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The Most common dish that does not require any special knowledge in the culinary field – potatoes with meat. This dish has many interpretations. You can cook soup, fry in a pan, bake in the oven. In short, you name it. And how would you or have prepared, it is always hearty and delicious.

Imagine a potato with meat cooked in the pan. How appetizing it looks. To prepare this dish, you will need a minimum of products:

  1. Meat (can be any) of a pound;
  2. A few potatoes;
  3. Salt and a couple of heads of onions.

Take the meat and begin to beat him. Then cut it into strips and the strips cut approximately 3-5 cm good Spread on a hot frying pan and begin to fry the meat. After about 10 minutes it will cook and gain a ruddy crust. After you have removed the pan from the heat, put the meat on the foil and wrap well. Don't forget to season with salt.

Now peel the potato, cut it cubes, immersed in the pan, add the onion, chopped as fine as possible, sprinkle with salt and put on fire. After potatoes are prepared, add it to the meat from the foil and fry a little. Five minutes to hold the fire. Everything is now a potato with meat is almost ready. Cover the pan with a lid and after ten minutes you can eat.

The Following method will help to cook this dish somewhat differently. It will be potatoes with meat in a cauldron. As you guessed, this is the dish roast. You can cook almost every day, and still she does not get bored.


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Take a large kettle, pour oil, heat it. Then put the cooked pork and fry. At the time, until the meat is fried, let us onions and potatoes. Clean them and chop. Potatoes cut into wedges or cubes, who he loves, and bow rings, but you can just chop. Drop first into the cauldron with the meat onion and fry it for a few minutes. You will see when it is ready. The onions will soften and become Golden. Now pour the potatoes into the cauldron. To potatoes with meat was soft, it is necessary to add water, ½ a Cup. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

If you have a gas stove, make the fire small, if the cooker is electric, set the switch to unity. Now let the potatoes with meat stewed until tender. Five minutes before you remove the cauldron from the heat,  you need to throw in a Bay leaf. To give the potatoes to stand a few minutes. After a break, it will be tastier than if you eat it immediately after removing from the fire. This dish is well suited green onions, dill.

Now, how to cook potatoes with meat chicken. Does the chicken and cut into portions. Then laid the slices on the pan and roast them from all sides. The finished portion will be when covered with a delicious Golden crust. In the process of cooking put onions, finely sliced, between slices of meat. Top chicken arrange the potatoes, cut into thin slices and continue to cook. Once the potatoes are cooked, remove from heat. Serve once the dish has cooled.

There are still original dish-potatoes with meat in a pot. First, take the meat, pork or beef. Cut into not large, but it is not necessary to granulate, and pre-fry in a pan. Because the cooking time of meat and potatoes different. Also fry the onion. Then all the components put in the pot, put the potatoes raw. Don't forget to salt and pepper. Close the pot and put in oven for baking. Instead of caps to take an ordinary pastry and close them on top of the pot. With the willingness of potatoes with meat, is ready and the dough (in the form of a pellet). Potatoes with meat, chocolina in this way, it will be much tastier than cooked in the pan.

In this article, you learned several ways of cooking potatoes with meat. I hope it will be useful.

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