How to choose a Moldovan cognac?


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Moldovan cognac, popular in Russia since Soviet times, find out first of all by the specific label. It depicts a white stork against the background of magnificent bunches of grapes, grown under the bright sun of Moldova. How to choose a Moldovan cognac? This question is of interest to many consumers.

Moldovan cognac white stork

20 years earlier

Choosing a cognac, some people rely on the common misconception that good quality, this product can only be French. No doubt that masters of Poitou-Charente and other distant regions of the country know how to cook a wonderful hot drink, will give the honors of the Soviet brandy masters. Alcohol based on the grapes they were made that is necessary, the fortress was not to occupy!

Russia began to make a highlight on an industrial scale for two decades before France. Cognac Shustov and saradzheva (it is known that in pre-revolutionary Russia were two of the manufacturer-company "D. Z. sarajev" and "K. L. Shustov and sons") is firmly a fixture in the French side, when enterprising foreigners has filed a patent on the word "brandy" (FR. cognac). But the drink of Russia from a lack of attention of the lovers never suffered.

Moldovan cognac KVINT

Scientific basis

Indeed, a wonderful gift of memories stubbornly reads: before the great October socialist revolution that shook the world in 1917, best and very common in Europe was the Russian cognac. He was loved and recognized by all who were pleased “to eat” at least once. Chose mindfully: taste, aroma, nice Golden color.


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In times not so remote (Soviet) production of strong grape “stars” was put on a scientific basis. Motley "technical conditions" was not – adhered to state standards, developed according to strict canons. For example, the Institute of biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the Moldavian scientific research Institute of the food industry engaged in the study of volatile aromatic ethyl compounds.

To learn how to choose the Moldavian brandy, you need to imagine the process of its manufacture. Of dry white wine by distillation to get brandy spirits. The latter is placed in a barrel of oak (if it's a tank of a different material, it must be oak staves). Enriched in tannins, strong drink acquires the characteristic taste and smell.

Moldovan cognac

Tiraspol "Quint"

One of the renowned manufacturers of brandies (cognacs) is the Tiraspol wine and cognac factory KVINT. The company was founded in 1897 (today it is part of the holding “Sheriff"). The acronym stands for “brandies, wines and beverages of Tiraspol”. On the shelves the products of the factory are not uncommon. So Moldovan brandy does not lose already achieved, the consumer favorite, it is chosen for decent quality and at a reasonable price.

When choosing a remember that brand cognacs KVINT brings together three categories: ordinary, vintage, collectible. Years of consumer reviews confirm that in its price category ordinary (extract & ndash; 3-5 years) brandy – “very personal". The color content of the treasured bottles varies from the color of weak tea to a deep amber. And although they say the taste and color of comrades there, Moldavian brandy "Quint" is chosen by many lovers of divines.

Vintage and collectible

Among the vintage cognacs KVINT allocated “Surprise” and “mellow”, produced according to a formula developed in 50-60-ies of XX century. They are harmoniously chosen bouquet with citrus notes, easy to drink, leaving a pleasant chocolate aftertaste. This may also include such brands as ‘Tiras” and “Nistru”.

Collection cognacs count seven titles: “Tiraspol”, “Victoria”, “sun”, “Suvorov”, “he”, “Jubilee” are aged at least 15 years, and “Prince Wittgenstein” – 50 years. The aging process of the special alcohols very difficult, requires special conditions. But the gastronomic show: the bouquet and the flavor is magnificent. Bright sound vanilla notes, Moldavian cognac has a delicate taste.

Moldovan cognac in Moscow

Brandy "Quint": "White stork”

Who does not know Moldavian cognacs? The names at the hearing. One of the best selling cognac brands – “White stork". In 1979, the Government of the Moldavian SSR followed it for Belskim plant. Then the products are poured at other plants. After the release of the Republic from the USSR brand of “White stork" registered "Quint". Mark is recognized as a national treasure of Moldova.

Currently, the Moldovan cognac “White stork” – ordinary Divin strength of 40 % – produced in Balti, Chisinau. Complex bouquet with floral notes named after the white birds-the protector: according to legend, storks brought in a besieged fortress Moldovan grapes, thus saved from perishing of hunger and thirst of people, and therefore became a symbol of the wine products of Moldova.

Chisinau wine and cognac plant (that was the titleenterprises in 1959) repeatedly reorganized, renamed. In 1983 it was production Association "AROMA". Already in 2000 it became a joint stock company. High level of management and compliance with international standards is certified. No wonder the famous Moldavian cognac. “White stork" is no exception.

Buy with knowledge of the matter

Moldovan cognac in Moscow can be bought in both corporate and small retail outlets, and online stores. Products approved for sale in Russia by Rospotrebnadzor (“the Federal Agency for supervision in the sphere of consumer rights protection and human well-being”).

Moldovan cognac white

Given the richness of the proposals, it is important to consider the choice of alcohol carefully. Basic rules when buying:

1. Try to buy alcohol in specialized shops – where, at your request, you will always present a certificate of quality.

2. Always check the country of origin of cognac (Divin) and firm.

3. Do not save on health – in any case the price of a drink may not be 30-40 percent below average.

4. Remember: the aged – this time he was in oak barrels. After bottling of the year for brandy – “wealth”.

5. Strong drink is not sold in plastic bottles (only glass!) – there is a chemical reaction and release of liquid hazardous substances. Label the tube – all must be without flaws (the plug is well tightened from under the label is not ‘leaking" glue).

6. And finally, you purchase “liquid amber" there should be no turbidity and sediment. Good buy!

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