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For millennia, the society appreciates and loves green leaf tea for a rich range of useful properties. This makes to think seriously about whether or not nutrients are present in the drink. We will try to answer the question of whether green tea harmful or beneficial. The topic is quite interesting and relevant.

green tea harmful or beneficial

Know Exactly what this kind of tea is a natural antioxidant and helps our body get rid of harmful chemical toxins and heavy metals. Thanks to this valuable property it is recommended to drink in almost all the pathologies, including the prevention of cancer. For example, the ancient Chinese healers believed this drink is a miraculous and used it to treat high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, heart disease and other ailments.

Modern healers and scientific medicine do not doubt the amazing healing qualities of tea tree leaf. But we should not forget that the drink (in excessive amounts) can hurt people. How to decide on green tea harmful or beneficial? You need to know all about its contraindications, structure and dosage. Today we'll find out.

Structure of this healing drink

30% of green tea consists of a mixture of a few tens of polyphenolic compounds (catechins, tannins and their derivatives). The content of tannins and essential oils, black tea is inferior to green almost several times. It is also worth mentioning the presence in the composition of the drink valuable alkaloids that have a beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system. They also have a slight diuretic and vasodilator effects.


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how to drink green tea

In leaves of the detected amino acids (e.g. glutamic). They are responsible for the normal flow of metabolic processes and metabolic. In addition, this important element helps the recovery of the CNS. A lot of protein, inorganic and mineral substances in tea leaves (iodine, gold, manganese, calcium, copper). It should be noted the presence of carotene (vitamin A), which provides uninterrupted work of the lungs, the urogenital system, the bronchi and vision. The product is rich in nicotinic, ascorbic and folic acids, Riboflavin (B2), thiamin (B1) and vitamin K. a Real treasure trove of valuable substances is green tea. For freshness of face skin, body health and strength recommended to use it as a drink promotes youthful, healthy, and empowers.

Best grade

To Choose really high-quality goods is very problematic. In China alone produce more than 1500 kinds. Nobody can say how many varieties there are, but how good green tea from the assortment, can be defined. The quality of the product depends on many factors species of tea tree, climate zone, treatment, collection, technology care, leaf shape, and taste, color and aroma.

helpful or harmful green tea

Today, most manufacturers add in green tea of different flavors and harmful chemical dyes to make the visitors the greatest demand. To determine the presence of foreign elements can counterfeit drink leaves traces on the mug. Not to get on the hook to the fraudsters, we suggest to familiarize with the most well-known varieties such as ‘Tench”, “Chun Mee”, “lung Jing” and “Tung Chee”. They are appreciated for their refreshing taste, rich flavor, rich color, clear brew, pleasant and long aftertaste.

The Ceremony of brewing

To drink, pleasing taste and benefits, you should know how to cook it. Use only pre-treated (filtered), brought to the boil water. Pour it into a clean kettle and warmed its walls, then drain off. Add loose tea (150 ml – 1 dessert spoon) and leave under the cover to infuse for 10 minutes. Before you drink green tea, for taste it is not forbidden to add honey or milk. The longer he would stand, the richer and Tarpon will be.

green tea reviews

To drink preserved all the healing properties, the water temperature should not exceed 80OS. by the Way, can be brewed up to four times green leaf tea. Harmful or helpful this drink, still trying to find out experts around the world. But one thing is for sure: it has tonic, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating properties. But in large doses can lead to stone formation in the kidneys.

For the prevention of cardiac diseases

Has Repeatedly shown that regular consumption of the beverage in a few times reduces the likelihood of heart disease. It helps the leaching of cholesterol and makes blood vessels more elastic. Besides, tea improves the biochemical composition of blood plasma. Practice-tested, natural drink speeds up the breakdown of fat, removes salt, is struggling with high blood pressure, normalize endocrine processes and prevents weight gain (suppresses appetite).

can you drink green tea

In Japan, there isancient recipe from atherosclerosis: dessert spoon of the crushed leaf of green tea you need to take two eggs. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and drink immediately. Use no more than once per day. You can take green tea bags, pre-visypak content. “Egg drink” helps to improve health, reduce cholesterol and clear the blood vessels.

Fighting the common cold – raise resistibility of an organism

Based on the vast content of rutin (vitamin P) in the leaves of the tea tree beverage to drink shown to raise immunity. Combined with raspberries or a plant mother and stepmother is obtained natural remedy against bronchitis. And with the addition of honey and lemon you get a tasty healing potion, possessing diuretic and diaphoretic effect. Take it at a high temperature, sore throat and weakness.

green tea bags

Can I drink green tea for gastro-intestinal diseases?

Not only possible, but necessary to use it in order to prevent intestinal disorders. Tea should be half an hour before a meal. Cup delicious drink prostimulirujte bile secretion, reduce acidity, improve the production of enzymes and increase the tonus of the gastrointestinal tract.

It can Also help to cope with the pancreatitis, impaired metabolism, colitis, and peptic ulcer disease. For maximum therapeutic effect used walnut shells: in a glass take a small tea spoon and five partitions of the nut, all poured boiling water and infused for about ten minutes.

Win cancer

green tea recipes

Catechins and tannins contained in the leaves of a green tree, inhibit harmful substances, which give rise to cell mutations, in a natural way take the radionuclides, preventing their penetration to the bone marrow. It is known that the beverage prolongs our youth and health due to its antioxidant and protects our cells from cancer and harmful effects from pathogenic microorganisms. Especially useful for green tea men – while daily consumption reduced the risk of prostate cancer. Such a valuable quality and is the answer to the question of whether green tea harmful or useful.

Cosmetic properties

The beauty industry actively uses the leaves of the tea tree in different directions: for rejuvenation, cleansing and toning the skin. Some recipes came to us from our ancestors and are widely used in beauty salons. Natural product really does wonders with the skin, causing it to Shine.

Rejuvenates cells and repairs damage to the epithelium of the green tea. Reviews of women, who used this remedy claim that it improves skin texture, smooths wrinkles, restores elasticity, creaminess and smoothness. It is not necessary to visit salons for this, it's quick and easy to prepare masks, lotions and creams at home. Green tea facial is very useful. For pores and moisturize daily wipe the neck and face cubes of frozen drink.

Recipe astringent lotion

Take a glass of mineral water, boil it, mix with a spoon of green tea leaves and a pinch of sugar. The cooked liquid is poured into a sterile flask and every day to wipe the face of dirt. Home cosmetic takes off, a little dries, refreshes and makes the skin soft.

Moisturizing mask

green tea facial

Mix a spoonful of leaf tea (grind) with the same amount of heavy cream or sour cream. The resulting mixture is applied onto the face, hold 15 minutes and rinse. The procedure is carried out 1-2 times a week.

Scrub oily sheen

A Strong brew to connect with the egg white, gerkulesovyh flakes and a drop of lemon juice. Keep 10 minutes. After the procedure it is advisable to lubricate the face moisturizer. Green tea for the face as a mask tightens pores, reduces redness and refreshes.


A Spoon of grapefruit juice mix with a tablespoon of crushed tea and egg yolk. Apply with a brush or sponge, keep for 7-10 minutes.

what a good green tea

Helps to rejuvenate, improve skin colour and eliminate small defects green tea. Recipes of cosmetic products on the basis of this product is simple, and their preparation will not take much time. Quality does not mean expensive!

Now the damage

After years of experiments and research, the experts came to the conclusion: excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages affects the blood vessels of the brain. Caffeine is present in green tea, so do not exceed the recommended dosage. Allowed to drink up to three cups a day.

The Following side effects can cause the product: insomnia, arrhythmia (heartbeat), hypertension. Individuals with high nervousness is necessary to reduce the dosage to a minimum. Tea is contraindicated in gout and glaucoma.

With extreme caution it is necessary to drink for pregnant women. From green tea should stop during breastfeeding (it may reduce the numbermilk). Too strong drink do not drink during exacerbation of chronic gastritis, renal failure and peptic ulcer disease. You also need to exclude from your menu for people suffering from osteoporosis, liver and thyroid diseases.

A Large number of caffeine prevents the absorption of calcium, and this increases the risk of cracks and fractures. The abuse of this drink will have a negative impact on the condition of the skin (complexion will become dull with a yellow tinge, begin to stand small blood vessels). It is not recommended to give it to children under ten years of age.

Remember that in strong drink even more caffeine and purine compounds, therefore, not carried them so as not to harm their own health. Doctors do not advise taking it after alcohol and on an empty stomach (increases the acidity). Green tea contains a lot of tannins (antioxidants), which, if uncontrolled use of disrupt the liver.

Follow the steps and trouble will bypass you party. Here we fully understand how good or bad green tea. The drink has more advantages, but we should not forget about the disadvantages.

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