Analysis of the poem Briusov "the Dagger". A vivid example of Russian classicism


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Despite the fact that Bryusov had a direct relationship to symbolism is still one of his brilliant creations belongs to the Russian classicism. Poem “Dagger” was written in 1903, it is dedicated to Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov and Alexander Pushkin – two great writers, who gave his life to the struggle against the autocracy that raised in his works, questions of freedom and the role of the poet in society.

analysis of the poem Briusov daggerAnalysis of the poem Briusov “Dagger” allows you to draw a parallel with the work of Lermontov. Valery has used in his work only one metaphor, comparing a blade with a poetic gift. In his opinion, all ought to master the sharp weapon of vengeance. Bruce believes that the word has a very big impact, the only question is whether the poet himself to hone his skills and to convey to the public the hidden meaning of the verses that they were clear.

Analysis of the poem Briusov “Dagger” allows you to see the differences between the worldview of the author and his predecessors – Pushkin and Lermontov. Alexander and Mikhail believed that the poet should write poems for people not paying attention to obstacles and misunderstandings. But Valery Yakovlevich thinks that it is pointless to talk about high matters, if the nation is in captivity. The poet is unable to change anything, yet people do not try to get rid of the burden. The writer should obey the public opinion and not Vice versa.

Bruce daggerValery understands that alone he can do nothing. Analysis of the poem Briusov “Dagger” shows that the author assigns to the poet the role of an observer and eliminates any value of the literature. The writer must engage in the fight, when start riots. Valery Bryusov “Dagger” written with the belief in the change of the political situation in the country. Many believe that he had the gift of foresight, since two years after writing the poem was a revolution.


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Valery predicted shift of public information, he clearly decided which side will play. Analysis of the poem Briusov “Dagger” allows us to understand that the author admires the works of Lermontov and Pushkin, realizing that their works were more important to society than his work. Valery Yakovlevich chooses the side of the people, but he cannot explain why he does it. Mikhail and Alexander at the time were the link between the different layers of society, but the Bruce is not.

verse Bryusov daggerThe Poet is not proud of his work, because he is not able to change anything. In the works is not heard a call to action, the tsarist regime did not pay any attention to them. Verse Bryusov “Dagger” insisted that he “songwriter of the struggle" of the poet is aware that he lacks the dissent audacity Lermontov and Pushkin. Valery is not able to lead the crowd, become a thought leader, his fate – accept the will of the public and disappear into the gray mass.

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