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Job descriptions for any category of employees must be approved and agreed with management. Each instruction must comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation and normative acts which reglamentary labor relations in the company.

The Research staff are the structural units of public associations. Their activity often is associated with the development and implementation, as well as the study of phenomena, events, processes happening around. In order to become a researcher, you must fit a number of parameters and qualification requirements to candidates for this degree.


People who are engaged in scientific activities at enterprises, universities, research institutes, called the common concept of “fellow”. Such employees are not heads of departments. Almost all of them have academic degrees and titles, each of them received a higher education. Often involved in scientific and educational process, but the main part of their activities associated with studies and research. According to the results of their work, researchers must publish the print edition, which highlights their research and achievements.

A Junior officer is required to publish at least 1 article per year. To move to the next level you need to increase the number of publications.

Junior researcher - the first step from which to start a career in the world of science. According to the established hierarchy in Russia, the gradation looks like this:

  1. Junior researcher.
  2. Researcher.
  3. Senior.
  4. Presenter.
  5. Home.

The highest position of chief scientific officer.

To better understand who is Junior researcher and how to become one, you must be familiar with the qualification requirements and duties, which are specified in the job description.

General provisions

Apply Junior researcher in the specialist. Appointed to the post, according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the orders of superiors (head of the organization). All provisions and regulations relating to its operation, must comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Junior researcher

To get the appointment for this position, you must have higher professional education and experience in the specialty from 3 years. If you have academic degree, completed graduate school or passed the training, requirements for work experience are made. If you have any recommendations of the Council of the University or faculty, then the position may appoint a graduate who has obtained experience while studying.

Required knowledge

For qualitative performance of work, each employee must have a set of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. The science is complex and multifaceted, therefore demands made it harder and bigger than in other industries. Junior researcher must know:

  • Purpose of the research, and also set goals at the beginning of the study;
  • Domestic and foreign developments related to the topic of ongoing studies;
  • Modern tools and techniques that are used in the research;
  • Methods of processing and analysis of information, especially electronic data analysis;
  • Fundamentals of labor organization and labor legislation;
  • Rules and regulations of health and safety.

In its activities, the researcher should be guided by the internal regulations, orders or directives of the leadership of the organization and their immediate supervisor, job description, rules, health and safety, hygiene and fire safety.

Duties and responsibilities

Job description Junior researcher provided a clear list of duties that must be performed during employment.

Intern Junior researcher

The Main provisions of the document:

  • Under direction, performs research and development according to the stages of the study themes in the work is based on approved and agreed methods;
  • Participates in conducting experiments, observes and measures the results of the research describe them and draw conclusions;
  • Explores foreign literature on issues related to research, study literature;
  • Prepares various reports on the subject of research or separate stages;
  • Participates in the implementation of results of research and development.

Junior researcher Moscow

Requirementsto the knowledge of a Museum employee

You Must understand that depending on what industry the person works, will change the requirements and obligations. For example, a Junior researcher of the Museum needs to know:

  • Normative-legal acts and laws of the Russian Federation on issues relating to the conservation and development of heritage of the Russian Federation;
  • Laws that reglamentary museums activities;
  • The order in which the organized work at the storage, recording, publication, study, and preservation of Museum collections and objects;
  • The law relating to copyright;
  • Rules in accordance with which describes Museum exhibits;
  • The order of organization of examination of Museum objects and cultural property;
  • Requirements that apply to the results of Museum objects in the permanent or temporary use;
  • The order in which is conducted the State catalogue of the Museum Fund;
  • A condition in which there is modern science in the field of Museum activities;
  • Order which are issued and implemented, the planned scientific research work;
  • Methodical and normative documents, which regulate the aspects of safety of Museum funds;
  • Basics of labour legislation;
  • Personal hygiene, and General sanitation.
  • Rules of health and safety, fire protection.


Occupying a position in the scientific sector, the employee has to cover a large range of cases that are directly relevant to his work.

responsibilities Junior researcher

Duties of a Junior researcher include:

  • The implementation of scientific and research work, respectively the goals, objectives and activities approved in advance the plans for research activities;
  • Develop plans for exhibitions and expositions;
  • Preparation of publications;
  • Participation in conferences, seminars, symposia, scientific expeditions;
  • The preparation and planning of scientific activities, preparation and submission of reports.


A common situation where the employee knows only his duty, but has no information about what rights he has. Junior researcher qualification requirements listed above, shall be entitled to:

  • To receive from the company or assist in the performance of his duties;
  • Improvement of their skills;
  • Familiarization with project management on matters which concern his direct activity;
  • Propose a solution to the issues and challenges the immediate managers;
  • To obtain information necessary for work from colleagues.


Evaluating the responsibility of employees, for example, the NII, it should be noted that its level is not particularly depend on the level of the post. Trainee Junior scientific officer as chief scientific officer, responsible for inadequate performance or failure to perform its duties.

Junior researcher of the Museum


  • For substandard performance or failure to perform the duties;
  • Commit to the process, violations or any other violations of the law;
  • Damage whether material or moral;
  • Offenses that involve a violation of the rules, fire safety, and HM, which are established and accepted in the organization.

Features of work

The Position of Junior research fellow does not involve long trips or overtime. Provides a standard eight-hour day or other schedule agreed upon with the Labor laws. Periodically, situations may arise when the required official business. Given the level of the post, travel is most often administered by a local value.

Junior researcher

In the course of such travel, the employee seeks to undertake a study on the territory of the other organizations, to exchange experience, to inform you about developments or to make any other event, agreed and approved by organization's management.


Requirements for Junior researcher assume a decent level of remuneration. However, there are many pitfalls that you need to know. Junior research fellow in the Russian Federation earns from 18 000 to 20 000 rubles Is the average for the country. The salary of a Junior researcher depends on whether a printed publication, how many and what are their themes.

Junior research fellow qualificationrequirements

The Greatest number of employees of the science sector is concentrated in Moscow and Leningrad regions.

In many industries requires a Junior researcher. Moscow, as before, the leader in all areas. The number of vacancies and proposals for a human capital takes the first place.

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