Professional treadmills: the types and manufacturers


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Reliable, professional treadmills are an important trainer in any fitness center. They are indispensable in the restoration of physical activity of people with a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, those who for one reason or another can't afford Hiking or Jogging at the stadium, happy to go on this machine at the gym, or buy it for your home or office.

What to consider when choosing

It is Very important to know before buying, how to choose a treadmill correctly. A wide variety of companies and models leads to the fact that many consumers are lost. Therefore, you must know the main factors that then you pay attention. All professional treadmills consist of components that affect the comfort and safety of workouts.

  • The quality of the engine is a key factor when choosing treadmills. And if practicing at home will be enough capacity to 2 horsepower, for a gym this is not enough. And the greater the load unit is assumed, the more powerful it needs to be.
  • All sports treadmills vary in the width of the web, which depends on the physique exercising on the treadmill. If the unit is purchased not for personal use, you should ensure that it is convenient to everyone, even holders bulk build.
  • Choosing the Right depreciation of the treadmill will reduce the load on joints and spine. Then exercises for correction will not give side effect to other organs.
  • An Important factor in the choice of this simulator is a convenient control. Modern manufacturers of treadmills has achieved this unprecedented success: their products are equipped with color touch dashboards with a large number of functions. Some simulators are integrated training programs, starting with compound exercises for beginners and ending with army regulations.

Taking into account the above factors, you can choose a professional treadmill for home training, gym or fitness club.professional treadmill


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Leading manufacturers of treadmills

The Production of equipment is a number known in sports circles of firms. The cost of their manufactured products depend on the feature set of a specific model. So, if the treadmill is electric, the price will be higher.

Exercise Equipment produced by different manufacturers, have their own characteristics. The most popular treadmills are the models of Russian and foreign companies, But, Kampfer, Kettler, Larsen, Torneo, and some others.treadmill torneo

Vision Fitness

Treadmills produced by this company, have a powerful motor, quality parts and assembling, designed for prolonged heavy use. The quality of the equipment is confirmed not only by the visitors of the fitness centres, but also professional athletes.

Treadmills, Vision Fitness designed, often purchased for small gyms. They are able to withstand a greater load and do not require special care. And presentable design will look great in any interior.


The company in recent years, design professional treadmills, calculated on the highest available to the human body speeds. The wide blade is able to withstand weight up to 160 kg. To overclock this machine can be up to 20 km/h these technical indicators is impossible without a powerful engine and strong units.

An Important factor that increases the demand for the products of the company Matrixs, is a user-friendly interface display. Despite the fact that it is inscribed a large number of functions, including 5 modes of training, the novice can easily master the to choose a treadmill

Bronze Gym

The Simulators, released by this manufacturer, have the broad canvases and withstand the load even in the largest and most frequently visited sports halls. According to experts, these treadmills represent the best combination of price and quality.

The Disadvantages of this simulator is considered a limited number of control panel functions. It is sometimes necessary to install additional display for easy training. Another downside is the need for maintenance of the treadmill. To address this issue, the company established a special service center.


The Products of this manufacturer are of high quality and using latest technology. In the design of the simulator included three-zone cushioning system. While the dashboard is equipped with a multifunctional software that allows you to quickly switch the speed and changing the angle of the web.treadmill electric price


The Designers of these simulators have found a simple way to adjust the time of the service and the cost of the engine through the use of magnets of larger size. Price treadmill electric Horizon and its maintenance depends on the power of the motor, the intensity of his work and consume electricity. The size of the magnets allows you to create highthe speed of the track at low engine speeds.

Therefore, Horizon treadmills have a long life, combined with the reliable cushioning system and ease to use makes models from this manufacturer are popular in the sports center.treadmill manual

Spirit Fitness

Treadmill Fitness used successfully in medical clinics and rehabilitation centers. The quality of the trainer in conjunction with 12 training programs allows it to be used in rehabilitation therapy after surgery or working with people who have heart problems.


Exercise Equipment this company is able to cope with long loads. Engines this product is equipped with two-speed fan, through which the unit will not suffer from overheating as a result of long work. The comfort facilitates automatic distribution of weight, reducing the stress on your feet with every touch of the canvas.

Feature treadmills Cybex new generation was the introduction of the display with the function of connecting the system iPod or iPhone. This innovation allows you to do exercise not only high quality but also comfortable. So, business man on a treadmill can get the latest news, watch videos, or play music.treadmill fitness


The Equipment of this manufacturer is regarded for the accessibility and low price. Feature of this machine is that the treadmill Torneo created without electric motor. This allows you to save on the cost of the product. The speed of the fabric depends on the muscular effort of the exercising person. Therefore, such aggregates is contraindicated in persons with varicose veins and other diseases of the feet.

A picture of the treadmill rests on the magnets, which ensure its silent glide and reduce speed when movements become slower. Experts recommend treadmill Torneo for walking. Periodically required to check for potential bias of the fabric, to prevent breakage.sports treadmills

Usage Tips

In Addition to the question of how to choose a treadmill, an important factor is the correct use. To classes at the gym benefits, you need to remember several important points.

  • Define the purpose. The task will help to find the correct approach to the amount and intensity of training. Some desires may require more than just physical exercise. For example, the correction includes a review of diet.
  • You Need to decide whether the physical exercises include training on a treadmill or something. If training involves variety, can be enjoyed on the track three times a week. Each session will include 3 sets of 15 minutes. If treadmill is the only method to increase the activity, the number of classes should be increased to five per week lasting one hour.
  • If school just started, do not just start doing too difficult exercises. This can lead to reluctance to continue training or will bring harm to the body. Specialists consider the norm, if in the course of employment of a tired man, but can maintain a conversation without panting. So at the beginning you need to start with light exercises, gradually increasing the load.

An Indispensable document, which is provided with every treadmill, the instructions for use. It is especially important to read it if the simulator is used in the home. Because this way you can learn about the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer on their product and service that will allow you to use a treadmill for many years.

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