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Green soup – a popular summer dish. Moreover, it is not only delicious, but also useful. But in winter, you want to pamper your loved ones dishes with fresh sorrel flavor. But unfortunately, this product is impossible to find in stores in the cold season. So many Housewives harvesting sorrel for the winter. There are several ways: drying, freezing of green mass, the salting of whole and cut leaves, sterilization and preservation in the form of puree or cooked mass. In this article you will find recipes of how to prepare sorrel for the winter. Select the most appropriate or try several. And then on cold days the scent of green soup will often reign Supreme in your kitchen.

harvesting sorrel for the winter

Frozen sorrel

This method will help to better preserve the flavor quality of vegetable crops. Keep sorrel in the winter you can also mix it with nettle. Green vitamin cuts will be completely ready for filling with soup, because previously the leaves move, wash and cut in the usual way. The ratio of sorrel nettle to 2:1. Stirred, shifted into a plastic bag and placed for storage in the freezer.

how to make sorrel for the winter

“Salty” billet dock for the winter intact leaves

To keep the sheets in uncut form, for salting, take a wooden tub. Sorrel wash, dry it with a towel and sprinkling with salt, lay layers. One kilo of leaves will require approximately thirty grams. Top install oppression. Salting will give some “shrink”, therefore make it a tub every day for weeks on multiple layers of greenery to almost complete filling of the tank. Before use, the leaves are rinsed, cut and placed in the dish. So harvesting is sorrel in the winter, if you have a large amount of fresh green mass, and you have to have a special container for pickling and the room to store it. But you can pickle the leaves in a simpler way, which is described below.


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Chopped sorrel salt

Small portions of green leaves, are chopped and mixed with salt can be stored in glass jars. Prepare sorrel usual. Then to cut the mass of added salt (per kilo of sorrel - one hundred grams). Well mixed the mixture is placed in clean jars and slightly compacted. Covering with plastic lids, pickled sorrel store in the refrigerator. Before using it it is possible not to wash: simply prepared dish, such as soup, do not salt in advance, and try to taste in the end.

sorrel for the winter

Canned puree

This billet dock for the winter will help to use green a lot, not only as a partial refills for borscht in addition to the leaves, but can also act as the main component of refreshing sauces. For mash first green shoots (1 kg) blanch in boiling water with salt (70-80g per 2 liters) and Bay leaves (2-3 pieces) for three to five minutes. Removing the seasoning and allowing to cool slightly, wipe them through a sieve or blend in a blender. Put puree in a clean jar, which then sterilize in boiling water for a certain time: a half-liter-20 minutes, “semisotka” in half an hour. Roll up covers, turn and wrap to cool down. How nice then it will be winter for lunch to reminisce about Sunny summer, eating a flavorful green soup!

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