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Herring is loved by many people and as fish dishes and as appetizer and as a component of sandwiches. However, not everyone is happy with the quality of the factory pickling, or you want a different taste. Are the fussiest of eaters come up with many alternative ways of salting favorite fish. And every marinade for herring will give her a new, often unexpected taste. In this article we will look at some very interesting recipes that will excite any fan of the herring.marinade herring

Apple touch

Start by asking more or less the traditional marinade for herring – with vinegar. However, additional components are very ennobled usual standard. Takes half a Cup of vinegar in it sapaudia two tablespoons of sugar, a few peppercorns (you can take and allspice, and black), Bay leaf (break), half chopped red onions, half sour green Apple (also cut or grate), one chopped gherkin and a tablespoon of capers. In the tray formed by the layers of the marinade and the sliced fillet of fresh herring, a bowl filled with cold water, closes tightly and hides in the fridge for a couple days. Especially good kind of fish with onion rings, mustard and sour cream.marinade for herring recipe


A Very interesting marinade for herring, the recipe of which includes wine. In particular, it is proposed to use the sherry. In a glass of wine dissolves a spoonful of sugar, fill three tablespoons of wine (in the original – the sherry, but proven: wine) vinegar, and marinade is flavored with pinch of white pepper. Again, cut fillet (pieces taken already salty) and a big red onion (half rings). Herring is formed into a container, pereslavychi onions, pour the marinade and aged at least a day. Be stored without compromising the quality can be up to two weeks.


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Ginger marinade "Mathias"

Not everyone knows what baked herring in itself – a delicacy. However, before cooking the fish should be pickled. The perfect marinade for herring, which is supposed to be sent into the furnace, is made thus: mix in one container a little less than a pint of water, juice of half a lemon, two spoons of liquid honey, the same amount of sesame oil and half a Cup of soy sauce. The liquid is added two tablespoons of freshly grated ginger, a teaspoon of pepper and two crushed cloves of garlic. The sauce is mixed, it is poured polukilogrammovy fillet of fresh Norwegian herring, which is left for half an hour for marinating.marinade for herring with vinegar

“the Swedish herring glazier”

This mysterious name is the marinade for pickled herring, which I would like to give a new flavor to the sound. A third of a kilo fillet fish weak Ambassador three to four hours soaked in water, then obrushivaetsya and cut into narrow slices. Carrots cut into strips, two onions (again, red) - transparent polyolefine, and half of lemon – very thin slices. Boiled half a Cup of water, dissolve in it 2 tablespoons of sugar, poured a third glass of wine white vinegar, and the fire immediately extinguished. In hot even sinking marinade carrots and sapaudia spices: one and a half teaspoons of mustard seeds, half a teaspoon allspice and black pepper peas and two leaf Lavrushka. In a glass jar laid out a layer of fish, then – lemon, followed by-bow, and all filled with marinade. In the cold herring should stand for three days, after which it is swept away from the table with enthusiastic consumers.marinade for pickled herring

Norwegian rural aunt Gerda

This marinade for herring allows to obtain a finished product very quickly – in just three to four hours. Combine half a Cup of tomato puree and a quarter of the same juice, three tablespoons of olive oil, ground allspice and black pepper (to taste), salt and half tablespoon of sugar. All this is whipped, gradually to the mixture poured half a Cup of cream. Pieces of herring fillets are placed in a jar, alternating half-rings of red onion and layers of the marinade-it is quite thick. Believe me, you can't imagine how delicious could be this fish!

Honey herring Danish

This is another marinade for pickled herring, this time of Danish origin. Mix half a Cup of sour cream, two tablespoons of strong mustard, a spoon of brandy (you can substitute cognac or brandy) and vinegar and five tablespoons of light honey like acacia or lime. Salt and pepper are added to taste. Herring shifted onion rings and plates of garlic, pour the marinade and stand in it for about a day.

Herring in Icelandic

Coastal countries every one invented their fill for such a popular fish. Icelandic herring marinade for homemade is from one and a half cups water, three tablespoons sugar, one teaspoon of salt and cinnamon, half spoon white pepper, 10 crushed cloves and a big spoon of crushed ginger. All this is boiled, filtered, after which the mixture pouring a third Cup of vegetable oil, two tablespoons red wine and Apple cider vinegar. This mixture is poured the sliced fillet on a day (keep it cold). The most delicious herring will be available in multilayer sandwich with apples on black bread.marinade for herring homemade

Instead of vinegar – vodka

Many people believe that without the vinegar to marinate anything is impossible. The only exceptions are for kebab meat – there is a choice of bases is large enough. However, there is a marinade for herring, whose recipe successfully complete without this sour component. Very small chili pepper finely chopped and pounded with a teaspoon of lemon juice and two cloves of minced garlic. Added a little dill, one-third of a small spoon of sugar, half a Cup of vegetable oil and teaspoon of vodka. This team is filled with sliced fillet and stand in refrigerator for several hours.

Note that whatever the marinade for the fish you choose, the important thing is quality of fish. And please note – all recipes are already cut fish portions and even sliced. You can, of course, pickling and whole carcass, but then will have to wait much longer.


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