Cafe Samara. An overview of the most popular places: "the Old cafe", "Coin" and "Samara M"


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And the samarians, and tourists can always have a great time and eat in the many cafes in Samara. Fortunately, in this great city there are plenty to choose from. The article describes what cafes in Samara, dishes of what cuisine they serve, what costs should be guided to the client. Describes the institutions of “Coin”, “Samara-M» and «Old cafe”.

What cuisine do you prefer?

Lovers of Russian cuisine is café “the Tanya”, “book”, “Peace”, “player”, “an Old cart”, “Akihiro”, “Marani”, “dune", "Della", "Robinson", «Blues», “Magdalene”, “Guatemala», «Tete-a-tete”, “adventures Shurik», «Innocent cellar”, “Volzhskaya kitchen”, “Attic”, “Amsterdam”, “XI”, “Gala”, “Old yard”, “White collar”, “Bay”, “Cup”, “eagle”.

For those who prefer Georgian cuisine, always open door café “Genatsvale”, “Coin”, “Golden fleece”, “adventures Shurik», «Kebab house”, “Marani”, “my”, “Khinkali and Khachapuri”, “player”, a Rich Garden, “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” and “Tbilisi”.cafe Samara

Italian cuisine is served in the “Town”, “Cup”, “the Golden horseshoe”, “sad”, Pizzakit, Pit stop, “Domino”, “Akira" Academy, "Amsterdam", “Two captains”, “Sicily” and “Portofino”.


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Japanese and Chinese cuisine can boast of an art cafe called "Gallery / Gallery" tea "Cha" summer project Soft house, patisserie “espresso” and “Robinson”, “Strike”, “Focus”, “Zanzi Bar / Zanzibar" “Town”, Euforia, "Akira”, “hot Pot” and “Domino / Domino”. And Korean food, treats café “Cooksey”.

The Cost of delicious rest

The Most expensive cafes in Samara is considered the “Retro”. Here, the average check per person ranges from 1000 to 2000 rubles.

In all other cafes of Samara, the average check is written for an amount from 400 to 1000 rubles. Among them is a tea called "Cha" summer project Soft house, art café “Gallery / Gallery», Pirogovo “Stolle / Stolle" cafe "Puri", "Robinson", "Khayyam”, “Khinkali &Khachapuri”, “the Deck”, “my”, “The sweet life», «Kebab house”, “Strike”, “dune", "Tete-a-tete”, “Honey”, “Focus”, “Zanzi Bar / Zanzibar”, “hot Pot”, “Akira", "Amsterdam”, “Domino / Domino”, Euforia, "Beloved city”, “Cool / Prohlada”, “book”, “Visit” and “lemonade Joe”.

The cheapest places to eat in the cafe «City», «Locomotive», «Biryusinka”, “Cooksey" confectionery "espresso". The average bill here will cost 400 rubles.


In Kirovsky district of Samara is a place where you can relax from the worries and bustle of the city and enjoy delicious dishes of Russian and European cuisine. The cafe is called “Coin”. Here you can enjoy succulent skewers on the grill, fragrant soup, and a variety of breads. In addition, the menu offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic coin Samara

Visitors like to come here families. Here also often meet business partners, arranged the Banquet. The atmosphere is pleasant, for customers is always light music playing. The service is quick and prices are reasonable. The café “Coin” (Samara) are both cash and cashless payments. There in the school free Wi-Fi.

In the interior everything, nothing is superfluous. There are areas for smokers and non-smokers. Also in summer, visitors can choose a table on the terrace.

The Exact address of cafe ‘Coin”: Samara, street is old Zagora, 178а. It works every day from noon until two in the morning.


Cozy cafe "Samara" in Samara, known under the name “Samara-M", is located near the metro station «Sporting». You are always welcomed visitors. All who wish to enjoy the wonderful dishes of Russian, European and Caucasian cuisine are offered 3 rooms, designed for one hundred thirty and twenty-five guests. cafe Samara in Samara

Cafe "Samara" in Samara (“Samara-M”) – perfect place for small meeting in a small company, and for a noisy party on the occasion of birthday, wedding, anniversary. Spent here a holiday to remember thanks to the comfortable interior, excellent service, great menu and affordable prices. Business lunch, for example, is offered here for 165 rubles. And the average bill for a Banquet menu per person is 800 rubles. The birthday customer a 20% discount.

For visitors, there are DJs, sound of today's hits and all the familiar hits, hot Latin rhythms, Eastern songs, and slow music.

“Samara-M» Monday through Thursday from 11:00 to 02:00 Friday 11:00 to 6:00, Saturday from 13:00 to 06:00 and Sunday from 13:00 to 02:00 at the address: Gagarina str., 99 (TC "Samara-M"). Here is an excellent mood to all.

“Old cafe”

Not Far from the Victory Park on the street Airfield works “Old cafe”. It offers European cuisine. In addition, the opportunity for everyone to sing karaoke or play a game of Russian Billiards. This will certainly raise the spirits not only to participants but to all watching.old cafe Samara

The Special flavor of the interior of the cafe gives exactly painted walls, peremejatayasa with decoration in brick. It is nice not only to spend the evening in the company of friends, but also to organize a Banquet or a romantic date.

Prices are low. The average check will cost 500 rubles.

The Exact address, which runs on the “Old cafe”: Samara, Aerodromnaya street, 65A. Working hours - from 12 noon to midnight, seven days a week.

What's new in Samara?

Along with the long-running café Samara are always new. Thanks to this tasty meal and a good time always have somewhere to go.

In 2013, opened and since then successfully operating 3 the cafe "Khinkali &Khachapuri”, serving Georgian cuisine, Euforia (Japanese cuisine) and tea "Cha" with European and Japanese cuisine. This is a new cafe cafes Samara

In 2014 opened a new place “Retro” with Russian and European cuisine.

In 2015, September 1, the opening of city cafe ‘Sweater’. It is quite a large alcohol, tea and coffee, a varied and constantly changing menu. Here, vegetarians and hardcore meat eaters can satisfy their culinary tastes. Cafes ‘Sweater’ offers Breakfast, and a bonus to them until 12:00 free glass of juice or a Cup of coffee. Also the staff offers to help in the organization and conduct of thematic and musical evenings, and cooking classes. Attention is paid to the smallest visitors. They also held children's entertainment events.

Bon appetit!


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