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It is Difficult to say how much in our time there are wonderful recipes first course – pickle. But the fact that this soup is popularly love, no doubt. Probably every self-respecting housewife has their own favorite recipe, and any good chef of a decent restaurant is ready to delight guests with this savory dish.

How not to get lost among such an abundance of recipes? How to cook pickle for native people to have all satisfied and happy? Which method to choose? If you don't know the answers to these questions, just want to fill up a cookbook a couple of new products, or are interested in the history of Russian cuisine, our article you will definitely come in handy.

History of food

There are those dishes that I think many native peoples. Take, for example, dumplings: how many countries are vying for the title of their historical homeland! With the pickle things differently – worldwide, this hearty food is traditionally Russian.

The Tradition of using brine for cooking is rooted in hoary antiquity. Probably old sohoware Russia instinctively knew that this liquid – a real tonic, rich in trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants. But the pickle has predecessor – Kalia, which, in addition to cucumbers and the brine, add the fish or caviar.

Historians, unfortunately, cannot establish the exact date when I started to prepare the brine soup with offal, but it is known that already in the XVII century this dish was widespread and was not considered a novelty.

pickle with barley and cucumbers

It is Logical to assume that the dish is older than a few centuries, because in the XVI German Ambassador, travelling across Russia, were simply stunned by the volume of the crop of cucumbers. And by the time the Russian has had extensive experience of salting of mushrooms, and it is likely that the cucumbers in the quantities they were grown not only for summer snacking, but also for preparation for the future. Difficult to find the truth and the ancient word “di”, which in many regions is referred to any soup with brine.


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The word “mean” appeared in Russian dictionaries only in the XIX century. Interestingly, at the time of Gogol, this word was called more and the cake made of buckwheat, eggs and pickles, which, incidentally, is also confusing.

So, the date of appearance of the recipe we are unlikely to ever find out. But the modern culinary aficionados well know how to cook the pickle. Great that this wonderful recipe was lost for centuries.

Antique dish

It is known that the ancient recipes have undergone not so many changes. In Russia this soup used a variety of products.

  • The giblets (kidney, heart) was perfect pearl barley.
  • Tender meat poultry combined with rice.
  • Game Meat with a distinctive taste, in perfect harmony with the delicate oats.

According to the same algorithm prefer to operate many modern chefs.

In the old days in Russia in a pickle put potatoes, turnips, onions, carrots, roots, herbs, spice. It should be noted that rice and potatoes – relatively young components of Russian cuisine. Before potatoes became widespread in cooking was widely used useful and flavorful turnips.

Put the Meat together with the bone, and only after cooking, cut the flesh, crumbled and returned to the soup. But the most solid and it was considered correct recipe products. They are just perfectly in tune with pickles and barley makes the structure of the food is rich and interesting.

Modern cooks use the same set of products to cook soup with barley and pickles. But the choice of spices today, of course, wider.

Pickle cucumbers, kidneys and pearl barley – classic Russian cuisine

Since this option is so good and love since ancient times by our people, then I will start. Let us look at how to prepare the pickle. The recipe with photos to help you master this science, even the young hostess, well, or owner, in love with cooking.

how to cook soup with barley

Before starting, prepare the necessary products, free from unnecessary items in the workplace and be patient. This recipe will require a lot of time and effort, but when you evaluate the result, realize that all efforts are rewarded with interest.

Proportions of ingredients

This dish is not cooked in small portions. We present a list of ingredients for a three-liter pots. If necessary, you can proportionally increase the number of products to cook a delicious dinner for a large company.

We will need the following:

  • Kidney pork-2 pieces (or one large beef);
  • Pickles of medium size – s PCs.
  • Potatoes – s PCs.
  • Carrots and onions – 1 PCs.
  • Pearl barley – a half-full glass;
  • Root celery, parsley, dill, Bay leaf, black pepper, salt-to taste;
  • Brine;
  • Vegetable oil for frying.

Experienced chefs suggest to use for this soup is quality filtered water. Cucumbers better to take salt, but marinated (however, in this case, the soup is more acidic, so the brine need to add much less).

Before you prepare the pickle with pickles, you will need pre-treatment some components.

Soaking grains

Pearl Barley is cooked long enough. It would be better if you take care of it in advance. This will not only save cooking time of the soup, but will positively affect its texture: the other components are not digest.

Wash the barley, changing the water several times. Rump pour clean cold water and leave for a few hours. You can do it in the evening.

Cutting and pre-boiling of the kidneys

Of Course, to cook the soup rassolnik with the usual meat easier, but dish with kidneys, cooked according to the canons, can be proud of any cook. However, with the offal going to have a job.

Cut the kidneys lengthwise, cut the ureters. With a sharp knife, remove the bright part of the tubs. Slice the halves into slices, rinse under running water.

how to cook soup with barley and kidney

Boil kidneys for about an hour, several times draining the broth and pouring the by-products of clean water. It is important to remember that the liquid, which prepared this product, in any case can not be used for cooking. The broth just poured.

This step is important because the buds initially have a not very pleasant smell. During boiling it disappears.

Vegetables Preparation

To make a pickle, the cucumber is better to choose young and crisp. These are the burly old enjoyed special honor. Slice them without removing the peel, slices or cubes.

how to cook a pickle with cucumbers

Peel, wash and also cut as you normally would when making soup.

How to make pickle

Barley upload in boiling water, and when it is cooked until soft (kernel starts to open), add the potatoes and the kidneys. Celery and Bay leaf is also added at this stage, but to salt the dish until you should not.

Carrots and onions at this time, finely chop and fry until Golden brown. Pour the browned vegetables in brine, allow to boil.

Many Housewives add to sauté some tomato paste or homemade tomato. This is an optional ingredient that is not too affect the taste, but it makes the color of food more distinctive and enjoyable.

When the potatoes are cooked but not starting to disintegrate, add to the soup zazharku and cucumbers. Try the broth after boiling, adjust salt, add seasonings. Young greens add immediately after removing the pan from the heat.

The Finished pickle will continue to rise. Cover it with a lid, if possible wrap it in a towel. Leave a pickle on a quarter of an hour to all the flavors mixed and the taste is fully revealed.

Vegetable recipe with mushrooms

And do you know what to make pickle with barley, cucumbers and flavorful mushrooms possible even during a Church post? This dish can be a real boon: it is rich in vitamins and its taste is not inferior to skoromniy options with meat.

Let's look at how to cook a delicious soup without the meat components.

For this recipe we need the mushrooms. Of course, you can do the purchase button mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, but if you manage to get a real forest, that's just fine.

As in the previous case, let's start with the barley. She let a little swell in the water, and we meanwhile, prepare the mushrooms. For the specified number of products will need a quarter kilogram of forest treasures.

Inspect, is there any forest dweller in the flesh. Clean the cap and the stem from the forest dust, pine needles and grass, cut with a knife of the dark spots as shown in the photo.

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