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For the original table or cooking unusual dishes, frequently used dishes and cooking utensils, whose names are not always known to all. Kotelnica, mananita, the pots, the clay pot - what is it? Such borrowed words are indicated by the pieces a very specific purpose.

The clay pot as a sign of new tastes

the clay pot that it isThis tableware number among a certain segment of the population is known and even popular for the last two – the pots and the clay pot. What is it? This is a special dish for favorite coffee and Julien, which had taken root and become "our". And Julien, in its modern interpretation - "mushrooms in sour cream", – ancient Russian dish. But never before had to prepare dozens of dishes from them was not required to bowl. This achievement time. Now in the presence of a global information space and the huge number of cooking shows on television it is very difficult to stick to just traditional methods of cooking. Quite impossible to ignore the new designs of old kitchen utensils and the appearance of new, convenient and beautiful items, which include the clay pot.

Borrowed the names of popular dishes

So sometimes it happens that something give the name, origin and the exact meaning of which is unknown, and it survives. What is the correct linguistic interpretation of the words “Julien” or “Olivier’, what do they mean? Whether the name of the chef-innovator, or the month of July, hinting at summer ingredients in salads, soups, sauces, the title of which is this expression. Whatever it was, and in French cuisine "Julien" is a method of slicing vegetables or any food products. To the shredder applies chiffonade – crushing of leafy vegetables (cabbage, lettuce and so on). If Julien – this is a kind of vegetable cutter, bowl – what is it? China small capacity, which has two purposes – the cooking and serve it on the table. All of the name-borrowed, and all of French. Surprising – it's a historical fact considering the fact that for decades this language has been “native” for the Russian aristocracy.


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The advantages and disadvantages of specialized pots

Julien EN cocotteThe Current domestic Julien EN cocotte taste has only advantages, because after a preliminary roasting it more and baked in the spirit cupboard in a dedicated capacity. About preserving the original use of the crude product after the double heat treatment can not speak with any shredder. A form for this kind of mushroom dishes can be anything – especially processed potatoes, bread in the shape of little pots, the same principle processed zucchini or other products. Any of these edible containers – bowl for Julien. Soaked in the cooking process content, it will add charm to the dish. But there is a special utensil for this kind of food. It is usually, portion. The materials from which these utensils are made may be different, but not necessarily heat-resistant and safe in all senses. All these requirements fully correspond to the ceramic ramekins. Modern design is so attractive. Tableware made of specially fired clay, is very popular, because the food created in it has a new unique taste. Due to its thick walls it is changing the process of cooking – it turns out that somewhere between boiling, braising and frying. In this age of a global experiment to combine incompatible ingredients in the clay pot can't stay away. And now there is a new dish – pork with oranges in wine sauce, is brought to perfection in portion of the container. Pans, pots, baking dishes guarantee along with fast cooking even increase palatability of the end product. The dish in the clay pot is a vivid illustration.

The appearance of the word “bowl”

cocotte JulienWhence came this name? First, his homeland - France. Cocote – translated from French means “chicken”. It is natural to assume that the clay pot for Julien, this portion of the capacity that was intended for dishes made from poultry. In France, along with the famous onion or grated soup is very popular hot dish - the potage Julien. A small portion utensils for cooking and serving this dish or, more likely, utensils for cooking sauces in chicken broth or hot chicken was obliged to have in its title a hint of poultry – more specifically on cocote. The question arises: "the clay pot that it is?" Most often it is a small, single-serving, metal or ceramic pot with a fairly long handle. It is intended for preparation of hot snacks of any kind, but, as noted above, the composition of the dish must include chicken and vegetables, shredded in a certain way.

Assignment ramekins

dish cocotteBy Itself portion the shape is exquisite and designed to serving. When there are several, while the handle is decorated with a cuff and the top of the dish sprinkled with fresh herbs, the sight not only stimulates the appetite, and delivers pure aesthetic joy. Julienne in a cocotte is an incredibly popular and delicious dish which is an integral part of the menu all modern restaurants and cafes. Portioned containers may be different shapes. If they are made in the form of a sea shell, it's kotelnica that too, there are metal and ceramic. Other forms – pots, saucepans, jugs and small pans. A diminutive form is appropriate here, since the volume of this specialized cookware is always not more than 100 ml. Most of the moulds were made of stainless steel. They are more durable.


ceramic ramekinsIs Now very popular ceramic ramekins. They are usually beautiful and modern, the dish looks more appetizing in them, they wash well, as they do not burn. In addition, they are well stored food. The porosity of ceramics offers a special mode of cooking – food languishing, which gives it a unique taste. Bowl for Julien withstands high temperatures and long retains its presentation.
In French cuisine, there is their national dish, resembling Russian Julien. Only this cold appetizer, served on a slice of bread, and instead of sour cream it adds a bit of dry wine. The authors of this dish will never arise the question: "the clay pot that it is?" Because for preparation of cold snacks, it is simply not needed. All of the above qualities has a very expensive batch capacity, made of porcelain of the highest grades. She not only has a specialized purpose, but also a specialized range of applications.


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