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Recipe beef Stroganoff with beef and gravy was invented in the early XIX century, since then this dish became very popular among Slavic people. Cooking meat is fairly simple, so to make food tasty is absolutely not difficult. To do well, it is important to choose the meat and know some tricks of cooking.

The Choice of meat for cooking


A Classic beef Stroganoff uses beef. It is best to use the lower part of a hind leg, cook from the top, but in this case the meat needs a little longer to extinguish. Modern recipes often use sirloin, it is very soft, but a little dry, but adding the sauce makes this meat is tender and juicy.

This is a standard part of meat used to prepare this dish. What's the beef for beef Stroganoff best suited say is difficult, the main thing here-to cook a delicious sauce and buy fresh product.

Classic recipe

Classic beef Stroganoff

According to this recipe several centuries ago, Alexander Grigorievich Stroganov (Creator dishes) prepared beef Stroganoff for nobles. For cooking, it is necessary not so much products, but to start cooking, you must first prepare:

  • 500 g back of the leg of beef;
  • Two medium onions onions;
  • 50 g butter;
  • About 200 g of sour cream with high fat content;
  • Flour;
  • 2 tablespoons tomato sauce;
  • Parsley.

Spices and herbs you can use thyme, ground black pepper, salt, coriander.

The brewing Process

The First step is to slice the meat, the thickness of the slices should be about 1 centimeter. Meat slightly discourage using plastic wrap, after this procedure the pieces are about 0.5 cm thick. Then the beef should be cut into cubes. Please note! The beef should be cut across the grain, then cooked the meat will be juicy and soft.


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meat tenderizer

Take onion, peel it and rinse. Cut into strips and fry in a pan until Golden brown, adding butter. After putting a spoonful of flour and mix thoroughly, cook for another 1-2 minutes. To the onions then pour the required amount of sour cream and tomato paste, mix well. Add about 100 ml of water, the sauce should not be too liquid. Cook ingredients on low heat for several minutes, the gravy should slightly be.

Meanwhile, take a second pan and pour a little vegetable oil. A good warm up, then throw the meat to sear on all sides and turn off heat. To shift the prepared beef to the pan for the sauce, mix well and simmer for 3-5 minutes on very low heat.

Feeding of beef Stroganoff with sour cream goes with boiled potatoes or rice. When serving the dish, liberally sprinkle with chopped parsley.

A Simplified version of cooking

beef Stroganoff with mushrooms

Very often people simply do not have much time to stand at the stove and at the same time to do several processes. In this case, this dish can be greatly simplified, and the process of its preparation will be about 15 minutes. To cook beef Stroganoff from beef in the pan for four persons, should take such a number of products:

  • The cue ball beef (fillet) - 600 grams;
  • Mushrooms-200 g (normal use mushrooms, but if you have, you can take a forest);
  • 200 g onions;
  • 150 grams of ketchup;
  • 150 g sour cream.

Since the recipe differs from the classic, in this case, we can use a variety of spices and herbs. In this dish it is recommended to add rosemary, marjoram, thyme, curry. If you don't have the time and desire to buy lots of different spices, in this case, you can buy a universal seasoning – “beef”. As a rule, these kits already have everything you need for cooking Delicious Beef Stroganoff.

How to prepare

To the process of cooking beef Stroganoff with sour cream was quick and easy, it is recommended to follow step-by-step instructions:

  1. Beef need to be cleaned from the film and veins, after rinse well.
  2. Cut the meat into small cubes, after they need slightly tenderize with a hammer.
  3. Clean and wash the mushrooms with onions. A vegetable cut into strips or half rings and mushrooms plates.
  4. Put on the fire pan, pour vegetable oil (if butter, you can use it) and wait until it is warm. Throw the onions and mushrooms, frying until soft.
  5. In a pan, throw the meat to cook several more minutes. Add salt, pepper and all the spices.
  6. Pour the prepared ingredients with specified amount of sour cream and ketchup. All mix well, simmer foods over low heat a few minutes.
  7. Delicious beef Stroganoff beef ready. Now it only remains to decompose the dish on plates and portionsprinkle with chopped herbs.

Recipe in slow cooker

Stew dish

Almost every modern woman has in its Arsenal, such a device as multivarka. Make it is a real pleasure because here you need only to prepare and put the necessary products, and all further processes takes on technology.

To begin cooking beef Stroganoff recipe, you should first acquire the needed products, otherwise you will have to interrupt the cooking process and go to the store for missing ingredients. So, you will need to take:

  • Beef (any of the parts of the carcass) – 300 g;
  • One large onion;
  • A few tablespoons of tomato paste;
  • 3 tablespoons sour cream (you can substitute mayonnaise, but then you will need to add about a teaspoon of sugar);
  • A tablespoon of flour;
  • Bay leaf, salt and pepper to taste.

Cooking in a slow cooker

When all the products on the recipe of the beef Stroganoff of beef are prepared, you can begin to prepare:

1. The first step is to clean and wash onions. After cut it into small cubes.

Chop the onion

2. Vegetable to put in the bowl multivarki, put the mode to “stir-Frying vegetables”. The time should be about 5 minutes, onion should acquire a nice Golden color.

3. While the fried onion, you must take meat and cut it into cubes. When the process of frying vegetable ends to throw to him beef.

4. There in the bowl add a tablespoon of flour, pour in the tomato paste, sour cream or mayonnaise. It is also recommended to pour about 80 ml of water, otherwise the sauce will be too little.

5. When all the products are in place, set the mode to "Extinguish" the cooking time is 40 minutes.

6. 10 minutes before end of cooking add salt and the necessary spices, put Bay leaf and continue cooking.

When the end of the allotted time, the device will send a signal which will indicate that the dish is ready to eat.

Now you know a few recipes of beef Stroganoff from beef. They differ from each other, so fans of the beef must personally test each of the recipes.

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