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What is often thinking of the modern man? At work, he is a list of products that you will need to buy at the store for dinner. Immediately, discussions with colleagues the latest new movies. On the way home, as a rule, people read books or blamed traffic jams. And what about the evening? After work most of us watch TV, listen radio, discusses with family conflicts arising at work, etc. How do you find the time to think about yourself and your life? This is a retreat. It is nothing like the process of privacy for making domestic work. At the time the person is removed from his usual outside world. This allows you to work on yourself.

retreat it

The Origins of the retreat can be found in most of the world's religious teachings. In earlier times this practice was part of sacred rituals. Today, the retreat gives people the ability to free your mind from unwanted tension and restore physical strength.


In all times there were such people who were mostly interested in their own happiness and development. After all, many centuries ago, despite the absence of metro, the Internet, television and numerous office buildings, the human mind still was restless. To rise above the everyday bustle and think about something really worthwhile for our ancestors was just as hard as we do. But mankind found a way out. It was a very simple and affordable. From the hustle and bustle for some time, you just need to leave. So did, for example, novices and monks of many religions. They were hiding from the world in the proper place and doing a.


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Today, this pastime is becoming more and more popular. But as the retreat. The translation to English means “seclusion, refuge, withdrawal from society, a retreat”.

retreat what is it

The retreat is meant in-depth spiritual practice of meditation, yoga, etc., accompanied by complete immersion. Thus for this event must be met certain conditions. For example, the chosen place of retreat. It must be secluded and be located in close proximity to the natural environment. Suitable for retreat and meeting areas. During the next five to six hours are practicing a variety of meditation and yoga. Retreat from it gives such a powerful effect that once a person begins to feel real results in my life.

Varieties booth

Practices of retreats there are many. It all depends on the belonging to a particular school. Such activities can be both individual and group. Sometimes women's retreat. Sometimes, the practice of solitude is carried out in complete silence, and sometimes it involves living an active connection.

It is Difficult to answer the question: “What do you mean retreat?” Sometimes it is almost continuous meditation, only occasionally interrupted by food and sleep. Sometimes such a retreat, which is held in a festive atmosphere. It usually can be arranged in a variety of workshops on mangalaraj and pattern.

Different and pursued a similar privacy goals. So, some people, spending training camp, engaged only in the search for harmony with oneself and self-knowledge. Others devote this time to develop any knowledge or spiritual practices.

Allocate retreats and scope of the meeting. So, today, there are spiritual practices for leaders. Successful administration firms organize quarterly one-day retreat and every year – three day. During spiritual practices enhance mutual trust, clear business strategy that can accelerate the progress towards a common goal.

Some companies conduct a retreat for the staff. This practice will also strengthen the trust of employees to each other and enable the various units to define a common strategy, focusing on success.

Currently, are not uncommon family retreats. After all, to slow down the pace of life, after spending a little peace and quiet, should everyone. The best place for a family retreat will be a camping trip or other activity conducted outdoors. Such activities will allow all the households to go beyond their usual way of life.

There are so-called weekly Sabbath. When performing this ritual, no one goes to the store, not working, does not include the computer or watching TV.

For the duration of also classified retreat. This can be from a few hours during the day and can last more than one year. In the first case, the person withdraws from the world and engaged in important issue during periods free from work. In the last people usually leave home to places remote from civilization. Of course, there are other options in the interim the retreat.

what does the retreat

However, not everyone can afford to quit work and go abroad to retire from the world and immerse yourself in the practice. That is why there are various one-day and multi-day seminars. Their attendance and enables a person to face himself. It's a great time to think about my life, aboutwhat has been done and what remains. Such practices allow you to fall out of the busy world, and returning it, to feel like a different person.

Objectives of the retreat

Even the great Buddha advised the people to closely investigate their lives. And the need for this retreat. The value of this practice to humans lies in its by the study. After all, everyone must answer the question of who he really is and what he means in this life.

The Second objective of the retreat is to care away from their opinions and their conditions for returning to original nature. No wonder this spiritual practice calls on his supporters not to get attached to anything.

The Third task of the retreat reads: “Just do it!” Indeed, it is already defined, when to get up, meditate and communicate. People only have to do this.

The Last task, pursued by practice of the retreat, is to “Wake up” to continue to help this world. For the sake of privacy exists.

Developed a system of rules

Whatever training retreat, his conduct always implies adherence to a particular system. So, this spiritual practice has a schedule, which marked the beginning and end of the event. In addition, answering the question “what do you mean retreat?”, we can say that it is the specific responsibility of all its participants, which is expressed in the elusive combination of inner freedom and strict discipline. Only in this case the person is able to integrate into the cyclical rhythm of life.

training retreat

Retreat requires another rule that involves giving up coffee, alcohol and meat. The body should not be distracted to digest heavy food. Therefore, during the execution of the spiritual practices people should adhere to a vegetarian diet.

Retreat and knowledge

The Life of modern man is inextricably linked with the Internet. This global resource has given people unlimited access to knowledge. However, the more information we consume, the less its volume affects us. Unrealized knowledge does not work. It is within us dormant. There is a paradoxical situation. On the one hand, the man seemed to know a lot, but to make anything can not.

And here we come to the aid retreat. What does this mean for modern man? It is a program completely opposite to that which we use to obtain knowledge. Spiritual practice does not affect the intellectual level of understanding. It is action in its pure form, which uses a limited flow of information or even exclude it. In other words, the retreat does not present people no theory. It gives information, limited the scope of performed practices.

During the events of the retreat you will not hear any philosophical arguments. Not here of certain generalizations. That is why for those who do not know retreat – what it is, we can say that it is a practice which gives us the most important thing – a certain level of personal experience. It can run our lives change. In addition, the retreat allows you to clear the mind from clutter, resulting from the perception of various concepts and theories.

The Essence of retreat

The Ancient spiritual practice allows a person to go beyond everyday life. In this lies the essence of the retreat. Only a drastic change of scenery and the break from everyday reality, we are able to overcome the inertia of the usual flow of life and to move away from patterns of thinking and behavior.

In Other words, the meaning of the retreat concluded in the withdrawal from everyday life for understanding and self-understanding. To implement this practice is through focusing on meditation, yoga or another activity. Retreat – a job that not only allows you to clear the mind, improve emotional state, but come to a deeper sense of purpose on earth.

The Practice of silence

The Modern world requires constant communication-business and social, domestic, and creative. We strive for the most efficient receiving and presenting information, and for most of us, it is unacceptable to interrupt this flow.

camp translation

However, there is a retreat of silence. It is an ancient spiritual practice that has existed since time immemorial. The greatest distribution it received in Christianity, Buddhism and religions of India. Previously it was a vow of silence in the woods or in the mountains. This occurred mainly monks. They fasted and prayed in solitude.

What was the purpose of this retreat? He created the silence of the mind through the rejection speech. Those who could carry out this practice in India called "Muni". It was a perfect yogi who has attained the state of inner silence. It was believed that the conversations, especially unnecessary, people spend a lot of energy, which it is desirable to use for self-development.

Silence in the modern world

Look and refusal to talk can benefit not only the hermits and the monks. The more we say the words, the more chaotic and unstable it becomes our mind. In the maelstrom of thoughts man can't really hear any other people or the world around us, and, most importantly, himself. How to fix such a situation? You just need to stop talking and start practicing retreat. This will allow you to save energy, to producecontrol over your emotions and come to clarity, and internal control. This practice can help with hypertension, neuropsychiatric disorders, dystonia and headaches. But as a modern person to take in the silence? After a trip to a distant country for many of us a luxury? Of course, it's not easy, but to achieve this it is real.

The Silence in the big city

It is possible to carry out the retreat house. For this it is necessary to send the household to the country, in cafes, in guests, etc. Only in this way can we guarantee silence. This is the main condition of the retreat.

On the day of the spiritual practices of the walls of the house, it is better not to leave at all. Otherwise, you will need to communicate. For example, you will need to answer a passer like him to go somewhere, or to say Hello to a neighbor.

The Next step – getting rid of telephone, television and radio. These devices can simply disable it. It is also important not to forget about the animals. It is difficult to refrain from conversation when next there's a loyal dog or affectionate cat. And when it becomes physically not talk to anyone, try not to utter their thoughts aloud.

 women's retreat

The Most difficult when conducting a retreat of silence is the absence of speech “myself”. People should get rid of the chatter that goes on in his head. What will happen next? After observance of all these conditions comes a certain detachment. All people, events and phenomena will start to pass through the person without touching him. Will be the ability to remain silent, but at the same time to really hear and to listen to other people, starting to understand the world and ourselves.

Women's practice

People involved in this retreat, without any doubt, committed to joyful and happy life. It's a long and interesting way to change their destiny.

Unfortunately, modern society makes to the woman exacting requirements. After all, the current orientation of the world aims it at climbing the corporate ladder and making money. At the same time replaced by those feminine values that are given by nature. The fairer half of mankind lose the ability to give warmth and love your family. Most likely, because of this, some ladies began to lose touch with their female power, gradually going on the rails of men's life. This situation destroys health. The woman is left without male attention and care, becoming lonely and unhappy.

How to fix this situation? This will help the women's retreat. It will allow ladies to be happy, successful, to move away from the male line of behavior. After spiritual practice:

a woman gets the confidence, the harmony and joy of life;

- an awareness of their own attractiveness, beauty, and uniqueness.

Preparing to privacy

Before the retreat each person it is advisable to deal with the objectives and record them in your diary. If the motivation to engage in spiritual practice will be reduced, it is possible to read their thoughts, which will add additional strength.

Preparing for the retreat will be regular practice of Hatha yoga. This can be done by yourself or begin to attend classes in a special room. During this period, it is important to liberate and strengthen the body, especially the hip joints and the back. This is a very important step. Such training will allow you to pay more attention to the technique of meditation, not distracted while on discomfort in the muscles.

In preparation for the retreat is important and choice of clothing. It should be loose, soft and comfortable. In such clothes practicing person needs to feel comfortable enough, and his blood quietly circulate throughout the body.

It is also Recommended keeping a journal. In a notebook or Notepad needs to be written feelings that arise from the results of practices. It is impossible to remember those subtle feelings and effects that appear in the process of conducting a retreat. They are confused, forgotten and then simply leave the mind. To avoid this will be possible only when keeping the diary.

Recommendations during the retreat

During the retreat, you must turn off your phone and limit all external contacts. During this period, the gadgets can only be used as a clock or alarm. Only in this case the practitioner will be able to prevent unwanted new information and focus on privacy.

Observing the schedule of retreats is to organize a moderate diet. This is due to the fact that at the beginning of the next meditation, the body should be fully cope with food. After Breakfast and dinner we recommend a walk.

It is Worth remembering that during the retreat, the body must gain energy from meals, but by spiritual retreat. Lovers to eat needs to keep in mind that their full stomach will greatly reduce the effect from the event.

camp value

When conducting a retreat, it is important not to fall asleep. This condition will not allow to raise the energy up the body, and you get the opposite effect. Besides, one of the main goals of meditation is maintaining concentration on a chosen object. It is impossible when immersed in the dream.

After the retreat

At the end of practice, it is important not to waste your energy on trifles. To do this, you should limit yourself tothe pleasure and not to fill your stomach dense meals. Obtained during the practice of energy must be spent to the benefit.

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