The calorie content of spinach: the advice of nutritionists


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Food - how many in this word! It is no coincidence that for many people the digestive process akin to sexual satisfaction. Foodies too can understand, because they do not seek to "fill" the stomach, and take my pleasure in every bite! But what about losing weight? For them, the primary factor is not the taste, the calorie content! Spinach for them is a panacea, but not a punishment! Because it is possible to prepare tasty and original. What good is this weed and how it may appear on the table?!calorie fresh spinach

What are you talking About?

So, what is spinach? The caloric value of this fragrant grass are relatively small - only 23 kcal per 100 grams. But this is not the only plus. Spinach is both useful and noxious plant, which often can be found in the gardens and on the shelves. Now it's popularity has caught up with the dill and parsley, although the origin of the pot is still small who knows. The spinach – is an annual herbaceous plant that belongs to the genus Spinach, to the family of Amaranth.

Among the vegetable green is the most abundant and nutritious. Wild spinach is found in Asia, and home to plants consider Persia. 6-7 century ad, the spinach was in China and there received the name of "Persian vegetable". Nearly 6 centuries, it "came" to Europe, and first tasted it in Sicily and Spain. Here cultivated herb with spicy seeds. Incidentally, this form is forgotten. In Italy spinach is considered spring greens and served during lent. In Russia, he came in the 18th century and has long been considered the food of the aristocrats. The monarchs loved the spinach with eggs and toast. spinach quiche calorie


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The green numbers

Caloric content of fresh spinach making it a tasty morsel for people looking for weight. Succulent leaves of the plant are very tasty and perfectly set off the taste of many salads and hot dishes. Benefits and harms of plants are determined by its chemical composition. So, what gives our body the spinach? The caloric value of 100 grams is equal to 23 kcal. This same portion has 8 grams of protein, 39 grams of fat and 4 grams of carbohydrates. The plant contains huge amounts of vitamins, macro - and micronutrients. In particular, it is a source of calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and sodium.

Some advantages

In this mysterious pot also contains phytonutrients, which prevent the development and occurrence of cancer tumours. They do not allow the cells to convert to another form. The growth of dangerous cells is impossible. For blood clotting vitamin K is useful, which helps to absorb calcium. Spinach inhibits the development of osteoclasts, which make bones to become fragile and teeth become loose. At first glance it seems that it is not so attractive for its properties spinach. Caloric value per 100 grams may not be very big, but the content of useful protein is depressing. But it is necessary to say that the plant is perfectly resistant to heat treatment, and therefore its use will remain the same in any form!spinach calorie content per 100 grams


If you put in the calorie, spinach is an excellent base for the formation of the diet, but to rely only on him at least strange. The plant nourishes the body with nutrients and removes dangerous toxins, positively affects the heart and blood vessels, brain and liver. Besides spinach good supplies of energy and vitality. But it cannot substitute all essential elements, so the diet should be varied and appetizing.  calorie soup with spinach


What to eat in a hurry? How about a fresh spinach salad, onions, cucumbers and a creamy sauce? To prepare such Goodies quickly and easy. The main factor when cooking is low calorie. The spinach and tear the hands that he gave juice. First it is necessary to wash and dry on a paper towel. Half onions finely chop and sprinkle a little salt to soften. You can add feathers of green onions, which also need to finely chop. Cucumbers cut into circles, and all the ingredients combine in a large bowl. Now turn creamy sauce, that will also be as light as possible. He will need a home low-fat yogurt, mustard, a little crushed garlic and olive oil. Combine all and mix well. The chilled sauce is ready to use. On caloric content it is much “easier” mayonnaise or any purchase analogue. spinach calorie 100

To drink

A Tasty salad and you can drink a refreshing juice at the base of the same generic plants. The juice from the spinach reduces fatigue and eliminates sleepiness. If you do without other ingredients, it will remain the same calorie content. Spinach, by the way, goes well with any other juices so to taste, you can connect it, for example, Apple or cucumber. This is very useful for athletes. There will also be pleasantly surprised by the effect of office workers, such as the juice stimulates the pancreas, normalizes the intestinal microflora. By the way, spinach prevents kidney stones, soothes the nervous system and restores emotional balance. It turns out, is literally the elixir of good mood!spinach calorie content

Quick meal

Continue to create meals on the basis of universal herbs. Now try to calculate the caloric soup with spinach. A lot of grass in the soup does not look particularly aesthetically pleasing, but because it is better to prepare cream soup. This will require beef broth. You can use chicken, it is less calories. Need to spice arugula. Will also need lettuce, two potatoes, onion, garlic, oil (preferably olive) and seasonings to taste. All vegetables should be cut into and cook. Onions and garlic should be fried in butter, and then add to the total weight. Ready soup grind using a blender and serve immediately. You can add cream to the soup, but it will greatly increase the calorie content. The base recipe is the same “pull” to 62 calories per 100 grams. calorie spinach

For fans of the Goodies

Put Aside the issues of weight loss and try to make a truly Royal dish – spinach quiche. Calorie it, by the way, is not as great as you might expect, only 153 calories per 100 grams. It even under the condition that the pie will be added to the butter. You can certainly do without it, but then the pie will lose some of its tenderness and splendor. Spinach need to grind, season to taste raw egg, grated cheese. The mass of added cheese, it's all good is made. Meanwhile, you need to roll out the puff pastry. In principle, you can buy ready, and you can quickly prepare it at home from flour, butter, salt and cottage cheese.

Roll out Dough in shape, RUB with oil and place on top of stuffing. The edges of the dough put on top and send the pie in the oven for half an hour. The finished cake is delicious and very flavorful. It can be served with tea or eat with hot dishes a bit of sugar. You can reduce the calorie content. Spinach can take the bulk of the filling, if you refuse to take cottage cheese and light cheese. Without egg yolk calories will be even less. But it all costs. In fact, even the base recipe is a surprisingly lightweight but at the same time hearty option baking. This pie will rejoice your household and guests, ran for a Cup of tea.

It would Seem the perfect product? But no, at the end of threads it is necessary to mention a number of contraindications in the use of spinach. In this plant a lot of oxalic acid that is bad for the health of ulcer and people suffering from diseases of the kidneys and bladder. Spinach is not stored for a long time – maximum two days. After this period the grass is useless.

Ideally, the spinach must be combined with meat, poultry or bacon. So it helps digestion and improves digestion. Excessive consumption of spinach can result in an allergic reaction, so that the measure need to know.

Spinach can't eat for rheumatism, gout, diseases of the liver and biliary tract. Kidney disease spinach you can eat only with milk, and after consultation with the doctor. If the lifestyle is sedentary, and the juice of the plant is shown only a couple times a week to avoid build up of pressure. Here is an interesting plant this spinach. Eat with caution, so he was only in favor of!

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