Rotan - fish, able to survive even in the most dire of circumstances


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Rotan – fish squad okuneobraznyh. His body does not exceed a length of 25 cm rotan is Found in the rivers of Primorye and the Amur basin, but a few decades ago was entered in many bodies of water, where in short time became the main occupant.

fish rotanRotan – a small fish, often referred to as the head. Color it dark brown to almost black. On the belly and flanks are clearly visible brown spots. Rotana is also distinguished by two separate dorsal fin. The closest relative of this species is the southern bull. Mouth Rotana is big, it is directed upwards, lower jaw barely protrudes noticeably. Pelvic fins separate. During spawning males become almost black. Perhaps for this reason, perhaps, for a small movement to call rotan firebrand.

This fish prefers to stay near bushes, in the small snags in the shallows. She eats mainly animal food. Rotan – a fish that likes nothing better than eggs fry, so she quickly minimises the number of other species in the pond. Very often where this kind of settles, a year–two other fish remains. Rotan propagated only in the summer, the females lay eggs on the bottom leaves of water plants. Often spawning takes place in thickets of pondweed, water lilies and egg capsules. The number of eggs in one clutch of about 10 thousand. Rotan – the fish is very tenacious. It can survive even where other species, including carp and tench, die.

rotan fish photoToday rotan is an inhabitant of almost all the water bodies of Russia with the exception of the Crimean Peninsula. But perhaps his imminent appearance in these areas. It is noticed that in those waters where the activity is shown perch and pike, Rotana fails to take a leadership position. These types do not allow them to multiply and eat away the eggs of peaceful fish. But in ponds and lakes, where there is one carp, rotan is very quickly mastered and becomes master of the situation. Most often, this voracious fish is the only occupant of the small ponds with very harsh living conditions. Career is stagnant, covered with mud, overgrown ponds. Rotan is capable of no worse than carp to migrate a critical lack of oxygen and the complete freezing of the pond in the winter.


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rotan fish catchingRotan – fish and fishing which can bring a lot of fun. The largest specimens are kept under cover of duckweed or under the broad leaves of water lilies. This behavior is highly unusual for the bulls. With a strong growth of pond they are looking for gaps or Windows among aquatic vegetation. Such places can be done artificially, even with a normal shelf. Rotana, is not so timid. To the site free from vegetation, they slivayutsya very quickly, they do not mind human presence. Noticed another interesting feature. Rotan loves a red and white float. The reasons for this are not clear. But the fishermen noticed that it draws the attention of nimble fishes.

Here's an interesting rotan fish. Photos can be seen in this article. This fish has personality and unfairly not popular among professional anglers.

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