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Every woman tries in the summer season to make as many preparations for the winter. To please and amaze your family, she is experimenting with different foods and recipes.

pear wildings

For the preparation of workpieces is often used pear wildings. Themselves its fruits are inedible, but the jam can please your taste of any gourmet. How to cook it? Now tell.

The First recipe

A very aromatic jam, pear wildings. To prepare it spend approximately an hour of time. The number of components calculated for one quart.

To prepare you need:

  • Kilo-shrinkable;
  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • One small lemon
  • 200 milliliters of water.

The Technology of preparation

To prepare this jam, you need only the ripe fruit. Because we all know that the varieties of wild fruits deteriorate much faster then before you start the cooking process, take time carefully to revise them. If you come across a little flattened and with stains, they will not work, because it will ruin the appearance of the dessert.

When the pears are selected, they should be well washed with water and dried on a paper towel.

To after it easier to enjoy this delicacy, tails can not be removed – just a little shortened.

The fruit should be punctured in many places. This is to ensure that during cooking the syrup soak better into the bag.

Having done all these manipulations, the fruits should be kept in boiling water for about seven minutes. Then move them for a few minutes in a pot with cold water.

In a separate container is done in the syrup. For this water with sugar brought to the boiling point. Then you need to wait until the last crystals dissolve.

In the hot syrup peremejayutsya prepared pears. Then they are left for 24 hours.

At the end of this time present the fruits together with the syrup going on the stove, brought to a boil. Then another 5 minute boil on the slow fire.

Then with the plate removed future jam. After sent again to infuse for 12 hours. This process should be done three times, and all due to the fact that the skin of the fruit is very firm.

When the dessert is to boil for a last time, you have of a lemon squeeze the juice and add to a bowl of them.

Ready jam from pear wildings should be closed in hot form in pre-prosterilizovat banks.

Cooled it upside down, wrapped in something warm, for about a day.

This conservation is kept at room temperature.

In this recipe to give the dessert a more intense taste, while cooking you can add different components, such as: cinnamon, wine, lemon peel, cloves.

Very sweet jam

Everyone knows that the pear and the wilding itself is not very juicy. It is therefore suitable only for jam. To taste it is slightly sour but pleasant.

jam pear wildings

To jam pear wildings in the winter it's more of a sweet tooth, then you will need:

  • Kilograms of fruit;
  • 1500 grams granulated sugar;
  • 500 milliliters of water.

Whole and undamaged fruits are thoroughly washed and cut into small slices. They are placed in boiling water in there until, until it becomes softer. Pears then removed from the water. Let them cool slightly. This liquid, add sugar, boil the syrup.


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In the ready syrup, but boiling, add the cooled pears and cook 15 minutes.

After leave to infuse for 24 hours. To do so three times.

The Hot jam is poured into prepared jars, closed and sent to cool.


Another way to cook jam from the wildings (pear). The recipe is quite simple. To prepare you need:

  • Wild pears– kilogram;
  • Apples – 1 pounds;
  • Sugar – same amount.

Jam making

Fruits are carefully selected and washed under streaming water. After cut into small slices and put in a deep container, while peresypaya sugar. Then I leave for a few hours and wait for to see the juice.

After that send them should be hot surface, boil and set aside for 24 hours. To do so three times.

Ready to jam is poured into sterile jars. Then wrapped and remains in this form until cool.

How else is preparing jam, where the main ingredient pear wildings? Recipes for the winter can be very diverse. Although at first glance they are all very similar, but actually each in itself is unique.

Jam from pears


  • Kilo-shrinkable;
  • 1000-1200 grams of sugar (this depends on what should be a jam-tart or sweet);
  • 250-375 ml of water.

pear wildings for the winter

Pears rinse well and dry. Gently they remove the tails and cut out the middle. In the end, you should have the following – the fruit itself is intact, and inside the through hole.

In an enamel container, the one where you are going to cook jam, fold the prepared fruit and filled with water. The liquid should cover them completely.

After you put on the stove and boil. Immediately reduce the heat to low and keepso, until the pears are a little soft. It will take about 10-15 minutes.

Then use a slotted spoon to remove the fruit in a clean and dry vessel.

Until slightly cooked pears cool down, you need to boil the syrup. Separately mix the water and sugar. Keep on the heat until the latter is completely dissolved.

When the syrup is ready, it is shifted pears. Then it all goes on the stove and boil for about 25 minutes. Capacity is removed and remains until cool. Then the cooking process should be repeated here, but cool it already have 12 hours.

After a time you need to check jam. If the pear is soft, then the jam is ready, then you can close it. If the fruits are still hard, then boil again for 25 minutes. Then you should give a little to cool down the jam. Then roll the product into jars.

Cooked pear wildings for the winter taste does not differ almost from usual. So in cold weather you can treat yourself to useful results.

Jam with the decoction of pears

Consider another recipe for the jam from this fruit. To prepare required:

  • Pear wildings – kilogram;
  • Sugar-1.5 kg;
  • The decoction of pears – 500 ml (it is in the cooking process).

Selected fruit is carefully washed under running water. Then remove their peel and remove the core. Chop them in small cubes and add to the pot. From top to pour cold water and boil until, until the pears are soft.

The Cooked fruit drain in a colander and water to use as broth pear.

Of the 500 ml of the decoction and sugar syrup is prepared. When on top it appeared to foam, add cooked pear.

pear wildings recipes for winter

The Fruit boil for 15 minutes. Then let them cool.

So you must do three days in a row, proviva jam two or three times in 24 hours. During this process, the jam should be cooled at room temperature, and necessarily covered.

After the last time it boils, the product can be as close to sterile jars, and to treat his household.

“Sugar” jam


  • Pear – 2 kg (purified form);
  • Sugar & ndash; 2.5 kg;
  • Water – 1 l

pear wildings recipes

Pears rinse well. A special device for removing the core, remove it. If not, you can just cut into slices, while removing the middle with a knife.

Fruit should be folded in a saucepan and cover with water so that the fruit was hidden under it completely. After you need to boil the pears until soft.

Then drain the water into one container. Fruits to put in another pot.

Take a bowl of water and a large mug, pour in the last quart of water. Then you add to it the sugar and mix. Send on a hot surface to cook the syrup. While the crystals will not dissolve and will not appear foam, you need to stir constantly.

In the hot finished syrup should shift the prepared pears and cook for 10 minutes. When you need to leave the product to cool for three hours. After this time, again, boil for 10 minutes.jam from the wild pear recipe

In sterilized jars, you first need to put the hot pear and then pour their syrup.

You can Now close the lids.


Amateurs experiment clearly like have the following recipe.

For cooking you will need:

  • Pear wildings – 1 kg;
  • Sugar – 1 kg;
  • White wine – 200 ml;
  • One lemon (juice).


Carefully wash the pears and chop them with a fork in many places. Throw into boiling water and hold there for about seven minutes. Cooling fruits need cold water, then transfer to a dry pot.

jam pear wildings for the winter

In a container, where it will boil the syrup, pour the wine and vsypaya sugar. Then it all should be mixed and send to the oven. When the syrup boils, pour it over the pears and leave for 24 hours for impregnation.

This jam is Cooked in several stages, the intervals between them are 12-24 hours.

When the jam will boil for a last time, lemon juice is added.


Now you know what is pear wildings. Recipes of the different variants of jam from this fruit we are considered in the article. I hope that you will have to weld a billet for the winter at home.

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