposure is three to five years. The sugar content in these samples is not more than 1, 5 %, and the proportion of alcohol-about 40%. Brandy marked a certain number of stars, as a rule, from three to five. The average exposure of the beverages of this type is up to 5 years. Ordinary brandies with special names  are the volume fraction of alcohol of about 42%, sugar-1,5 %. Their exposure was no more than 4 years. These drinks are marked by four asterisks.
  • Vintage cognacs are aged for more than six years. These drinks are their own names. The sugar content in the alcohol-about 2.5%, and alcohol – 40 – 50%. In turn branded drinks are divided into several varieties. Cognac classification of this species as follows: KV – alcohol, aged at least six years; KVVK – drinks of the highest quality. Their average exposure is about eight years old. OS and KS is a very old cognacs. They are aged 10-15 years.
  • There are Also collectible drinks. They are ready-made of vintage cognacs, is further aged after blending in oak barrels for about three years.

Division of taste

In the countries of the former Soviet Union, depending on the aromatic bouquet of alcohol, there is the following classification of cognac. The first group includes beverages produced in Azerbaijan ("GEK-Gol", Baku), Armenia ("Select", "Jubilee"), Uzbekistan and Dagestan. classification of cognac agingAlcohol these countries has a strong aroma, high extract and vanilla tones. The second group included brandy, made in Krasnodar region and Georgia (mark "Eniseli", "Georgia", "Tbilisi", "Vardzia"). They are extractive, fresh, light with floral tones. The third group are Moldovan ("sun", "Holiday", "Doina", "Surprise", "Chisinau", "Codru") and Ukrainian drinks. They are harmonious, have a peculiar bouquet, subtle vanilla flavor. In addition, they are less extractive than the spirits of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The World of refined spirits are very diverse. I hope this classification brandy will help you to better cope with the problem of choice.


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