Tamarillo fruit (tsifomandra beet): where it grows, as it is, the description, the taste


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Tamarillo fruit, which is very similar to a tomato. Therefore, a plant that bears fruit exotic curiosities called a tomato tree. The taste of this fruit a sign not for everyone, but it is universal in its characteristics and surprisingly useful for all.

Tamarillo fruit, but looks similar to the usual tomatoes, eggplant or peppers.

tamarillo fruit

Tamarillo: description (Botanical)

The Plant belongs to the Solanaceae family. Tsifomandra beet - another name of this unique representative of the plant world. Is an evergreen tree reaching 2-3 meters in height. But it is not a full-fledged tree, it looks more like a shrub. Has shiny foliage. Has small florets white-pink hue that exude a pleasant aroma.

The Plant prefers a subtropical climate and pleasant warm weather. Argentina, Brazil - the most favorable areas for successful cultivation. The life of the plant is approximately 15 years. Begins to bear fruit after the first year of life. Tamarillo fruit, which will not stand even the lightest frost.

The Shape and color of the ripe fruit

The fruit of the tomato tree has a ovate shape and reaches a length of 10 see the Berries grow in big clusters. Their number within a bundle may reach 12 pieces. The skin is different variety of colors: it can be orange, red, yellow and dusky purple. Under a thin skin hides a tender flesh that has a Golden hue. When you cut the fruit inside is found a lot of black bones, neatly arranged along the core.


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how to eat tamarillo

Origin of tamarillo, the area of cultivation

The Exact location where it was first discovered tamarillo, officially unknown. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, America may be home to the fruit, given its prevalence in these regions. Grown in Venezuela, the mountain regions of Costa Rica and others. The largest supplier and importer of tamarillo on the world market is New Zealand, which is actively engaged in production. The ripe fruit is harvested between June and August.

Types of tamarillo

To date, science knows about the existence of three main types of the fruit tamarillo:

  • Red. This option is perfect in its original form. It has a harmonious taste, which is revealed if eating it raw. This kind of the most popular. Has a bright red skin and orange flesh. The seeds have a reddish tint. Through proper and beautiful arrangement of bones is often used for decorating a variety of culinary delights. It can beautify even the most ordinary-looking dish its rich color and pleasant aroma. For the first acquaintance with the fruits of exotic plants it is recommended to try the red tamarillo. The fruit of this variety is considered a classic and the most correct.
  • Yellow. Unusual it would be to try a sweet tomatoes? The fruits of the tree tomato yellow give the opportunity to enjoy the mild flavor and sweetness of the pulp. The size of this tamarillo less red. In appearance and the cut is no different from conventional tomatoes.
  • Orange (Golden). orange tamarillo Fruits by their sweetness represent the average between red and yellow. The advantage over other types is the size of the fetus. Fleshy and succulent tamarillo Golden hue much more other kinds.

Argentina Brazil

Calorie content of tamarillo

The Fashion for healthy food is gaining momentum. So, tamarillo can be a great help in choosing vitamin and low-calorie product. 100 grams of fruit contains only 31 calories. Can be used as a full meal, and also serve as a Supplement to the main dish as a garnish.

Useful properties

Tsifomandra beet is characterized by the extremely rich vitamin and mineral composition. It contains a huge amount of substances, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. Useful properties of fruit:

  • Can be used as a component of the diet because of its low calorie content. Encouraged the use of tamarillo in the process of losing weight, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and diabetes.
  • Contains a small amount of carbohydrates, rich dietary fibers.
  • Potassium and sodium are important elements to ensure a balanced diet. The tamarillo fruit is able to support the body with these substances.
  • Contains vitamins: A, C, b6, thiamine, Riboflavin.
  • Fruits Golden and orange color enriched with vitamin A to a greater extent than red fruits.

tsifomandra beet

Contraindications to use

Tamarillo is recommended to use as a recovery tool after serious illnesses. The product has no contraindications, except individual intolerance. Information about the medicinal properties of the fruit are detected, but it acts an excellent source of essential trace elementsfor the body. The abundance of nutrients is the main reason for the introduction of this fruit in your diet.

How to eat a tamarillo?

Many wonder: how to eat tamarillo? This is very important, as the process involves some interesting points. First, the fruit is inedible peel, so before eat the fruit, you must delete it. The catch is that ripe tamarillo is impossible to clean with a knife, because it has a very soft structure.

We are ready to tell you how to eat tamarillo:

  • Option 1. to Omit the fruit for half a minute in boiling water and gently with your hands to remove the peel, as is done for clean-out of conventional tomatoes.
  • Option 2. you Can simply cut the fruit into two parts and eat the flesh of the dessert spoon as it is done with ripe avocado.

fruit of the tomato tree

How to choose tamarillo

Not to be disappointed in a great product, it is necessary to choose the right. Perfect tamarillo is Shine of the skin, has defective formations and dents, the peduncle is present adjacent to the fruit. It is necessary to assess the goods to the touch. It should be soft, but quite elastic. If you click on the surface of the fruit with your finger and sharply released, it must return to its original shape. You should also pay attention to the color. It should be nice and smooth.


Tamarillo can be kept in the refrigerator for 14 days. For long term storage freezing is recommended with a preliminary peeling.

tamarillo description


Its flavor is reminiscent of passion fruit, and beautiful shape attracts the aesthetically. Fruit can be an exotic flavor cooking:

  • Puree the fruit tamarillo would be a great marinade for meat products.
  • Salad with fruit in combination with the usual tomatoes may surprise you.
  • Interesting fact: the fruit of the tomato tree is equally lovely in savoury and in sweet dishes. For this reason, it can be the main ingredient of the dessert menu.
  • Product can be a component of a smoothie for healthy eating and weight loss.
  • The decor from the fruit of tamarillo - great "final touch" in cooking.
  • From the fruit of the tomato tree obtained useful and low-calorie jam.

Now you know what a tamarillo and how it is used.

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