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In our article we would like to talk about the famous Riga bread. You all probably heard about this product. It has already become a real brand. Now, many bakeries produce this bread. But you know that if you are not a resident of Baltic, it is unlikely that ever tried real Riga bread. However, this is easily remedied, because you can cook yourself at home to appreciate the wonderful taste.

Riga bread. Recipe by GOST


  1. Rye Flour - 445 g.
  2. Rye sourdough – 15 g.
  3. Malt (unfermented light rye, but can also be used wheat) – 35 g.
  4. Water – 330.
  5. A Tea-spoonful of caraway.
  6. Salt.
  7. Flour – 60
  8. Molasses (dark sugar cane) – 20 g.

Cooking sourdough bread

How to prepare Riga's bread? The recipe has one little complexity. The fact that we have not sold the seeded rye flour. And for making the kind of. And therefore to sow it it is necessary independently. For this we need a sieve with smaller cells. You can, for example, take the strainer for the coffee grounds. Only now sift have small portions.Riga bread

You Have flour will be divided into two parts. It sifted rye flour and bran. Further, the preparation is quite simple.

So, let's get to making sourdough. For this we need: 15 grams of the leaven, 45 gram seed flour, 30 grams of water. All the ingredients you need to mix and leave to ferment for six hours in a warm place.


To prepare the Riga bread (recipe for the oven), we still need welding. It needs to be done in advance, along with leaven. For welding we take: 120 grams of flour (seed), 35 grams of malt, cumin powder, 230 grams of boiling water. The flour and cumin, mix and pour boiling water, stir. Then added the malt and leave the mixture for three hours at 60 degrees. Welding is supposed to be like a very thick batter. You need to heat the oven to the desired temperature and to supply welding. While she is there, then gradually acquire a sweet taste and a thinner consistency. It must gradually cool down to 30 degrees. By the time the starter arrives.


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How to prepare the dough?

To bake a real Riga bread (recipe with photos to help you understand the production technology), will also be needed dough. Ingredients for cooking: we made welding and starter, 30 grams of seed flour. All this mix well and leave to ferment for four hours at a temperature of 30 degrees.Riga bread recipe

The dough should rise at least twice. However, she will have a fruity aroma and pleasant sour-sweet taste.

How to properly knead the dough

When completed all preparatory stages, we can safely move on to kneading dough. For this we need:

  1. We Cooked the dough.
  2. 250 grams of rye flour (seeded).
  3. 60 gram wheat flour.
  4. 30 grams of molasses.
  5. Salt.
  6. Water.

All you need to mix and bring to a uniform consistency. The dough should have a thick sticky mass beige color. If you decide to bake bread in the bread maker, not every one of them to cope with such tight consistency. And therefore have to do it by hands, long vimosewa until smooth.

The surface should be sprinkled with flour. Next, spread the dough and shape the loaf, adding quite a bit of rye flour. The dough should not be too sticky, but on the contrary, should be soft and pliable. Then the baton needs to stand up for proofing, after which it is moistened with water and send it into the oven. Initially, preheat the oven to 250 degrees, put the dough and after five minutes, lower the temperature to 220 degrees. In this mode, the bread is baked for another twenty minutes. Before removing the finished product from the oven, it can again be sprinkled with water. The bread glistened, outside of his lubricating jelly, but not necessarily. Here and ready our Riga bread. Step by step recipe (with photos) demonstrates the procedure. Hope it will help you cope with the preparation.Riga bread recipe step by step with photos

Riga bread, unlike any other rye products, fairly well cut and warm. However, finally Matures about a day, then fully unfold its taste and aroma.

Riga bread. A simple recipe in the bread maker

Bread can be cooked using the bread machine, which will greatly simplify the process.


  1. Flour: rye (seeded) – 430 grams.
  2. Two teaspoons of dry yeast.
  3. Flour-75 grams.
  4. Honey-2 tablespoon
  5. Salt.
  6. Malt (brewed with 80 ml of boiling water) - 4 tbsp
  7. Chopped cumin-1 tbsp
  8. Vegetable Oil-2 tbsp
  9. Water – 260 ml.

Cooking Method when using bread machine

Riga bread, the recipe of which we offer cooked very simply through the use of such a kitchen assistant, as bread.

Batch it is possible to do on the program “Pizza”. Time it will take approximately fifteen minutes. Once the dough is ready, turn off the bread machine and let it rise. It will take an hour and a half. After this time you will need to include the program «Rye». When the end of the kneading process, you need to check is the dough. If it stuck to one side or uneven, it is possible to get it with wet hands and give desired shape and then placed in a container. At the top you can make several cuts with a knife, otherwise the bread may crack during baking. After you include the bread machine and wait until the ready product. Ready bread remove and put to cool on a latticed, top should be cover with a linen towel.Riga bread in the bread machine recipe

As you can see, very easy to prepare Riga bread in the bread maker. The recipe suitable even for beginners Housewives, have no experience in making bread.

Simple recipe Riga bread

Want to suggest another recipe Riga bread in the oven.


  1. Rye Flour-130 g.
  2. Salt.
  3. A tablespoon of honey.
  4. Vanilla.
  5. Yeast (the recipe used dry) – teaspoon.
  6. Half a table spoon of oil (vegetable).
  7. Water – 185 ml.
  8. Flour-250 g
  9. Half a tablespoon of cumin.

To prepare the Riga bread, you need warm water stir the yeast and sugar. Leave the mixture for ten minutes, then add the sunflower oil and honey. In advance it is necessary to sift both types of flour through a sieve. In the dry mixture add the cumin and salt. Then enter the liquid ingredients and knead the dough. Next, fold it in a bowl previously greased with oil, cover all with a towel and place in a warm place for proofing. Within an hour you need several times to press down the dough.

Of the dough to form the bread, spread on a baking sheet with parchment. Preferably on top to make cuts. Product to put again at the proofing, after which you can bake bread. Riga bread in this recipe can be cooked using the bread machine.

What is it good for?

Riga bread – flavored wheat-rye bakery, which has long captivated many people for its taste. Of course, today it can be bought without any problems in the store, but still, it's not the bread that is baked in the Baltic States. However, our women have long learned to bake it at home not only in the oven, but even in hlebopechka. Riga bread is good that goes well with all first courses and second. Great and for sandwiches.Riga bread in the bread maker

In General, this bread is baked in hearth. This means that he is not in the form and on the baking sheet in the shape of a loaf. Riga bread has a subtle caraway flavor and a pleasant sweet-sour taste. He has a thin crust and dense center.

Of Course, to cook the most real Riga bread, maintaining all the standards difficult. Indeed, as we have already noted, it is on the welding. But because of the hostess to enjoy more of the simple recipes which are suitable for the breadmaker. Would make a very good alternative to the famous original.

Experts say that once you try this bread, will never forget its peculiar taste and aroma.

Another recipe for bread machine

To prepare the Riga bread in the bread maker, need the following products:

  1. Rye flour-half Cup.
  2. Two teaspoons of yeast.
  3. Wheat flour-3 cups.
  4. Butter-3 tbsp
  5. Half Cup of warm water.
  6. Dark honey – ¼ Cup.
  7. A tablespoon of cumin.
  8. Salt.
  9. A teaspoon of sugar.

Using the bread machine makes it easier for the housewife during the cooking process. Kneading should be done with the use of program “Pizza”. It takes fifteen minutes. After that the bread maker can be turned off. The dough should stand in the closed position for about two hours. During this time, it will rise. After a couple hours you need to include the program for rjanag...

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