"Polyustrovo Park" residential complex is in Saint-Petersburg: overview, description, layout and reviews


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Saint Petersburg Russian and foreign guests called one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Architects and designers have to be very careful in erecting his new building did not violate the integrity and style of urban design and at the same time meet modern standards of comfort. LCD «Polyustrovo Park» under construction located in the prestigious Moskovskiy district of St. Petersburg, meets these requirements. The project of the building complex looks very impressive. It will undoubtedly become a decoration of the area. Housing here is built to economy class, but despite this, his apartment will give class comfort only in price. We offer information about the features of the complex, its advantages and disadvantages.


For construction of residential complex «Polyustrovo Park” the selected location on the former landfill, where it experienced a new development of weapons of artillery laboratory. Complex “Polyustrovo Park” is the angle between the Laboratory Avenue and Bestuzhev street. Polyustrovo Park LCD

Its closest neighbor is the LCD «Atlanta-2». To one of its buildings from the side of the building under construction of the complex is less than 20 meters, which is not particularly convenient for future owners side apartments. The rest of the LCD location “Polyustrovo Park” is quite convenient. The second closest neighbor of the complex is the LCD "cinema". In General, this area of the city is characterized by the fact that it is very actively maintained with new modern buildings. On the one hand, this is a plus because in parallel with the housing infrastructure is being developed, ennobled the area. Those who are planning to settle here, to live will be nice and comfortable. But on the other hand, the massive increase in population creates additional pressure on public transport and the increasing number of motorists implies the emergence of traffic jams, especially during peak hours.


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The area where the LCD is built “Polyustrovo Park» in St. Petersburg, in relation to road junctions is developed. The creation of additional hubs in the coming years are planned. In 2020 the year is scheduled commissioning of the metro station «Polyustrovskaya”. From this housing complex will be approximately one and a half km. up To now functioning the closest stations “the Forest”, “Academic”, “Courage” the average distance is 3 km, so the walk to get to them uncomfortable. A big plus for residents wanting to use public transport, is that 4-5 minute walk on Kondratyevsky Avenue there is a stop of buses, trolleybuses and minibuses. The frequency does not exceed 7-10 minutes. To get there from here in any place in the city.LCD Polyustrovo Park reviews

For motorists the location of the LCD is also quite convenient. Just 6 km away is the ring road, 11 km - FDD are relatively close to the avenues Mechnikov, Kondratieff, piskaryovsky Marshal Blucher. So to get to the center of St. Petersburg if there is no traffic, it will be possible in just 30 minutes.


In regard to how well from an environmental point of view is the LCD «Polyustrovo Park”, reviews of future residents disagree. Some annoying Bogoslovskoe cemetery, to which some sections of the complex not more than 100 meters. Others see in this circumstance plus, since the place of the cemetery just will not build new towers, and so close to home will remain quiet and green area. A much more disturbing line of the transmission line passing near prospect Blyukhera, and factories. The complex is built near the former industrial area given for residential development, but many companies still continue to function. So, on Zhukov street power station, a little further is the famous enterprise “Red Vyborzhets”, and very close to the complex works OJSC, “vanguard”. But on the other hand, near the new LCD are green areas, including Pioneer Park and loved by the St. Petersburg Park of academician Sakharov. Getting there on foot can be easily and quickly.

Who builds

Credible company Setl City is the developer LCD «Polyustrovo Park”. In St. Petersburg, it operates since 1994. At the moment it is one of the leading developers in the region. The company carries out construction and sales of real estate in all segments, from economy class to premium and is of high quality of works and delivery of objects exactly at the scheduled time. In 2016, Setl City, the Russian Guild of developers and managers has been named the most mandatory in the Leningrad region. It is noteworthy that the company is well-known in the Leningrad region, and the overseas holding company Setl Group, has received an award from the Bank «VTB 24” as leader by the volumes of mortgage loans.LCD Polyustrovo Park SPB

Design complex architectural features

LCD «Polyustrovo Park» in St. Petersburg, designed as one large house of eight sections. In this section No. 1, 2, 3 will be located parallel to the Avenue of the Laboratory and of the section number 6, 7, 8 are parallel to the street Bestuzhev. Together they form a kind of corner. Section 4 will be his top. This is created by architects geometric figure has a number of significant advantages. Built in this order section form the inner part of the curtilage, is protected from noise and harmful automotive emissions on the roads.

Here is a nice and quiet courtyard with its own stadium, playgrounds, places for kids games and recreation of all residents. Section No. 5 will take place inside this court, conditionally dividing it in half. This innovative project is conceived with the aim of providing the residents of the complex a maximum of comfort and amenities.

Sections in the residential complex «Polyustrovo Park” projected height of 15 and 24 floors. The design of the facades will prevail vivid and bright colors, the combination of which will amount to an elaborate mosaic. The complex is being built on the stylobate, which allows to strengthen the foundations of residential buildings and enables efficient use of square footage allocated for the construction, for example to accommodate underground Parking for over 1000 cars. Additionally it is planned to create and surface Parking spaces in the amount of 590 units.

The Territory is fenced, entrance is to have a point guard. The input area all partitions are built spacious and comfortable. Each of them has a wheelchair and two passenger elevators. First floor partitions, office space and social facilities.LCD Polyustrovo Park reviews mystery shopper


In the area with sufficient infrastructure is built LCD «Polyustrovo Park”. Reviews for mystery shoppers, who visited the facility noted that residents of the complex will not have problems with either child care or visits to medical facilities or shopping. Estimates for mystery shoppers, relative to the infrastructure under construction ZHK put 8 points out of 10. On site the developer agrees to build a school for 825 pupils. In addition, within a radius of 1000 meters from the complex there are two schools and two grammar schools, a few municipal and private kindergartens, two polyclinics, banks, and many specialty stores and some large supermarkets, the nearest of which “Magnet”, “Family”, “Mango market”, “First prize”.Petersburg LCD Polyustrovo Park


Sections of the complex are built on monolithic-brick technology that will provide greater insulation and reduce the costs to residents for heating. Apartments in the residential complex «Polyustrovo Park” are offered in the following categories:

  • Studio area (S) total rounded from 24 m2 30.5 m2;
  • Studio, S of 31 m2 to 422;
  • Bedroom, S of 40 m2 up to 72 m2;
  • Two-bedroom, S 56 m2 up to 80 m2;
  • Three bedroom, S = 95,5 m2.

The Area of apartments correspond to the declared category of housing economy class. A distinctive feature of the plan is that each Studio is open plan partition, separating the sleeping and kitchen area. One-bedroom apartments bathroom and toilet combined, others separate. All apartments are built with balconies. In many of them one of the walls will be round pylon. The view from the Windows is expected either on the courtyard or on the road, the apartments will be seen the cemetery.

On the project shall finish with all apartments in the residential complex «Polyustrovo Park”. Reviews holders of such features is highly favorable, as the quality of work the company Setl City, as a rule, excellent.Polyustrovo Park LCD prices

Of the two finishes – in beige-pastel and dark colors. To finish include:

  • Wallpapering;
  • Laminate flooring;
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures;
  • Installation of meters;
  • Masonry Lenovo...

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