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Citizens can obtain ownership of real estate objects in various ways. For example, by their transfer by inheritance or purchase under the relevant treaties. And not always housing remains in the family. Sometimes he wants or needs to "get rid". For example, to put up for sale. Such transactions are accompanied by serious paperwork. We'll talk about it next. What documents are needed for sale? Where to get them? And how do you implement the property by selling it? The answers to all of these will necessarily be discovered below. With the right approach and timely preparation procedure takes a minimum of hassle.

Purchase housing

Methods of sale

What documents are needed for the sale of the apartment? The exact set of securities is difficult to call. After all, it depends on the situation.

To begin, consider ways of implementing property through agreements about the sale. To conduct a transaction, you can:

  • On their own;
  • Through intermediaries.

The Second option is less problematic. Real estate Agency will help to create a package of securities for the transaction and to find buyers and accompany the signing of the agreement in the prescribed form. But for his work, the mediators ask for an additional fee. On average it is 50 000 rubles. For some it's a serious markup.

Then it is possible to find buyers and to negotiate an agreement on their own. This technique is more time-consuming, but it is almost free. And in such moments, the citizens wonder, what documents are needed for the owner for sale. Next, we consider packets of papers, as well as methods for their preparation.

Apartment for Sell with intermediaries

But before that learn a few simple instructions sale of real estate. They will be useful to every owner.

The First way of sale of housing in cooperation with real estate agencies. In such circumstances, a citizen will need:

  1. To Prepare the apartment for sale.
  2. To Create a package of documents for the transaction. Better to do it beforehand.
  3. Contact the Agency.
  4. To Wait for a meeting with buyers.
  5. Discuss the specifics of the transaction.
  6. To Sign the Treaty, accompanied by lawyers of the Agency.
  7. Re-Register the right of ownership in the building.

In fact, much easier than it seems. However, finding buyers sometimes take months. In any case, the list of documents for the sale of the property will be given at the estate Agency. They tell us how to properly prepare the paperwork for the transaction.


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Papers for sale

Instructions for personal sale

What documents are needed for the sale of the apartment? The list is diverse. And it does not depend on the way the transaction.

Nevertheless, every owner needs to know how to sell the property. It is not so difficult. Time-consuming, but no more.

Manual transaction includes the following steps:

  1. Preparing the property for sale - redecorating, cleaning.
  2. Gathering necessary for the operation of the securities.
  3. Placement listings and finding buyers.
  4. Demonstration of citizens of the apartment.
  5. Making characteristics of the transaction.
  6. Drafting of the contract of purchase and sale.
  7. Visit the notary office.
  8. The agreement on the sale of property.

That's all. As you could already notice, in all circumstances, the owner will have to prepare the paperwork to complete the transaction. But what?

Main list

What documents are needed for registration of the sale of the apartment? Let's start with a General list of what will be required in all circumstances.

No components it is impossible to do in the process of selling real estate? Mandatory citizens should take:

  • ID (buyer and seller);
  • The purchase contract property;
  • Certificate of ownership of the apartment;
  • Technical passport of the object.
  • Cadastral passport of real estate;
  • Certificate of family structure.

This required documentation ends. But as a rule, real estate transactions are accompanied by serious paperwork. It is often associated with many facets of life. For every family, therefore, will need different documents.

Testimony of the egrn

Joint or fractional ownership

Quite common joint or fractional ownership. Or a situation when the apartment several owners.

It is Planned making the purchase and sale of the apartment? What documents you need to prepare for an idea embodiment in life?

The Main package of papers with common ownership add:

  • Agreements of all owners to the operation;
  • Failure to repurchase the share of apartments that put up for sale.

This will be enough. Sometimes the owners do not consent to the operation. This is a dead end case. Without the permission of the other owners to sell the apartment will not work. But a citizen can realize his share.

Before that, have to offer the purchase of property of the co-owners of real estate. If they are against (or silent), then you can just search forbuyers and to conclude a corresponding agreement.

Way of dealing with the "undecideds"

What documents are needed for a transaction involving the sale of an apartment? Some of the papers we have already met. But what if the property is in shared ownership, and the owners avoid talking about the redemption of shares?

To further operations do not violate current legislation of the Russian Federation, you will need:

  1. To Make notification of the sale of shares in the apartment. The document to register all the nuances of the operation and cost of ownership.
  2. Send the repurchase offer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
  3. To Wait 1 month.

If it has been more than 30 days, and the owners have not decided whether they will buy a share, you can just apply to a prepared package of securities a notice of receipt of the notice. Further, the transaction is implemented according to the standard rules.

Pre purchase agreement


A Few otherwise you'll have to behave if we are talking about the sale of the property acquired during the marriage. Regardless of who decorated the apartment, it will be considered joint property.

What is the list of documents needed when selling the apartment? In this case, the required package of papers Supplement:

  • Certificate of marriage;
  • A certificate of divorce (if any);
  • The consent of the spouse to transaction (optional)
  • Marriage contract (if applicable).

Should pay attention to what Russia can do without the consent of the spouse to sell. The law specifies that the husband and wife agree to surgery with General property. However, if the spouse is against it, he can through the court to nullify the deal. But only on condition that he did not give written consent to the transaction.

Registration agreement

Any agreement for the sale of the property will have to be in writing. It is better to legalize the document at the notary. The only way we can prove the validity of the securities.

To execute the agreement for sale (the co-owner or spouse) have:

  • To Bring the documents to the apartment and a passport.
  • Go to the notary office.
  • Write a consent to the conclusion of the transaction.
  • To Certify the document at the notary.

It is best to make several copies of the documentation. After done action, and help will have legal force. So, the implementation of real estate does not give any trouble.

Young children

I Want to enter into a contract of sale of an apartment? What documents are needed for this, we have already found. But in these papers the package ends.

What is needed for the transaction of purchase and sale

Increasingly, property owners be minors. In this case, the parents decided to sell the apartment, will have to try pretty.

Previously proposed the securities will be added:

  • Birth certificates of all children-owners;
  • Minor passports (if any);
  • Certificates from the places of residence of the children;
  • The act of guardianship authorizing the real estate transaction.

In fact, to sell the apartment, which partially or fully owned by the child, is problematic. After a transaction, the parents will have to transfer the property of a minor or similar large area of territory. Therefore, it is not always possible without problems to solve the problem.

Only in exceptional cases does not need the permission of the guardianship for the transaction. For example, when the family moved to permanent residence to another city/country. But these circumstances still have to prove.

Contact care

A Few words about how to contact the PLO to obtain permission for a property deal. To do this you will need in advance. It is advisable to find buyers, but to warn them about the treatment in custody.

Next, you will have to do so:

  1. Take the documents - birth certificate of children, certificate on rent.
  2. Write the request for permission to sell the property.
  3. Simultaneously write a document about buying a new home. Or you can specify that the child will be written in the deed to a particular property. It must be real.
  4. Contact with the relevant securities in custody.
  5. Wait for a response from the service.

The Request was seen from 14 to 30 days. Only after the guardianship will authorize the transaction, you can carry out her design. Up to this point void the contract of sale of the property will not have.

Purchase real estate

Innovation for citizens

I Want to sell apartment? What documents are required in 2018 for an idea embodiment in life, we have already found. But from 2017 in Russia there are some changes. They are a bit easier to prepare for any real estate transactions.

The Thing is that 1.01.2017 year of the cadastral passport and certificate of ownership rights to real estate are not issued. They are replaced by an extract from the egrn. Now for property transactions have to order this paper.

It is Issued indefinitely, but it is better to issue fresh copies of the documentation before conducting the transaction. Otherwise the operation can not hold - because of doubts about the validity of the documentation.

Where to take a certificate of family composition

And that's it. Now you can find out where to get some of these papers. We found out what documents are needed for sale.

During the conclusion of the transaction by the owner of the property shall be the certificate of family structure. In this documentation indicate all spelled out in the citizens. Ideally, tenants should not be.

To Order a certificate in the passport office, the Federal migration service or in a management company which provides services on a particular address. A property owner must have a passport. Enough to ask service providers documentation. It will give just a few minutes.

Making a statement egrn

How to get a certificate from the register of real estate? This is a more important issue. Without proper papers to prove their right to property is problematic. Sometimes it is impossible. So, the deal for the sale of property has no place.

To Issue a statement of the egrn in MFC or in the building. Through the official website of the mentioned service as well as through "Portal" also will be able to translate an idea into reality.


  1. To Write an application for the issuance of the statement.
  2. To Prepare the documents - ID, title of paper (if any).
  3. To Pay a fee for the operation.
  4. Submit a request to the registration authority.
  5. Get hands on prepared a reference sample. It is issued in approximately 5-10 days.

The Cost of making reference of the set form is an average of 400 rubles. Electronic equivalent will cost 150-250 rubles. Without payment of duty statement of the established sample will not be given.

Certificate property


We found out, what documents are needed for sale. The purchase agreement of the property also should not be forgotten. It is better to produce, with the support of experienced lawyers.

As practice shows, people are increasingly turning to intermediaries for the sale of property. This is the most simple, though very expensive solution. In some companies, the sellers even help to collect papers for the transaction.

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