What does CSKA? Central Army Sports Club, the legend of the Russian sports


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What does CSKA, not only knows a person, absolutely not interested in sports. This is one of the most renowned and oldest clubs of Russia and the former Soviet Union, which traces its history, from the society of fans of skiing.

what does CSKA


Central Army Sports Club (the answer to the question, as the stands CSKA Moskva) is a seven-time USSR champion, five-time winner of the USSR Cup, a seven-time winner of the Cup of Russia and four-time champion of Russia. It is impossible not to mention the status of five-times winner of Russian super Cup. But that's not all achieve. This is the first football club of Russia, who won the UEFA Cup (2004-2005). Most recently, in 2013, he won the national championship, which was held at the system called “fall-spring" (2012-2013). Based on all the above achievements, it is possible to say with confidence why today almost everyone knows, stands for CSKA, because it is really a legend of Russian football.


In 1911, began the history of this club. Then in the community of ski enthusiasts organized a soccer section on the basis of which formed three strong teams. They are in the same year, the first time took part in the Moscow Championship (class “B”). In 1928, February 23, in Moscow, opened the Central house of the red Army, and when it was organized by sports Department. And in the same year sports forces belonging to the above society, was transferred to the newly-CDKA. Seven years later, he won the championship of Moscow. In 1936 was held the championship of the Soviet Union in football, in which CSKA has won Moscow "Spartacus" with the score 3:0. But still had a few unsuccessful performances, which CDKA had completed the race, finishing in fourth place.


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How to decipher the CSKA football

CSKA Moscow during the war

Speaking about how CSKA stands for and the history of the football club, it is worth noting how the matches during the Second world war. 22 June 1941, the army had to play away from “Dinamo” in Kiev. But this meeting did not take place because early in the morning the city was bombed. Many players during the war were asked to send them to the front, but the leadership wanted to save the best athletes in the country, and they continued to train, no matter what. In 1942, the CDKA athletes who had secondary education went to military faculty in the Institute of physical education. 16 players at the end of his studies, he earned the rank of second Lieutenant. That is why in those times the question, as the stands CSKA-football, you could hear the answer – a team of lieutenants!

How to decipher the CSKA hockey


It is Impossible not to touch upon the subject of the sport. The answer to the question, as the stands CSKA-hockey, will be similar. It is also the Central Army Sports Club, which plays in the Kontinental Hockey League. It was founded later than that of football – 1946. CSKA is the most successful club of the Russian hockey. And what his achievements – is a separate issue. 32 times CSKA deserved the honorary title of the USSR Champion, eleven times became the prize-winner, and in 1962 he received the bronze. Twelve times the hockey club won the USSR Cup twice and reached the final. And, of course, participated in a larger competition. Twenty times won the European Champions Cup, won one victory in the Intercontinental Cup, won the Cup of Spengler. And that's not all his rewards. In 2010, 2011 and 2013 HC CSKA won the Cup of the Mayor of Moscow. The biggest win was 23:0, won over Kaunas “Spartacus” in the season of 1952-53. We can safely say that the team is really a legend of Russian sports, and she has not once prove their superiority.

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