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Well-Known Russian sportsman Aleksey Seliverstov (bobsleigh) leads an active life in sport and outside it. He clearly knows how to get the win, because his score is not one of the honorary pedestal and thousands of kilometers of the ice road.

Alexei Seliverstov


Born Seliverstov Alexey in Ufa in 1976. His parents wanted to ensure that his son played sports. This is what he chose ... And he went to athletics. The guy reached receipt of candidate master of sports and started weight lifting, particularly power lifting. In this sport, Alex has also achieved success in the CCM.

Training a guy successfully combined with the work of a fireman in one of the settlements of Ufa. In 2000 Alex graduated from the Academy of physical education in the Urals.

One day in training he was approached by the coach Rustem Faizov and asked him if the young man to participate in international competitions. Alex Seliverstov came to bobsledding. He was at that time 20 years.

In 2001, Seliverstov, not only do bobsleigh. He also was responsible for physical training in the Riot police of Bashkiria.


In 1995, Alex has went to Italy in the youth team. Two years later, began preparations for the first Olympics. The competition was held in Nagano, and the Russians occupied 19-e a place.

At the next Olympic games in salt lake city a team of bobsledders improved the result to 16 places. Winning the bronze medals came in the world Cup 2003. Alex with his friends felt the taste of victory, because it was the first podium of the national team in this sport.

Alexei Seliverstov Bob

The Main success to Alex and his teammates came at the Olympics in Turin. The Quartet led by Alexey Voevoda won the silver medal, losing only fractions of a second to the Germans.

In the future, Seliverstov together with Zubkov and team became twice winner of the world Cup in 2005-06. The boys won silver and bronze at the world Champions 2005 and 2008, respectively. Also became winners in the European competition in 2005.


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On account of the legendary Quartet's many pedestals in the national championship and Cup of Russia.

Alexei won in two-man teams. Bob starts 2004 with a friend he showed the best result. In 2003 she won the third place at the world Cup.

Life outside of the track

After a career in professional sport Alexey Seliverstov, continued its activities. Just now Bob turned to hockey. In 2009 Alex was invited to be the fitness coach in HC Neftekamsk "Toros". A year later, the team fell short of first place in the championship. And the following season became the bronze prize-winner.

Then Seliverstov received an offer to work with famous club "Salavat Yulaev". The athlete signed a 3 year contract and prepares a hockey player for the important games.

Alex is not only an athlete but also an entertainer. After the triumph in Turin he was invited to participate in the project "the Great race" in the team of Andrei Malakhov, Stas Piekha, Askold zapashnogo, Alice Grebenschikova.


The 41-year-old athlete is interested in collecting mugs. The first of them, Alexei had brought from Atlanta. He compares his hobby of keeping a diary of the travel - the names on mugs, you can remember where and when visited. Total collection includes more than 200 copies.

Seliverstov Alexey

In Addition, Alexey Seliverstov an enviable groom. Known in Ufa, the leading Eugene Mashko announced in the Network is casting for a future wife of a famous athlete. According to Alexey, his wife needs to be educated, to be able to cook well and to get his attention. The most important advantage, says, "matchmaker" Mashko, is "the ability of women to bring Alexei to the wedding"!

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